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Note: The Second Era of Tamriel is also commonly referred to as the Common Era, CE.

First Century[edit]

2E 1 — Beginning of the Second Era.
  • By decree of Potentate Versidue-Shaie, year one of the Second Era begins on the first of Morning Star. The marking of the new era commemorates the demise of the Reman Dynasty and Versidue-Shaie's official assumption of stewardship of the Second Empire.

Second Century[edit]

Third Century[edit]

2E 230 — The first Mages Guild is formed.
  • Sickened by the foolishness of his superiors in the Psijic Order, Vanus Galerion founds the new guild in Firsthold.
  • At around this time, a triad of Daedric PrincesClavicus Vile, Mephala and Nocturnal—make a deal with the Sea Sload K'Tora to acquire the Heart of Transparent Law—the Stone of the Crystal Tower. K'Tora uses mind magic to make Ritemaster Iachesis, the leader of the Psijic Order, steal the Heart. Trying to foil K'Tora's plan, Iachesis makes a deal with Nocturnal to learn a spell with which to hide the Heart in a language that could only be used by mortals. Unbeknownst to all, Iachesis hides the Heart within himself—but soon forgets these events, due to K'Tora's magic. Shortly thereafter, the island of Artaeum—home of the Psijic Order—is removed from Nirn by the Order and goes missing.
2E 283 — Potentate Versidue-Shaie declares martial law at the Council of Bardmont.
  • Following the destruction of his fortress at Dawnstar, Versidue-Shaie convenes the Elder Council and declares martial law throughout Tamriel, warning the rebellious leaders of his vassal kingdoms to disband their private armies or face his wrath. This sparks 37 years of intense conflict, at the end of which Versidue-Shaie's Imperial legions stand victorious as the sole army in the land.

Fourth Century[edit]

2E 301 — The kingdom of Camlorn is founded.
2E 309 — The Elsweyr Confederacy is founded.
  • Keirgo and Eshita, rulers of the minor kingdoms Anequina and Pellitine, marry. The kingdoms are combined to create the province of Elsweyr, sparking a great class war which almost results in outside intervention.
2E 320Dinieras-Ves, "The Iron" founded The Syffim, the forerunner of the Fighters Guild.
  • Since Potentate Versidue-Shaie had destroyed all armies but his own, the Syffim were intended to act as a hired army to suppress brigandage in the provinces.
2E 324 — Potentate Versidue-Shaie is murdered.
2E 324Savirien-Chorak inherits the title of Potentate.
  • Potentate Savirien-Chorak succeeds his father, Versidue-Shaie. Although noted to be a poor administrator who was prone to mishandling the crises that occurred during his reign, Savirien-Chorak is credited with reversing the ban on forming local armies, and accepting Orsinium into the Empire.
2E 358 — Earliest known written record of the Dark Brotherhood
  • A note was found beneath the floorboards of an abandoned house in the Nordic village of Jallenheim. Depicting a war between two shadowy organizations, scholars speculate that this is a rare piece of evidence of the war between the Morag Tong and its hated offshoot, the Dark Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was probably in existence before this date, but its secrecy shrouds its true origins, though it was most likely formed by several ex-members of the Morag Tong.

Fifth Century[edit]

2E 428 — The Order of the Silver Dawn is founded.
  • In response to the "Curse of the Crimson Moon" werewolf crisis in High Rock, Adeliza Silver-Axe establishes the order after her beloved son is inflicted with Lycanthropy.
2E 430 — Potentate Savirien-Chorak is assassinated, ending the Second Empire.
  • Savirien-Chorak and all of his heirs are murdered, ending the years of the Akaviri Potentate and the Second Empire of Cyrodiil. Some historians date this event to 2E 431.
  • Orsinium loses the status of an Imperial territory as a result of the death of the last Potentate and the dissolution of the Second Empire.
2E 431Skyrim splits into Eastern and Western kingdoms.
  • After High King Logrolf is assassinated, Jarl Svartr of Solitude challenges the legitimacy of Logrolf's heir, Freydis, and a Moot is convened. Although Freydis is accepted by the Crown of Verity and named High Queen in Windhelm, a partial Moot held in Solitude declares Svartr to be High King. From then on, Skyrim is divided into an Eastern kingdom, ruled by the successors of Freydis, and a Western kingdom, ruled by the successors of Svartr.
2E 431Orsinium is sacked by Breton and Redguard forces.
  • After losing its status as an Imperial territory, Orsinium is destroyed for the second time. Some sources claim it happened the following year.
2E 432 — The Order of the Hour is re-established in Kvatch.
2E 435 — The Lamia Invasion
  • The invasion is preceded by a storm that is believed to have originated at the Island of Storms off the northwestern coast of Valenwood. Orcish remnants flee west and establish Forsaken Stronghold in Bangkorai.
2E 480 — Baz Swordbreaker's brigand army attacks Kvatch
  • The charismatic Orc marauder leads his army to Kvatch, but is defeated by the Order of the Hour. The Primate of Kvatch thereafter grants the Order to form into an army during times of religious emergencies.

Sixth Century[edit]

2E 522 — King Hurlburt of Shornhelm is crowned.
  • King Hurlburt of House Branquette, who led Breton forces at the Battle of Granden Tor, ascends to the throne.
2E 532 — Prince Phylgeon, son of King Hurlburt, is born.
2E 533Durcorach the Black Drake conquers Cyrodiil and makes himself Emperor.
2E 536Varen Aquilarios is born.
2E 541 — The Reachmen invade High Rock.
2E 542Evermore is sacked.
  • After the death of King Heseph of House Moile, the city falls after only three days' siege by Durcorach the Black Drake. It was retaken by Duke Blaise Guimard, who was later elected to the throne.
2E 542 — The First Daggerfall Covenant is formed.
  • After Hallin's Stand and Camlorn fell, Durcorach lays siege to Wayrest for fifty-seven days and nights, but is ultimately slain by Emeric. The kings of Daggerfall, Camlorn, Shornhelm, Evermore, and Wayrest sign the first Daggerfall Covenant after the victory.
2E 546 — King Hurlburt of Shornhelm dies, ending his reign.
  • Prince Phylgeon's inheritance was championed by House Montclair. House Branquette and Tamrith supported his elder half-brother, Prince Ranser.
2E 546 — Prince Ranser ascends to the throne of Shornhelm.
  • The Council of the North meet to consider the claimants to the throne. Through various political machinations, King Hurlburt's illegitimate son wins by a narrow victory.
2E 559 — The War of Two Houses.
2E 560 — The Knahaten Flu originates in Stormhold.
  • A strain of the Knahaten Flu hits northern-Black Marsh causing many deaths. The Argonians were strangely immune to the flu which has led some to believe that they were responsible for it in some way. The flu continued until around 2E 603.
2E 563Emeric is crowned King of Wayrest.
  • Earl Emeric is elevated to the throne and House Cumberland becomes the second royal dynasty of Wayrest after the Knahaten Flu kills the entire Gardner royal family.
2E 566Ranser's War erupts.
  • Offended that King Emeric refused the hand of his daughter in marriage, King Ranser launches a surprise siege on Wayrest in Last Seed.
2E 567 — The Greater Daggerfall Covenant is formed.
  • Following the events of Ranser's War, the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell sign the Second Daggerfall Covenant with the Orcs of Orsinium.. King Emeric grants the Orcs the right to reestablish Orsinium.
2E 568 — King Blaise of Evermore dies.
  • He is succeeded by his son, King Eamond.
2E 572 — The Second Akaviri Invasion
  • Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal's army lands in northeast Skyrim and captures Windhelm, killing Queen Mabjaarn and Nurnhilde. En route to Riften, Dir-Kamal learned it was protected by forces under Jorunn the Skald-King and Wulfharth the Ash-King, and bypassed that city in favor of attacking Mournhold. Dir-Kamal was then trapped between Jorunn's forces and a Dunmer army led by Almalexia; with the timely aid of a phalanx of Argonian troops, they drove the Akaviri invaders into the sea to drown. Another account states that the Akaviri invaders of Morrowind were wiped out when Vivec flooded the land.
2E 572 — Jorunn the Skald-King is crowned High King of Skyrim.
  • Having defeated the Akaviri invaders, Jorunn returns to Windhelm and is crowned High King of Skyrim in the throne room of the Palace of the Kings.
2E 572 — The Ebonheart Pact is formed.
2E 576Varen's Rebellion begins.
2E 576 — Conflict between Kvatch and Anvil erupts.
  • Shortly after Carolus Aquilarios assumed temporary command of Kvatch, Anvil's Imperial prefect Ephrem Benirus attempts to seize Varen Aquilarios's property and holdings. Carolus repels several attacks on Kvatch, and severely weakens Anvil's defenses.
2E 577Fortunata ap Dugal declares herself governor of Anvil.
  • Captain Fortunata takes advantage of the weakened city and deposes the Imperial Prefect with her pirate army.
2E 577 — The Nordic Hold of Karthald is established.
  • High King Svargrim creates the Hold to guard Western Skyrim's southern border from incursions by the hostile Reachmen. The town of Karthwatch is also established shortly after.
2E 577 — Varen's Rebellion ends.
  • After a bitter war, Varen Aquilarios's forces storm the Imperial City and defeat Emperor Leovic's last remaining legion. Varen personally kills Leovic in the Imperial Throne Room and proclaims himself emperor.
2E 577 — Emperor Varen Aquilarios leads the Five Companions on a quest to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.
2E 578 — The Soulburst occurs.
  • Mannimarco betrays Varen Aquilarios during his attempt to use the Amulet of Kings to become Dragonborn, corrupting the ritual and breaking the ancient covenant with Akatosh that sealed Nirn from Oblivion. An explosion of arcane energy, the Soulburst, causes Varen to vanish, and its mystical aftershocks sweep across Nirn, causing mages to die or go mad, Daedra to appear in greater numbers, and the constellation of the Serpent to dominate the night sky. In the ensuing chaos, the Daedric Prince Molag Bal deploys Dark Anchors to begin pulling Nirn into his realm of Coldharbour to merge the two together, a process known as the Planemeld.
2E 579Clivia Tharn becomes Empress Regent following the disappearance of Varen Aquilarios.
  • In her husband's absence, Clivia Tharn assumes regency over the Imperial Throne. Clivia's reign reportedly ushers in a time of "madness, murder, and decay".
2E 580 — Ayrenn is crowned Queen of Alinor.
  • After disappearing in 2E 573, Ayrenn was assumed lost and her eldest brother Prince Naemon was named the next heir to the throne. When King Hidellith died and Naemon prepared to assume the throne, Ayrenn returned to Summerset Isle, asserted her prior claim, and was crowned.
2E 580 — The First Aldmeri Dominion is formed.
  • In need of allies following their own internal troubles, the provinces of Elsweyr and Valenwood petition Summerset for aid, and the nations join together to become the Aldmeri Dominion.
2E 580 — The Three Banners War begins.
  • The Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant clash to wrest control of the Ruby Throne from the Empire of Cyrodiil and defend themselves against the Imperials under Molag Bal's influence. The Dominion seeks to reestablish Elven dominance over Tamriel to protect it from the carelessness of the younger races. The Covenant intends to restore the Second Empire and return peace and stability to Tamriel. The Pact desires to defeat the Imperials in order to preserve the independence of their homelands.
2E 582 — The Mortuum Vivicus is destroyed.
  • The Fighters Guild successfully destroys the Mortuum Vivicus with the help of their newest Champion.
2E 582 — The Mages Guild sanctuary of Eyevea returns to Tamriel.
2E 582 — The Planemeld ends.
  • The three alliance leaders meet on the island of Stirk in neutral territory to discuss an invasion of Coldharbour. After they fail to come to an agreement, they are attacked by the forces of Molag Bal, after which they give their blessings to the Mages and Fighters Guilds spearheading an assault into the Daedric realm. The combined forces of the Guilds charge into Coldharbour led by the Vestige. There, they destroy the Great Shackle, and seal the Planar Vortex, thus ending the Planemeld.
2E 582 — Daedric plots in the Imperial City foiled.
  • In a final attempt to restart the Planemeld, Molag Bal focused on the occupation of the Imperial City. A Dragonguard agent called the Drake of Blades, with the help of the Vestige, stopped Molag Bal's plot to destroy the Sublime Brazier, the key to rekindling the Dragonfires. The attempt at a second Planemeld, the "Planemeld Obverse", is also stopped with the slaying of Molag Kena.
2E 582 — Molag Bal is banished
  • The Vestige banishes Molag Bal within his own realm, thus finally stopping his bid for merging Nirn and Coldharbour into one nightmarish hellscape. With it, the souls stolen by him are released from his clutches.
2E 582 — The Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing is restored to its former glory.
  • After a failed heist and the resulting persecution from Taneth, the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing is restored to its prime and begins to spread its influence throughout Tamriel.
2E 582 — Count Carolus Aquilarios of Kvatch emerges as the dominant power on the Gold Coast.
  • Shielded from the ongoing Alliance War by Varen's Wall, a de facto independent Gold Coast sees the end of a power struggle between Anvil, Kvatch, and the Order of the Hour. Aquilarios has Governor Fortunata ap Dugal of Anvil assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood; facing persecution from the Order of the Hour, the Brotherhood subsequently kills Primate Artorius Ponticus, stopping him from raising an army against Aquilarios.
2E 582Vvardenfell is saved from the machinations of Clavicus Vile and Barbas.
  • Seeking to gain entry to Sotha Sil's Clockwork City, the Daedric Prince and his minion steal the staff Sunna'rah, a tool Sotha Sil had created for experimenting on his power. The staff ends up in the hands of the Ashlander Conoon Chodala, who aspired to the title of Nerevarine. Chodala's use of the staff drains away the power of Vivec, which weakens the Warrior-Poet's hold over the moonlet Baar Dau and endangers all of Vvardenfell. Fortunately, the Champion of Azura, a clockwork mage, and an Outlander come to Vivec's aid. Chodala is discredited and defeated, Clavicus Vile's plot is thwarted, and Vivec's power is restored.
2E 582 — A plot by Nocturnal to take over the Clockwork City is foiled.
  • Sotha Sil's Shadow, serving Nocturnal, is summoned and replaces him as ruler of the Clockwork City. At the same time, the Blackfeather Court enters the city and steals the Skeleton Key, which has been in the Clockwork God's possession. The Vestige, assisted by Divayth Fyr and the Clockwork Apostles, unveils the plot; but is unable to retake the Skeleton Key before it is taken by Sotha Sil's Shadow. Using the key, Nocturnal and the Shadow attempt to take over the Clockwork City; but are stopped by the Vestige, Divayth Fyr and a Clockwork Apostle, who save Sotha Sil by defeating his Shadow. Sotha Sil gives the Skeleton Key to Divayth Fyr for safekeeping.
2E 582 — The Crystal Tower is saved from a triad of Daedric Princes
  • The three Daedric Princes Clavicus Vile, Mephala and Nocturnal attempt to execute their plan to take control of the Crystal Tower on Summerset Isle using the Heart of Transparent Law, which they had made Ritemaster Iachesis of the Psijic Order steal around 2E 230—who had also hidden it from them. After they trick Iachesis to reveal the Heart's location, that being within himself, they kill him; but Nocturnal betrays Clavicus Vile and Mephala by taking the Heart for herself. With it she takes control of the Crystal Tower, hoping to use its properties to achieve omnipresence in the entire Aurbis. However, her plans are foiled by the Vestige and the Psijic Order, assisted by the two betrayed Princes and a champion of Meridia, and the Heart is returned to the Crystal Tower.
2E 582 — The Remnant of Argon is recovered and the Root-Whisper tribe is restored
  • The Vestige aids Cyrodilic Collections in recovering a powerful artifact that contains the spirits of a lost Argonian tribe in Murkmire.
2E 582Sheogorath unleashes various Daedric artifacts onto Cyrodiil
  • In order to relieve his own boredom at the Three Banners War, the Daedric Prince Sheogorath temporarily claims several artifacts belonging to the other Daedric Princes. He then offers them to the combatants in Cyrodiil to bring upheaval to the ongoing conflict.
2E 582 — A Dragon threat is averted in Elsweyr
  • The Imperial battlemage Abnur Tharn accidentally unseals the legendary Halls of Colossus using the Wrathstone, believing it to contain a powerful weapon. This results in a rage of Dragons—sealed away by the Khajiiti hero Khunzar-ri in the Merethic Era—being unleashed upon Elsweyr.
  • The Dragons form an alliance with Euraxia Tharn, the ruler of Rimmen. The alliance is short-lived, as the Vestige slays Euraxia, bringing Rimmen back under the control of the Khajiit.
  • The Dragons plot to obtain lunar power of Jone and Jode using the Moon Gate of Anequina. They are stopped after the Vestige steps into the Plane of Jode, banishing the Dragon leader, Kaalgrontiid.
  • Khamira, the daughter of King Hemakar, is crowned queen of Rimmen.
2E 582 — The Dragonguard is reformed in Southern Elsweyr
  • The ex-members of the Five Companions, Sai Sahan and the Vestige, assemble a new Dragonguard—largely consisting of ex-pirates and Imperial soldiers—to defend Pelletine from the Dragon threat. With the help of the Dragon Nahfahlaar, they manage to acquire the powerful artifact Mask of Alkosh and defeat the Dragon Laatvulon.
  • Kaalgrontiid returns to Elsweyr after having been banished, seeking to use the Aeonstone found on the island Dragonhold to gain the power of a god, becoming the prophesized Dark Aeon. The new-founded Dragonguard are aided by Nahfahlaar, Abnur Tharn and Queen Khamira in destroying the Aeonstone and defeating Kaalgrontiid. However, Kaalgrontiid is able to absorb a great amount of power before being killed, which risks destroying all of Elsweyr if not contained. Nahfahlaar and Abnur Tharn use their combined power to contain it, resulting in the disappearance and possible death of the latter.

Seventh Century[edit]

Eighth Century[edit]

2E 730 — Artaeum returns.
  • The island of Artaeum reappears, having vanished for 500 years. The Psijic Order returns with the island, but is no longer led by Iachesis.

Ninth Century[edit]

2E 803 — Rangidil Ketil is born.
2E 828 — Probable birth of Tiber Septim.
2E 830 — The Aldmeri Dominion is reformed.
2E 852 — The Tiber Wars begin.
  • Forces led by General Talos, later known as Tiber Septim, begin a series of conflicts that result in the unification of Tamriel under the Third Empire and mark the final years of the Second Era.
  • The stronghold of Sancre Tor is captured by Nord-Breton invaders. In the dead of winter, General Talos leads a daring assault against overwhelming odds, retakes the stronghold, and recovers the Amulet of Kings from the Tomb of Reman III below Sancre Tor.
2E 854Cuhlecain is assassinated.
  • The King of the Colovian Estates is assassinated by a High Rock nightblade, just before his coronation as the Emperor. The assassin also burns the Imperial Palace to the ground and attempts to kill General Talos, who is crowned in Cuchlecain's stead as Tiber Septim.
2E 862Thassad II dies.
  • The High King of Hammerfell, Thassad II, dies from natural causes, being considerably ill and old at the time of his death. After his death, the leader of the Forebears, Baron Volag, starts a revolution to reinstate the republic.
2E 864 — The Battle of Hunding Bay.
  • Crown Prince A'tor, son of Thassad II, heir to Hammerfell and leader of the Crowns, leads his forces in continual victory over the Forebears. Desperate, the Forbears ask Tiber Septim for help, who sends his forces led by Lord Admiral Amiel Richton, who destroys the Crown forces at the harbor of Stros M'Kai.
2E 864 — The Stros M'Kai Uprising.
  • The date of the Redguard rebellion on the island of Stros M'Kai off the coast of Hammerfell. The Restless League, led by siblings Cyrus and Iszara, destroys the Imperial fleet in the harbor of Stros M'Kai and defeats the small contingent of the Imperial Legion stationed on the island.
  • Lord Amiel Richton, Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai, dies at the hands of Cyrus, wielding a sword enchanted with the soul of Crown Prince A'tor.
  • Baron Volag comes out of hiding and retakes the Forebear city of Sentinel. Following the two uprisings, Emperor Tiber Septim is forced to sign a peace treaty on terms more favorable to Hammerfell.
2E 882Dagoth Ur reawakens.
  • Dagoth Ur and his Ash Vampires awaken underneath the Red Mountain, where they bind themselves to the Heart of Lorkhan. They ambush the Tribunes during their annual ritual bathing in the Heart's power, and drove them off. From then on, the Tribunal was cut off from the Heart chamber, and would launch intermittent campaigns to attempt to force their way inside.
  • The event led to Sotha Sil to begin development on the Mechanical Heart, a synthetic replication of the Heart of Lorkhan.
2E 896 — Tiber Septim conquers Tamriel.
  • Tiber Septim finishes conquering most of the lands of Tamriel with the aid of the Dwarven artifact Numidium and the battlemage Zurin Arctus, finally uniting Tamriel under the Third Empire. The time of Tiber's reign is considered by many to have been a just and glorious one, among the best of Tamriel's history.
  • The beginning of the Third Era is pronounced by Tiber Septim at the end of the year.