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Released on June 19, 2023.

Patch 9.0.6
Version 9.0.6
Patch Type Bug Fixes
Approximate Size 155 MB
Release Date June 19, 2023
Patch Notes URL Link to Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.6 fixes a number of issues associated with Necrom and Companion quests, along with content in Sanity’s Edge. We’ve also fixed the issue where effects applied by consumables would disappear from the UI and have several fixes for Arcanist abilities. Also of note, in this patch we have slowed down the rotation speed of Crux and also added a 30 second duration on Crux icons outside of combat. There are some additional fixes and improvements that you’ll find in this patch, which is approximately 155MB in size.

Patch Notes[edit]

Combat & Gameplay[edit]

Combat & Abilities[edit]

  • Abilities that vary in cost mechanics will now show their proper cost mechanic, even if the skill is not yet learned or slotted, to lessen any confusion around what the ability will cost before you slot it onto your bar. This change covers the following abilities:
    • Runeblades
    • Fatecarver
    • The Imperfect Ring
    • Runemend
    • Remedy Cascade
    • Chakram Shields
  • Slowed down the rotation speed of the Crux icons help reduce any potential motion sickness issues.
  • Crux icons are no longer permanent while outside of combat and instead have a 30 second duration.
  • Curative Runeforms
    • Apocryphal Gate: Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs where it would only place one portal.
      • Fleet-Footed Gate (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was not benefiting from its rank progression.
    • Chakram Shields: Fixed an issue where some of the visuals from this ability and its morphs could get stuck floating in midair.
    • Runemend: Fixed an issue where some of the visuals from this ability and its morphs could get stuck floating in midair.


  • Azandar al-Cybiades
    • Paths Unwalked:
      • Fixed multiple issues where unsummoning Azandar during the quest would either block the quest or otherwise not prompt you to resummon Azandar.
      • Fixed an issue where you could lose the ability to open Azandar’s rummage bin.
      • Updated the quest sequence outside Kozanset to properly reset if you run away in the middle of it.
    • Tempting Fates:
      • Fixed an issue where relogging during the start of the Quires Wind sequence would lead to strange behavior with Azandar’s searchlight.
      • Updated the quest guide pins to be clearer on where you need to go in the Riften Mages Guild to progress the quest.
    • The Fateweaver Key: Fixed an issue if you exited Ciphers Midden on the beginning of this quest, you could become blocked from progressing the quest.
  • Sharp-As-Night
    • Between a Rock and a Whetstone:
      • Fixed an issue where you were incorrectly led to Malabal Tor for part of the quest.
      • Federo will now properly direct you to Windhelm instead of Whiterun when speaking to him in Eastmarch.
    • Dim and Distant Pasts: Sharp will no longer stay rooted in place if your character dies before talking to him outside of Broken Tusk in Shadowfen.


Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Crafting & Economy[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where attuning to a Blacksmithing or Woodworking station for the Legacy of Karth set would not work.
Quests & Zones[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where Solitude's Outlaws Refuge did not have a default graveyard to resurrect at if your character somehow died in there.

High Isle[edit]

Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
Dreadsail Reef Trail
  • General
    • Completing this trial on Veteran or harder difficulty will now award gold jewlery rather than purple.


Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Dungeons & Group Content[edit]
Sanity's Edge Trial
  • General
    • Completing this trial on Veteran or harder difficulty will now award gold jewelry rather than purple.
    • The Wamasu's Charge attack no longer deals damage twice in quick succession.
  • Exarchanic Yaseyla
    • Yaseyla's Fire Bombs no longer remain active after her defeat.
    • If Wamasu are unable to charge correctly to a location, they will now cancel their charge.
  • Archwizard Twelvane and Chimera
    • Simulacrum no longer benefits from Minor Lifesteal as it slowly loses health.
    • Coruscating Orb no longer stops trying to reach a target that is standing on a crystal platform in the Wamasu constellation room.
    • Fixed an issue where dying and/or resurrecting could cause visual issues with weapon-sheathing.
  • Ansuul the Tormentor
    • Improved the timing to dodge the Spray ability used by both the Green Torment version of Vanton and the Green Split of Ansuul.
    • Players affected by Manic Phobia may no longer be the target of Ansuul's Sunburst attack.
    • After raising the Challenge Banner, players attuned and inside of a Torment stage, as well as those recently resurrected, may no longer be affected by Ansuul's Sunburst attack.
Quests & Zones[edit]
  • Updated the door to the Necrom Necropolis so it is now visible.
  • Fixed an issue where a portal would constantly stay open in Leramil’s Study in Cipher’s Midden.
  • Updated several quest-specific books to be available after the quest to assist with Eidetic Memory.
  • Fixed an issue where a key quest asset in the Necrom Catacombs could be invisible.
Main Story
  • A Hidden Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where logging out in the middle of exploring the Infinite Panopticon would affect your quest progress.
    • Fixed an issue where Leramil would walk away from you in the middle of conversation at the end of this quest.
  • An Unhealthy Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where Azandar and Sharp would spoil parts of the main story if either were present during the end of the quest.
    • Fixed multiple issues where Vaermina’s dialogue would interrupt other lines of dialogue.
  • Keeper of the Fate: Fixed an issue where a key quest asset in the Necrom Catacombs could be invisible.
  • Spirit of Fate: Fixed an issue where your progress could become blocked if your character died on the quest step “Talk to Dusksaber Uleni”
  • Chronicle of Fate:
    • Added a map pin to help guide you during the quest step “Search for the Fate Anomaly.”
    • Fixed an issue that prevented you from talking to Hermaeus Mora if you left in the middle of the sequence where he appears.
  • A Memory of Mystery: Updated several lines of dialogue that weren’t originally configured to play during the quest.
  • An Ancient Omniscience: Updated the location of several Tomeshell Molts that were difficult or impossible to reach.
  • Manifesting Hope: Fixed an issue where you would see incorrect tallies if doing this quest while in a group.
  • Reenactment Gone Awry: Moved a Damage Keepsake quest object that was accidentally placed in the middle of an environmental hazard.
  • Tracking Nightmares: Fixed an issue where several quest objects were buried in the terrain.
World Events
  • Walls within Bastion Nymic will now stay down for all players in a group.
  • Fixed an issue if you completed the Bastion Nymic daily quest, your progress would unexpectedly reset if you returned to Bastion Nymic.
  • Updated the paths traveled by Herald’s Seekers near Ald Isra to avoid moving too close to Wayshrines.
  • Fixed an issue with the Irrefutable Herald so their exploding copies will no longer get stuck in place.
  • The Irrefutable Herald will no longer spam the Devour Brain ability after being interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons used in the achievement and Help menus for the Necrom section were not using the correct icon for the Chapter.

Base Game[edit]

Fixes & Improvements[edit]

Art & Animation[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where group mounts with passengers could stutter and appear jerky while moving.
Crown Store & Crown Crates[edit]
  • Fixed an issue that was previously preventing the High Isle Collector's Pack from being purchased when it was available in the Crown Store. This item will return to the Crown Store for purchase at a later date.
Exploration & Itemization[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where a Psijic Portal and Antiquities Bonus Loot would occasionally award nothing.
  • Added a toggle between clear and opaque states for the “Crystalline Mind Barrier, Replica” achievement furnishing to bring it in line with the look of the barriers in the Sanity’s Edge trial.
  • Fixed an issue where traveling to the outside of Emissary's Enclave via the Collections Menu would have you facing the door instead of the harbor.
  • Fixed an occasional freeze that could occur when a nearby player's companion mounted a group mount.
  • Fixed an issue that caused effects applied by consumables to disappear from the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to drag or resize a window while in the "HUD Cursor on Entry" UI mode would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a search in the Help menu would not check the entire description.