Lore:Thassad II

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High King Thassad II
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High King Thassad II
Race Redguard Gender Male
Died 2E 862
Previous Ruler Fahara'jad
Next Ruler A'tor
Resided in Hammerfell
Appears in Redguard

Thassad II was the last 'High King' of Hammerfell, member of the Crowns or Na-Totambu. Though it was traditionally a Forebear city, the High King of the Crowns sat in Sentinel's palace. Thassad strook a truce with Baron Volag during his reign.[1] N'Gasta set up a tower on his island during Thassad's reign.

Upon his death by natural causes, Sentinel was taken by the Forebears, led by Volag. His son, Prince A'tor, attempted to recapture the city but was eventually defeated by combined forces of the Forebears and Tiber Septim's fleet at the Battle of Hunding Bay near Stros M'Kai.[2][3][4]



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