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Discoverable No
Dungeon No
# of Zones 1
Owned No
Gray Host Foot Soldier
Gargoyle, Vampiric Bear, Vampiric Sabre Cat, Death Hound, Fennec Fox, Horker, Ice Wraith
Spectral Assassin, Spectral Sentinel, Spectral Bodyguard, Spectral Archer
Bloodknight Specter
Quest Chain
Loading Screen
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"Thus the stones are laid. The foundation of our immortal rule. They were given the chance to join with us. Are we responsible for those that refuse our gift?" —Rada al-Saran

Grayhome is a frozen island with an ornate castle, formerly occupied by the Gray Host. Grayhome is accessible via a cart outside Ravenwatch Castle. Animals and vampiric abominations reside in the snow outside the castle. The castle's interior is guarded by red specters. Red, self-rearming Vampiric Mines are scattered across the floor.

Related Quests[edit]



Ruined Grayhome
Count Verandis Ravenwatch
Gwendis Quest Giver
Dream-Walk Grayhome
Alois Bielle
Exarch Braxhard
Exarch Gazes-Red
Exarch Kraglen
Exarch Longstep
Exarch Nezbi
Exarch Rouillac
Exarch Sanctus
Exarch Turvon
Exarch Tzinghalis
Exarch Ulfra
Exarch Uls Grimlantern
Exarch Vem
Eeze of the Creeping Dusk
Fasef al-Iskour
Izoufa the Red
King Styriche of Verkarth
Pentarch Kovan Indoril
Rada al-Saran
Steward Faustine


Castle Grayhome[edit]


Spectral Assassins can be found in the front foyer.


ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 12.jpg
ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 14.jpg

Fangaril is devouring a deer in a stall. Zayzahad is asleep, hanging from the ceiling. Exarch Braxhard is overlooking troops and practicing his bladework. Exarch Turvon is commanding troops. King Styriche is watching his soldiers practice their form.

Tzinghalis's Laboratory[edit]

ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 05.jpg

Exarch Tzinghalis can be found here, facing a stone husk.

Verandis's Study[edit]

ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 09.jpg

Verandis's Journal can be found on the table on the ledge.

Lower Grayhome[edit]

Upper Grayhome

Pentarch Kovan Indoril and Alois Bielle loiter near the front foyer. Exarch Longstep and Exarch Nezbi are in the western hallway. Nezbi is performing a magic trick for Longstep. Exarch Gazes-Red, Jeer-Ta and Okan-Tei are praying to Sithis in the northern hallway.

Lisrek stands by as Exarch Ulfra gazes over the balcony. Fasef al-Iskour practices his form nearby. Meanwhile, Exarch Sanctus and Izoufa the Red enjoy cheese platters and drinks. Stairwells lead to the upper level.

Upper Grayhome[edit]

Upper Grayhome

The throne room is in the back. Verandis's Study and Tzinghalis's Laboratory reside here on the upper floors. A chest can be found in the southeast hallway outside Varandis's Study. There is another chest in one of the eastern hallways.

Throne Room[edit]

ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 02.jpg

Exarch Vem and Exarch Rouillac are having a conversation on the right. Exarch Uls Grimlantern is sitting down on a bench to the left, having a drink from a gourd. Exarch Kraglen stands to the left of the throne. Rada al-Saran sits on the throne. Eeze of the Creeping Dusk is dancing in the fountain.

Ritual Chamber[edit]

"It is a curious thing, mortality. One must ask without ego, is this a blessing or a curse?" —Count Verandis Ravenwatch
ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 10.jpg
ON-interior-Castle Grayhome 11.jpg

You will finish the quest in this room by performing a ritual on a stone husk.