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First Century[edit]

3E 0 — Beginning of the Third Era
3E 38 — Emperor Tiber Septim dies, Emperor Pelagius is crowned
  • Tiber Septim, conqueror and ruler of all of Tamriel for 38 years, dies and is succeeded by his grandson, Pelagius.
3E 41 — Emperor Pelagius dies, Empress Kintyra is crowned
  • Emperor Pelagius is assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood. With no direct heirs to the throne, the crown passes to the departed Emperor's first cousin.
3E 48 — Empress Kintyra dies, Emperor Uriel I is crowned
  • Empress Kintyra dies. Kintyra's son is crowned after her death, the first Emperor of Tamriel to use the Imperial name Uriel.
3E 64 — Emperor Uriel I dies, Emperor Uriel II is crowned
  • Emperor Uriel I dies and the kingdom is taken over by his son, Emperor Uriel II, the Fifth Emperor. Tragically, the rule of Uriel II is cursed with blights, plagues, and insurrections. The tenderheartedness inherited from his father does not serve the land well, and little justice is done.
3E 82 — Emperor Uriel II dies, Emperor Pelagius II is crowned
  • Uriel II dies after an 18-year reign. The Emperor is succeeded by his son, Pelagius II. Pelagius II inherits not only the throne, but the debt from his father's poor financial and judicial management.
3E 98, 15th of Evening Star — Emperor Pelagius II dies
  • The Emperor dies in the waning days of the year after a seventeen-year reign, and his successor isn't appointed until the following year.
3E 99 — Emperor Antiochus is crowned
  • Emperor Pelagius II dies and his son, Antiochus, inherits the kingdom. His reign is rife with civil wars, surpassing even that of his grandfather, Uriel II.

Second Century[edit]

3E 110War of the Isle
  • During the reign of Emperor Antiochus, the province of Summerset is nearly lost to the Maormer. The united alliance of the kings of Summerset and Antiochus only manage to defeat King Orgnum of the island-kingdom of Pyandonea due to a freak storm. Legend later credits the Psijic Order of the Isle of Artaeum with the magic behind the storm.
3E 120 — Emperor Antiochus dies, Empress Kintyra II is crowned
3E 121Uriel III is proclaimed Emperor
  • The Imperial City itself is taken over in only a fortnight, as two other attacks draw away Imperial forces. Uriel III is proclaimed Emperor of Tamriel. He abandons his father's surname of Mantiarco and takes the Septim name. Empress Kintyra II is taken captive in High Rock as Tamriel takes sides between Uriel III and his uncles.
3E 121War of the Red Diamond
3E 123, 23rd of Frost Fall — Empress Kintyra II dies in her cell
  • Although reported to have died in 3E 114, the captive Empress Kintyra dies in secret in her cell. The 23rd of Frostfall is later named the day of Broken Diamond in her memory.
3E 127 — Emperor Uriel III dies, Emperor Cephorus I is crowned
  • Uriel III is captured at the Battle of Ichidag in Hammerfell. En route to his trial in the Imperial City, a mob overtakes his carriage and burns him alive within it. His captor and uncle continues on to the Imperial City, and by common acclaim becomes Emperor Cephorus I. Cephorus' reign is marked by nothing but war. The Empire acquiesces to demands for greater autonomy from the nobility of all the outlying provinces except Elsweyr. It takes Cephorus an additional ten years of constant warfare to defeat his sister Potema.
3E 137Potema, Queen of Solitude, dies
  • The so-called Wolf Queen of Solitude dies during the siege of her castle.
3E 140 — Emperor Cephorus I dies, Emperor Magnus is crowned
  • Cephorus never had the time to marry, so it is his brother, the fourth child of Pelagius II, who assumes the throne. The Emperor Magnus is elderly, and the business of punishing the traitorous kings of the War of the Red Diamond drains much of his health.
3E 145, 8th of Second Seed — Emperor Magnus dies, Emperor Pelagius III is crowned
  • Pelagius leaves the throne of Solitude to his sister Jolethe. Almost from the start, Pelagius III, sometimes called Pelagius the Mad, becomes noted for his eccentric behavior. He embarrasses dignitaries, offends his vassal kings, and, on one occasion, marks the end of a grand ball by attempting to hang himself.
3E 153, 2nd of Suns Dawn — Emperor Pelagius III dies, Empress Katariah is crowned
  • After being committed to an asylum due to his madness, on a warm night after a brief fever, the 34-year-old Emperor Pelagius III dies in his cell at the Temple of Kynareth, on the Isle of Betony. Katariah, Duchess of Vvardenfell and Empress Regent following the commitment of her husband, formally becomes the controversial new Empress. Katariah's forty-six year reign is later remembered one of the most glorious in Tamriel's history (assertions to the contrary being dismissed as racist). Katariah travels extensively throughout the Empire, as no Emperor had since Tiber's day. She repairs much of the damage that broken alliances and bungled diplomacy had created. The people of Tamriel come to love their Empress, though many nobles are not as fond.

Third Century[edit]

3E 200 — Empress Katariah dies, Emperor Cassynder is crowned
  • Katariah's death in a minor skirmish in Black Marsh later becomes a favorite topic of conspiracy-minded historians. It later comes to light that a disenfranchised branch of the Septim family is involved. When Cassynder assumes the throne at the death of his mother, he is already middle-aged and in poor health.[nb 5]
3E 202 — Emperor Cassynder dies, Emperor Uriel IV is crowned
  • Cassynder dies after a two-year reign. Uriel Lariat, Cassynder's half-brother and the child of Katariah I and her Imperial consort, abdicates the throne of Wayrest to reign as Emperor Uriel IV. Legally, he was Uriel Septim IV: Cassynder had adopted him into the family when he had become King of Wayrest. Nevertheless, to many of the people of Tamriel, Uriel IV is a bastard child of Katariah. Uriel does not possess the dynamism of his mother, and his long forty-three year reign becomes a hotbed of sedition.
3E 247 — Emperor Uriel IV dies, Emperor Cephorus II is crowned
  • The Elder Council's last victory over Uriel IV is posthumous: they vote to disinherit Andorak, Uriel IV's son. They also vote to coronate a cousin more closely related to the original Septim line as Emperor Cephorus II. Cephorus, formerly a Nordic king, battles those loyal to Andorak for nine years. The Council controversially grants Andorak the High Rock kingdom of Shornhelm to end the war.
3E 249Camoran Usurper invades
  • During the reign of Cephorus II, the Camoran Usurper leads an army of daedra and undead warriors on a rampage through Valenwood, conquering the whole province in two years, then turns to Hammerfell. Cephorus II sends more and more mercenaries into Hammerfell to stop the Usurper's northward march, but they are bribed, turned into undead, or slaughtered. Animosity grows against the seemingly ineffective Empire.
3E 267Camoran Usurper is defeated
3E 268 — Emperor Uriel V is crowned
  • Uriel V changes the perception of a weak Empire by embarking on a series of invasions almost from the moment he takes the throne.
3E 288, 23rd of Rain's Hand — Emperor Uriel V invades Akavir
  • Uriel V sets sail with the largest fleet assembled in recorded history to invade the continent of Akavir. They arrive in Tsaesci six weeks later.
3E 290 — Emperor Uriel V dies, Emperor Uriel VI is crowned
  • Uriel V is killed in Akavir on the battlefield of Ionith. His five-year-old son becomes Emperor Uriel Septim VI. The consort Thonica, as Uriel VI's mother, is given a restricted Regency until Uriel VI reaches the age of majority. The Elder Council retains the real power, as they had since the days of Katariah.

Fourth Century[edit]

3E 320 — Emperor Uriel VI dies, Empress Morihatha is crowned
  • Uriel VI falls from his horse and cannot be saved by the finest Imperial healers. His beloved sister Morihatha takes the throne.
3E 339 — Empress Morihatha is assassinated, Emperor Pelagius IV is crowned
  • Assassins kill Empress Morihatha, and her nephew becomes Emperor Pelagius IV.
3E 368 — Emperor Pelagius IV dies, Emperor Uriel Septim VII is crowned
  • Emperor Pelagius IV dies after a twenty-nine year reign, with Tamriel closer to unity than it had been since the days of Uriel I. Emperor Uriel Septim VII succeeds him, and continues with the unification of Tamriel. He focuses his efforts in eastern Tamriel, and is greatly aided by his Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn.
3E 389 — The Imperial Simulacrum begins
  • On Tirdas, the 1st of Hearthfire, Emperor Uriel Septim VII is betrayed by the Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn and imprisoned in a dimension of Tharn's creation.
3E 395Regional wars rage throughout Tamriel
3E 397Umbra' Keth is destroyed
  • A Shadow of Conflict being created by the ongoing War of the Bend'r-mahk is destroyed by an unknown hero wielding the power of the seven Star Teeth.{{History Entry
  • The Apprentice places second in a competition determining the next pupils of Battlespire, and is sent to the citadel.
3E 399Jagar Tharn is defeated; Orsinium is refounded

Fifth Century[edit]

3E 401Nulfaga finds the Mantella
3E 417, 9th of Frost Fall — The Miracle of Peace, or the Warp in the West
  • A mysterious event takes place between the 9th and 11th of Frostfall in which the forty-four independent kingdoms, counties, baronies, and duchies surrounding the Iliac Bay were condensed into four: Daggerfall, Sentinel, Wayrest, and Orsinium.
3E 417 — The Tribunal lose Kagrenac's Tools
  • Almalexia and Sotha Sil lose the artifacts Keening and Sunder to the minions of Dagoth Ur during a battle at Red Mountain. Vivec rescues them, but fails to recover the artifacts. They retreat from Red Mountain in disorder and return to their respective capitals, continuing to perform their ritual functions, but soon stop appearing in public altogether. They grow weaker without access to the Heart of Lorkhan, and because of resources required to support the Ghostfence. The inner circle of the Temple priesthood begin to suspect the Tribunes have suffered seriously from wounds and demoralization in the wake of reverses at Red Mountain, but do not recognize the scale of the problem.
3E 421 — The Levitation Act is passed throughout the Empire, outlawing the use of levitation magic.
3E 427The Blight
  • The Morrowind government, already weakened in power over questions of authority, is further threatened by the re-awakening of the ancient curse of the Blight from the giant volcano Red Mountain.
  • On the 16th of Last Seed, the legendary Nerevarine arrives in Vvardenfell by order of the Emperor, destined to kill Dagoth Ur and bring peace to Morrowind.
3E 427 — Discord among the Tribunal
3E 427Bloodmoon Prophecy
  • As the prophecy foretold, the Daedric Prince Hircine performs a ritual hunt on the frozen island of Solstheim, as he does once every era. The Nerevarine is chosen to play a part in it, and ultimately defeats Hircine at his own game.
3E 433Oblivion Crisis
3E 433 — Count Corvus Umbranox of Anvil reappears
3E 433 — Death of Mannimarco
3E 433 — The Blackwood Company is destroyed by the Fighters Guild
3E 433 — Purification of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Internal strife caused by a traitorous Speaker results in the assassination of half of the Black Hand and the decimation of the Cheydinhal sanctuary. The Night Mother appoints a new Listener after the traitor is killed.
3E 433 — Reformation of the Knights of the Nine
3E 433 — The Greymarch