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A Bloodfiend

Bloodfiends are feral vampires. The process of becoming a bloodfiend typically begins when a vampire starves, loses their sanity and turns feral.[1] However, the term "bloodfiend" also refers to other vampiric abominations that do not experience an infection with an incubation period as most vampires do.

Feral vampires are vampires who have lost their minds over the years, until they eventually become deranged with hunger. A vampire can become a feral vampire when they are unable to feed, refuse to feed, or go for long without blood.[2] The most notable example of a vampire that has gone feral in this manner is Lord Lovidicus.[2]

The "blood cursed" are a type of bloodfiend who resemble blood-starved vampires.[3] Unlike traditional vampirism, the infection sets in very quickly, and the process completes in a very short time.[4] What makes these bloodfiends distinct from normal vampires is the fact that potential bloodfiends are not required to be alive for the process to reach completion.[5] Bloodfiends can come about after a victim is drained dry by a vampire.[6][7] A relic known as the Lightless Remnant was capable of transforming mortals into bloodfiends, and almost unleashed a bloodfiend plague upon Rivenspire before it was given to Molag Bal.[8]

Bloodfiends care less about the sunlight than their more sane counterparts.[9]

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