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Baron Phylgeon Montclair
Race Breton Gender Male
Born 2E 532
Reign 2E 544-
Previous Ruler Iphilia Montclair
Next Ruler Wylon Montclair
Resided in Rivenspire
King Ranser, Phylgeon's older half-brother
Baron Wylon Montclair, Phylgeon's son

Baron Phylgeon Montclair, also referred to as Count (formerly Prince) was a Breton nobleman who reigned as the thirty-eight Baron of House Montclair during the turbulent Second Era. He was a son of King Hurlburt Branquette of Shornhelm and Countess Iphilia Montclair. His mother, the Countess of House Montclair died in 2E 544, when he was 12 years old, making him a Baron of the House Montclair. Two years later, in 2E 546, his father died, which led to the conflict between Phylgeon and his older, but illegitimate brother Ranser. His advisors contended that he, as the legitimate son, was the proper heir to the throne.[1]

Phylgeon had to compete with his illegitimate brother for their father's throne. Although Phylgeon was the legitimate heir to the throne, Houses Branquette and Tamrith supported the illegitimate son of King Hulburt. The fourteen-year-old Phylgeon was descended from House Montclair, and his claim was supported by the codicil to the "Bretonnick Natalitie", which declared "Howse Mount Clayre" the royal house of Shornhelm. However, the codicil was missing when the Council of the North met to discuss the two claimants. Prince Ranser presented a long-lost Direnni decree that named House Branquette their "Breton Royal Delegates" in Rivenspire, winning the crown by the vote of the Council.[1]

The vote of the Council was a narrow victory for Ranser. Some of Prince Phylgeon's advisors urged him to fight for the crown, but the young prince declined, preferring to remain simply the Baron of Montclair. According to his descendant Phylgeon's humility was one of his defining traits, which led to the tragic events of Ranser's War in 2E 566. Count Phylgeon was uncertain of the rightness of Ranser's cause and offered to both Kings Ranser and Emeric to serve as a peace envoy between the two sides. High King Emeric's reply has been lost to history, but it is known that Ranser refused. Ultimately the knights of the House Montclair joined the losing side of King Ranser.[1]

After the fall of king Ranser, Rivenspire fell into chaos. With no king to rule the area, Rivenspire was governed by the triumvirate Council of the North, composed of the heads of Houses Tamrith, Montclair, and Dorell.[1][2][3] Although Phylgeon had claim to the throne of the King of Shornhelm he never became a monarch.[1]

At some point, Phylgeon fathered a son, Wylon Montclair, who, as of 2E 582 already was his successor as a Baron of House Montclair. He attempted to claim the throne for himself,[1] but failed. It is unknown whether the next ruler of Shornhelm was King Alard Dorell or Queen Eselde Tamrith, but it is known that Phylgeon's son never achieved his goals.[4]