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The Gray Host, also called the Verkarth Vampires, are a group of ancient Vampires, undead Werewolves, and other abominations who can appear as the final wave of enemies at Dark Anchors. They are led by King Styriche of Verkarth, who is accompanied by Fangaril, an undead werewolf summoned from deep beneath Cyrodiil, and Zayzahad, a powerful giant bat.


Named Members
King Styriche of Verkarth (Leader)
Generic Members
Verkarth Bat-Man
Verkarth Wolf-Man


There is one achievement associated with these creatures:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Dark Anchors.png Verkarth Vampire Destroyer 10 Defeat King Styriche of Verkarth and his companions, Fangaril and Zayzahad, at a Dark Anchor.