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Count Verandis Ravenwatch
Location Ravenwatch Castle
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Ravenwatch
Condition Vampire
Count Verandis Ravenwatch

Count Verandis Ravenwatch is an Altmer vampire who lives in Ravenwatch Castle in Rivenspire. He leads a small team of vampires who have learned how to fight blood hunger and do not kill the people who provide their blood meals. He is involved throughout the main Rivenspire questline.

You first meet him in Shornhelm during the quest Shornhelm Divided, arguing with Countess Eselde Tamrith and Baron Alard Dorell. Countess Tamrith, a keen follower of Arkay, is suspicious of him because of his vampirism and because he used to be friends with Baron Montclair, the instigator of the current hostilities. However Baron Dorell and later, High King Emeric himself, assure you that Count Ravenwatch is loyal to the crown and to be trusted. Ironically perhaps, depending on choices you make during The Blood-Splattered Shield, he may assist Countess Tamrith's sister, Captain Janeve after she is turned by Reezal-Jul.

To some extent, the situation with Baron Montclair is Count Ravenwatch's "fault". Baron Montclair's wife, Baroness Leila, fell ill and was close to death. Baron Montclair wanted Verandis to turn her into a vampire, so that she would live. Leila, however, did not wish to be a vampire, and instead Verandis used an Ayleid relic to cure her. Unfortunately her illness returned, and Baron Montclair forced his wife, daughter, and Count Ravenwatch to locate a more powerful Ayleid relic, the Lightless Remnant. As you later discover from Ayleid spirits, this relic had been corrupted in ancient times, and it was corrupted further when the vampire came into contact with it. This caused the entire Montclair family to become vampires themselves. Leila asked Verandis to kill her rather than live as a vampire, and her decision enraged Baron Montclair to the point where he decided to unleash bloodfiends upon the people of Rivenspire. Count Ravenwatch felt great remorse for his involvement, and issued a Proclamation stating his loyalty to King Emeric and desire to destroy the Lightless Remnant.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dream-Walk Into Darkness[edit]

Entering Ravenwatch Castle, you find Verandis and Gwendis at the dinner table... feeding on Kallin, one of the servants of House Ravenwatch. Verandis is trying to teach better table manners to his protege: "Gwendis, my child, slow down. You eat too fast. You don't want to harm poor Kallin."
Gwendis: "We need to feed to get stronger. When Montclair shows up, I want to be ready."
Verandis: "That is not our way, child, and you know it. Stop feasting! Now!"
Gwendis: "Fine. Whatever. I mean... I'm sorry Count Verandis. You know I really want to help."
Verandis: "Of course, my child. Now, let's clear away our meal and welcome our friend. Kallin, as always, I thank you for sharing your life's blood with us."
Kallin: "I live to please, my lord."

Speaking to the count afterwards, he apologizes: "I apologize if the scene before you makes you uncomfortable. I did not expect you to arrive during our meal time. As for why I kept my true nature hidden? Well, let's just say that Emeric insisted. And one does not refuse the High King lightly."

You're a vampire?
"I have been called far worse. But I prefer to think of myself and my companions as gifted. We are not ashamed of our condition. We are not monsters. Now this is the part where you gasp and ask calmly, "How can I trust you?""
That's exactly my point. You're a vampire!
"We all have to eat. But unlike your meals, my sustenance voluntarily allows me to sup. And then it gets to walk away and go on with its life. When was the last time a deer or a rabbit approached you and gladly died so that you could have your fill?"
[Intimidate] Vampires are evil! I must destroy you!
"There's the reaction I was waiting for! But what will attacking me gain you? A sound beating? The enmity of my friend the High King? Understand this--no one knows Montclair better than I. If you hope to defeat him, you need my help."
All right. So where do we begin?
"You were able to drive off Reezal-Jul and take back Shornhelm. Those were no small feats, I assure you. But Emeric needs our help to restore Rivenspire's Tranquility. You need to understand. There is more to Montclair than simple ambition."
You've hinted at this before. Tell me what you're talking about.
"Walk with me and I'll explain. There is much I need to show you and time grows short."
High King Emeric said I should trust you.
"The High King is a wise man, which is why I supported him and not the mad king, Ranser. We all have the ability to make our own decisions. Long ago, I decided to live in peace with the mortal world, not feast upon it."
Can you tell me anything that can help us deal with Montclair?
"You were able to drive off Reezal-Jul and take back Shornhelm. Those were no small feats, I assure you. But Emeric needs our help to restore Rivenspire's tranquility. You need to understand. There is more to Montclair than simple ambition."
You've hinted at this before. Tell me what you're talking about.
"Walk with me and I'll explain. There is much I need to show you and time grows short."

Leaving the table, he says: "Adusa, please make sure Gwendis behaves herself. Poor Kallin needs time to recover.", to which Adusa answers: "The little one gets no dessert this evening. Adusa will make sure." Verandis then starts to explain: "To understand the path that Montclair follows, you must understand how he came to walk upon it. I believe the key to stopping him hides within my own memories. Memories are elusive shadows, hiding truths behind our own perceptions. But what if someone else could examine them? What would they see that we do not? I'd like to try something, if you're willing." He then offers you the Dream-Walk Potion. "This potion will allow you to dreamwalk through my memories. Perhaps your eyes will see what I have missed." Before drinking the potion, you can ask him for further explanation: "I would never bring an outsider into my memories if I didn't believe it was imperative. The memories we will revisit. They are... painful to me. It is with a heavy heart that I ask you to embark upon this journey with me."

I need to know more before I agree to this.
"Ask your questions, then. I will answer what I can."
What's in this potion?
"Nothing that will harm you, rest assured. The mixture contains various herbs, dusk nectar, and a few drops of my blood. But don't worry. It takes more than a little blood to turn someone into a vampire."
What if I choose not to drink the potion?
"Then we learn nothing new. Montclair continues his campaign and Rivenspire eventually falls. It is inevitable. Please. As you will see, I have blind spots where Montclair is concerned. I need a fresh perspective to determine our next moves."
Why me? Why not one of your vampires?
"They know me too well, and they are used to acquiescing to my will. They don't have the perspective, the distance, to see beyond what I saw. I need someone who has proven their worth, a relative stranger that I can trust."

Now you can drink the potion.

The Concealing Veil[edit]

Meeting him outside the Lorkrata Hills ruins, he greets you: "There you are! I hope you didn't have any trouble finding this place." He continues, "Ah, I take it Gwendis found you? And I assume that you dealt with Reezal-Jul? Then we are ready to begin. Let's find out why they tried so hard to hide this place from my memories."

What is this place?
"A forgotten tumble of ruins in the desolate Lorkrata Hills. I found a trap door that should grant us access to the chambers beneath, but it's locked tight. Look around for a way to open the trap door and I'll meet you at the west tower."
I'll try to find a way to open the trap door.
"I advise caution, my friend. As with Reezal-Jul and Camp Tamrith, I have a feeling that the enemy remains at least one step ahead of us. Since I assume that Montclair's memory was never affected, who knows what we may find in the ruins below?"
Can I ask a few question?
"Of course. It isn't as though we're trying to save Rivenspire or anything, now is it? Go ahead. Ask your questions."
I understand Montclair and Reezal-Jul's role in all this, but what about Lleraya?
"Lleraya was a sweet young woman, committed to her family and infatuated with me. She didn't ask for what happened to her, but that doesn't excuse her behavior since."
What do you mean?
"Her father gave her command of a portion of his troops - just as he did with Reezal-Jul. She's been active in the north and east, creating bloodfiends and causing chaos. I assume she has her eye on Northpoint. It would make a handsome prize."
What are we looking for here?
"When you restored my missing memories, I recalled that the Ayleid manuscript mentioned two ancient outposts - the Doomcrag and a place in the hills to the east. My research indicates that an Ayleid ruin lies beneath this abandoned Breton fortress."
What do you hope to find down there?
"I'm not sure. But there must be something here that we need. Why else would the two Ayleid outposts be linked as they are in the manuscript? First, however, we need a way to open the path down. Without that, this ruin is nothing but a dead end."

You see each other again at the west tower. "Over here! Did you find anything that might help us?" He continues, "You found a key? Very good. Enter the ruins and I'll follow right behind you."

I need to ask you something before we go down there.
"More questions? You are a curious one. But who am I to deny your intellectual fulfillment. Ask, and I shall answer."
What are we looking for again?
"Something Ayleid, that's all I know. The fragments of manuscript I was able to study weren't very specific about what was stored at the Lorkrata site. I have high hopes, however, that we will find something we can use against Montclair."
What can we expect down there?
"I honestly have no idea. But that lock is new, so we could be facing bandits or Montclair troops. Or they just locked the door and moved on. Ruins do have a habit of attracting monsters, however. If we work together, I have no doubt we can succeed."

Beyond the trap door, you notice something bright ahead: "The way ahead... can it be? It is! A veil has been cast upon these ruins! It is just as I expected. Lleraya knew I'd come here, and has placed an obstacle in our way." He is not very happy about this development. "As I feared. The delay caused by my missing memories allowed Montclair to reach this place before us. This veil... it has Lleraya's deft touch about is."

Veil? What do you mean?
"Lleraya has placed a veil upon these ruins. It's a simple illusion spell that she amplified using the power of the Lightless Remnant. It hides the true topography and makes us see exactly what she wants. She set the trap and we walked right into it."
So what do we do now?
"We push forward. Lleraya's veil is far from perfect, and she made it specifically to hinder me and my vampiric charges. She wasn't expecting you, however. You should be able to guide us through the veil using the tears that litter the illusion."

You examine the first bright tear in the illusion right before you. The scene changes, the lava pool disappears. Count Verandis exclaims: "You did it! You were able to widen the tear so that we can see the path ahead, as it truly is!" You explore the ruins and fight some undead enemies. As you two come to a portcullis blocking the way, Verandis says: "The way ahead appears blocked. But I'm sure it's another illusion." He is right; another tear is right behind you. After activating it, the scene changes again, multiple fire traps litter the corridors. "The veil hid this gauntlet of traps from us. We need to move through this area with caution." After avoiding the traps, you two come to a chasm in the floor. "Real chasm or another illusion? We probably shouldn't chance it. See if you can locate another tear." Of course, you find and activate another tear. "This way! With the veil torn, I can see a way up over there!" Before examining the next tear, you need to talk to him. "We need to clear this portion of the veil so that we can move forward. See if you can rip open a tear and shred this illusion."

Are you ready to move forward?
"Whenever you are, my friend. I just hope there are a sufficient number of tears for you to rip apart. I'd hate to get trapped within Lleraya's veil with no way out."

After the next change of scene, he says: "Hopefully, that's the last of the veil. Let's see if we can get through that door now." You reach the double door. "Well done, my friend. I'll meet you on the other side." He runs through the door into the relic vaults. "I think what we're looking for is just beyond this chamber." He is right, he finds an interesting book. "This must be what we're looking for! Amazing! It's as though as it's been waiting for us all of this time! I wonder... Is this book real or just another of Lleraya's illusions?" He starts reading the book. "Remarkable. It appears to be an intact volume of Ayleid lore. If it's real, then this is what we came here to... No. This can't be correct."

What does the book say?
"This is all about the Remnant of Light. Before it became corrupted. It mentions that the remnant requires a vessel to make full use of its limitless potential. A container for its abundant power."
Is Montclair that vessel?
"That seems likely. Between the relic's magic and the vampiric abilities I inadvertently provided, Montclair has become more powerful than I expected. The book also says that if we break the vessel, we break the relic. I will need to think upon that."

You locate another tear and you find yourself outside the ruins with the count. "Well, my friend, it appears that the book is real and not part of Lleraya's illusion. I believe it will be of great help to us in the trials ahead. That said, I have much research to do. Ancient Ayleid isn't my native language, you know."

Is this book really going to help us?
"I believe so, yes. I have much more reading to do before we get to that point, though. Know that we wouldn't have this advantage if not for you. I could never have navigated Lleraya's veil without your help." The quest is concluded and you receive a pair of Ravenwatch Boots as a reward.

Northpoint In Peril[edit]

Still outside Lorkrata ruins, he orders you. "While I continue my research, you should head to Northpoint. Gwendis caught wind of Lleraya in that area, and I had her direct Dorell and Tamrith to take their troops north. I'm sure they'd appreciate any help you can provide."

What can you tell me about Northpoint?
"Baron Dorell considers Northpoint to be his seat of power. He has a number of holdings there, including a lucrative maritime endeavor. It makes sense that Montclair would send Lleraya there. If they control Northpoint, they control the north."
Should I look for anyone in particular when I get to Northpoint?
"Gwendis reported that Northpoint has been sealed. I fear Montclair already controls the city. Find Baron Dorell. He commands the troops amassing outside the city. I'm sure he has a plan in motion. Talk to the Baron and see what you can do to help."
I'll find Baron Dorell.
"I expect that Baron Dorell and his troops will have found a good vantage point outside the city. While you help them liberate Northpoint, I'll continue to study the Ayleid book we discovered."
I have a few questions before I go.
"Very well. Ask your questions. And then I expect you to make your way to Northpoint with all due haste."
Have you finished translating that Ayleid book?
"Finished? I have only just begun! And I certainly won't make any progress while we stand here and continue to discuss matters that have little immediate relevance to the mission at hand."
Are you certain that Lleraya commands the troops at Northpoint?
"Certain? No. But her hand was definitely present here at Lorkrata, and we know she commands Montclair's forces in this area. I expect you will face Lleraya before your work at Northpoint comes to an end."
Has there been any sign of Baron Montclair recently?
"As far as I can tell, no one other than Reezal-Jul and Lleraya have seen Montclair since the events at Doomcrag a few weeks ago. He could still be atop that desolate peak. On the other hand, he could be anywhere. So stay on your guard."

The Liberation of Northpoint[edit]

While under Lleraya's curse, he contacts you as a projection: "You need to resist her, my friend! You must break free of her spell before all is lost! Just as in Lorkrata, Lleraya has cast a veil. It hides her, protects her. You must find a way to enter the illusion. The basement! I can feel slight imperfections in the spell down there..." You find the tear in the veil and break the spell. "The veil is a powerful illusion. But just as at Lorkrata, you can manipulate its power using a tear. You have entered the veil. Now, find Lleraya and finish this!" After defeating Lleraya, he once again appears as a projection. "Poor Lleraya. I never wanted it to come to this." "I had hoped to save Lleraya from this fate. Or else, I should have been the one to end her campaign. I'm sorry this unfortunate task fell to you."

I'm not sure I understand what happened here.
"Lleraya gathered the nobles here, played with them, forced them to love her. It was the closest she could get to real happiness since the loss of her mother. When she was done playing, she was going to turn them all into bloodfiends."
This veil is slightly different from the one at Lorkrata.
"Your perceptions are excellent. She used this veil in two ways - to hide herself and to overwhelm your senses with illusion. Unlike Lorkrata, instead of shredding the veil, this time you used the veil to enter Lleraya's illusion."
What happened to the nobles?
"With Lleraya's death, the power of the veil fades. As soon as it dissipates, the nobles will appear. But now the final confrontation draws near. Gather our forces and meet me at the Shrouded Pass. We must return to the Doomcrag to end this."

Puzzle of the Pass[edit]

You meet him again at the military camp by Shrouded Pass. "My friend, I am sorry you had to be the one to end Lleraya's troubled existence. It was unfortunate, but necessary. And now if we are to save Rivenspire, we must engage in another unfortunate act. The time to deal with Baron Montclair is upon us."

Are you sure Baron Montclair is here?
"Montclair is here. Of that there can be no doubt. He waits atop the Doomcrag, where he somehow activated ancient defenses to block our path. We need to find a way around these defenses and then set up portals to transport our troops up the mountain."
What can I do to help?
"The book we uncovered at Lorkrata contains maps of the ruins, among other things. These maps show two portal chambers leading to the top of the Doomcrag. If you can reach the first chamber and open a portal, we can begin moving troops into position."
I'll find a way to reach the first portal chamber.
"Be on your guard. In addition to activating ancient defense, Baron Montclair has somehow awakened the Ayleid guardians that haunt these ruins. You may have to deal with them as well as you make your way into the first portal chamber."
Can I ask a few questions before I begin?
"Of course. But let's try to move this along. I fear Baron Dorell will charge straight into an Ayleid trap in his haste to make something happen."
Why is this place called the Shrouded Pass?
"A recent appellation, it refers to the thick fog that develops within the pass up the mountain. But my translation of the text tells me this was once a great place of learning and worship, with pilgrimages occurring daily to the top of the Doomcrag."
You said something about defenses being triggered?
"Baron Montclair must have triggered the ancient wards. Many of the passages have barriers that were not present the last time I was here. He also seems to have disturbed the bones of the ancient Ayleids. They are now awake and angry that we're here."
How do we stop Baron Montclair?
"The Lorkrata text may provide us with some insight that will help us deal with Baron Montclair. I just need to finish my translation. This requires great care and concentration. I don't want to make an error that will cost us dearly later."

You solve the puzzle in Varlasel and reach the first portal chamber. "I knew you would find the chamber and open the portal."

What should I do next?
"As out troops emerge from the portal and take up position outside, you need to make your way to the second portal chamber. Once you activate that portal, we can get the troops that much closer to the top of the Doomcrag."
Then what happens?
"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We must step through each door we come upon in turn. For now, you need to reach the second portal chamber."
"Go on. The second portal chamber should be on the third level. I want to make sure this portal is stable and then I'll follow up."

In the Chamber of the Stone Guardian, Verandis is clearly frustrated. "Another barrier blocks our way. Look around and see if you can find a way to disable it." While you look at the statues in the chamber, he adds helpful comments. "Anga... that could mean iron, or cold. I suppose this one refers to winter." "Morilatta? The dark light? Dusk? I think this one is referring to autumn." "The green shine? That's close but not quite right. I'm guessing this refers to summer." "Larelleis... The time of sweet water? That must refer to spring rains." With his help, you successfully solve the riddles. "The barrier has fallen. The portal chamber should be just a short way ahead." You may now enter Ceynaril and open the second portal. "Once again, you succeeded at the task set before you. Well done, my friend."

I think everyone is here. The pass is ours.
"A battle won, but the war rages on. We must reach the Lightless Remnant and destroy it. But Montclair will grow more desperate the closer we get to that cursed relic. Are you ready, my friend? Once more into the breach?" This concludes the quest and you receive an Ayleid Greatsword.

The Lightless Remnant[edit]

"I fear that Montclair will have a surprise or two waiting for us within the Doomcrag. I suddenly have the feeling that bringing an army up here was a terrible mistake."

A mistake? What are you talking about?
"Never mind that now. We must reach the Lightless Remnant and end this madness. Tell the troops to remain here. They need to make sure none of Montclair's soldiers follow us up into the Doomcrag."
You had us bring the troops all the way up here just to stand guard?
"Do not question me! If my orders aren't followed to the letter, Montclair will defeat us and Rivenspire will be lost! Talk to Countess Tamrith and Baron Dorell. Tell them what I have said. Then meet me at the bridge that leads to the Doomcrag."
All right. I'll pass on your order to Dorell and Tamrith.


  • You eventually discover that despite Count Ravenwatch's kindness and strong moral code, the "master" who turned him was Molag Bal. This would make him a pure-blooded Vampire.