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Baron Wylon Montclair
ON-npc-Baron Wylon Montclair.jpg
Baron Wylon Montclair
Race Breton Gender Male
Died 2E 582
Previous Ruler Phylgeon Montclair
Resided in Rivenspire
Appears in ESO

Wylon Montclair was a Breton nobleman who reigned as the thirty-ninth Baron of House Montclair during the turbulent Second Era. He claimed to be a direct descendant of King Hurlburt of Shornhelm, making him the heir to the throne.[1] He was a personal friend of Count Verandis Ravenwatch, the vampire count who ruled over Castle Ravenwatch.[2] He was the husband of Leila Montclair and had one daughter, Lleraya Montclair.

Wylon Montclair was a possessive man who, after his wife fell ill, became willing to go to any lengths to keep her alive. Regardless of her personal wishes, he thought it better for her to exist as a vampire than succumb to her illness, leading him to ask Verandis to turn Leila into a vampire.[3] However, either Verandis or Leila rejected this proposal.[4] This failure led to the events that transpired at Erokii. Reezal-Jul, an Argonian necromancer, became involved in the effort to heal Leila. However, unknown to both Wylon and Verandis, he was manipulating them as part of his plan to attain revenge for the fall of King Ranser of Rivenspire.[5] Reezal-Jul gave a mysterious Ayleid shard to Verandis. After receiving the relic from Verandis, Wylon used it to heal Leila, but her health soon began to deteriorate once again. Guided by Reezal-Jul, the three Montclairs and Verandis ascended the Doomcrag in search of the Lightless Remnant, which they believed would heal Leila permanently. When they reached the summit, they attempted to use the artifact to cure Lady Leila's illness.[4]

Unbeknownst to the Verandis and the Montclairs, the artifact had been corrupted. Instead of healing the dying Leila, it turned her and the rest of her family into vampires. Leila's transformation went terribly wrong, and Verandis killed her in an act of mercy. However, blinded by anger, Wylon turned on his old friend.[4] Now infected with vampirism and corrupted by the influence of the artifact, Wylon sought to conquer all of Rivenspire and attain revenge on the members of House Ravenwatch and the other noble houses.[6][7] Ignorant of Reezal-Jul's true motives, Wylon employed the deceitful necromancer as his general.[8] With the corrupted artifact at their disposal, he and his daughter turned many of their kinsmen into vampires. They also orchestrated the bloodfiend crisis in Rivenspire, using the power of the Lightless Remnant to change many of the citizens into bloodfiends. Among their many victims, only the lucky ones became true vampires.[6]

Despite being a vampire himself, Verandis' strong sense of morality and temperance allowed him to resist the power and allure of the artifact.[4] Subsequently, he and the rest of House Ravenwatch worked to end the threat of the artifact and the mad Montclairs. With the aid of the Vestige, Verandis successfully stopped his old friend, although it ultimately cost him his life. After Wylon was defeated by the Vestige, the Lightless Remnant began to crack and release its terrible power, a sight which led the vindictive Wylon to rejoice with his last breath. Fearing the devastation the artifact's destruction would wreak on Rivenspire, Verandis sacrificed his life to transport it to Coldharbour.[9]