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Captain Janeve
Home City Shornhelm
Location Camp Tamrith
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Tamrith
Condition Vampire
Captain Janeve

Captain Janeve is a Breton who can be found in Camp Tamrith pacing back and forth. She stands by Darien Gautier and her sister, Countess Eselde Tamrith.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Shornhelm Divided[edit]

After arriving in the city to speak with the Countess, Captain Janeve can be seen in Shornhelm relaying orders to her soldiers.

Captain Janeve: "All right, the Countess has given us our orders! Let's head west and see if there's any truth to those disturbing rumors!"

The Blood-Splattered Shield[edit]

Speaking to her at the camp, she greets you:

"You look like you can defend yourself. Welcome to Camp Tamrith."
I was sent to warn you. Reezal-Jul is going to attack this camp.
"And by the Light, we'll be ready for the mad lizard. We were tracking him when we ran into these poor, displaced people. We threw together this camp to shelter the refugees from Crestshade and the surrounding countryside."
What can I do to help?
"Since my sister decided to visit, I must secure the camp. To this end, I need someone to find Jonah Marose.
Jonah claimed he could sense Reezal-Jul. Made the other refugees nervous. He and his mother fled the camp and disappeared."
I'll find Jonah and his mother.
"A good soldier relies on solid information as well as a brave heart and a worthy weapon. Is there anything else you want to ask me before you head out?"

You are presented with the following possible questions.

Can you tell me more about Reezal-Jul?
"I've met a few Argonians in my time. An interesting bunch. Connected to nature. Calm. A strange sense of humor.
Reezal-Jul is nothing like that. He's evil to the core. Where Montclair found him is beyond me, but he's served the Baron for years."
And what's he doing out here?
"Spreading chaos. He's using some sort of blood-curse to turn innocent people into mindless bloodfiends. Makes them feral. All you can do is kill them and put them out of their misery.
By the Light, it makes me so angry!"
Can you tell me more about Jonah Marose?
"His mother was trying to keep him quiet, but Jonah was agitated. Made everyone nervous. Arkay knows these people could use a bit of peace.
It's not safe out there, they'll be safer here I think. They may be hiding in one of the nearby towers."
Can he really sense Reezal-Jul?
"Honestly? I have no idea. Perhaps Jonah is just seeking attention. Perhaps he isn't quite sane.
Whatever the case, we need to find them and bring them back here so that I can then turn all my efforts to locating Reezal-Jul."
What is Countess Tamrith doing here?
"She claims that she wants to be here when we finally catch the mad Argonian, and that she wants to reassure the refugees with her presence.
But I think she's really here to check up on me. I'm not sure she actually trusts her little sister."
Her little sister?
"Yes, yes. My full name is Janeve Tamrith, second daughter of House Tamrith and captain of the Shornhelm Guard. I'm proud of my heritage, but I don't expect my house connections to open any doors.
I want to be judged on my merits, not my name."

If you speak with her later, she will wish you luck with your search.

"As much as I want to rush out and put Reezal-Jul's head on a pike, I have a responsibility to these people.
Jonah is a strange one, but I doubt he can fend for himself, let alone protect his mother. I hope you can find them quickly."

You are now ready to go looking for Jonah. After talking to him, you return to the camp to find it littered with bodies of the refugees and the Captain missing after Reezal-Jul's attack. After asking around, you find Darien, who directs you to Shadowfate Cavern. You are not the only one on a rescue mission, though. Getting close to your goal, you will hear the Countess shout at Reezal-Jul:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "If you hurt my sister, I'll kill you myself!"
Captain Janeve as a vampire

After reuniting her with her sister, you will quickly learn what happened to Janeve.

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Where's my sister? Where is she?"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Thank the Light! Janeve, my sister. You're alive!"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Wait... what happened to...? No, no! Not you, Janeve! Not you!"
Captain Janeve: "What? Where am I? Sister? What has he done to me? What... what have I done?"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Janeve. Oh, Janeve. We'll figure this out. Just stay calm."
<Eselde turns to you.>
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Please. I need your assistance."

Before talking to the Countess, the Captain might say the following:

"What have I done? What have I done? I thought I could kill the bastard, but instead he... he turned me into a... a monster!"

Listen to the Countess' conflicting thoughts and resolution to kill her sister. Talking to Janeve after the Countess breaks down, she says:

"I can see it in your eyes. I'm turning. Becoming one of those... things.
No! I refuse to give in to despair! I want to live, gods damn it! I want to live!"
How do we know you won't become a monster?
"I heard what my sister said. She thinks I'm evil. Unholy. But it's still me! I'm still the shield of House Tamrith! I'm still her little sister!
We've seen it before. Not every vampire is a monster. I can control this. I … I want to live!"

Now you can decide her fate.

Janeve Dies
Janeve Lives
I agree with the Countess. We can't take the chance. You have to die.
"What? No! I refuse to let you put me down like some rabid dog! I ….
No, my sister is right. Better to die with dignity, while my mind is still my own. Eselde is my sister and my lord. I will do as she commands. My fate is in her hands."
May the Light bless you.

The countess steps in:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "You have done enough, friend. I'll deal with this. Head outside. I'll join you shortly."
Captain Janeve: "Do it quickly, dear sister, while my mind is still my own."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Come Janeve, drink this. It will make your passing swift and painless. Now, let us pray."
I agree with the Captain. You deserve a chance to prove yourself. We should let you live.
"Thank you, my friend. You are wise and merciful. I will prove to my sister that I am still the woman she knows and loves. I will never succumb to this affliction. I will never betray House Tamrith or Rivenspire."
May the Light guide you.

Countess Tamrith is less enthusiastic:

"This decision will come back to haunt us. Mark my words. Let's just get out of this vile cave and let the Light guide our path."

If you have chosen to save Janave and you return to Darien's camp, she and he sister will be there. Speak to Janeve and she'll be grateful for your compassion:

"Thank you for your trust and your faith in me. I won't forget it."

Once you've spoken to the countess and completed the quest, she'll add:

"Verandis and Gwendis have taught me so much. I know I can control the urges. Soon, I'll be ready to get back out there and help the people of Rivenspire."

After speaking to Gwendis and started The Concealing Veil, she'll say:

"I appreciate your confidence in me. I'm sure Count Verandis can teach me to control my … urges.
I just hope my sister can forgive me for deciding to live."

The Crown of Shornhelm[edit]

If she's alive, she will attend the coronation of the new monarch of Rivenspire.

"You faced down Montclair and lived to tell about it! I'm envious, you know."
How have you been adapting to your new life?
"Things are going well. I even plan to resume my duties in the guard. Gwendis has been very patient. I still have a hard time with the blood-drinking business, but I'm learning."


Speaking with her at Camp Tamrith before the related quest:

"I take it you aren't one of the refugees."

If she is allowed to survive, she will end up at Ravenwatch Castle. There, she thanks you for giving her a chance.

"Thank you for sparing me. I may never be my true self again, but I can still serve Rivenspire."
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