Lore:Uriel Septim I

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Emperor Uriel Septim I
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 64
Previous Ruler Kintyra
Next Ruler Uriel Septim II
Resided in Imperial City

Uriel Septim I was an Emperor of the Septim Empire, crowned in 3E 53(?). Son of Empress Kintyra, Uriel I became the fourth Emperor of Tamriel after his mother's death in 3E 48. He was the great lawmaker of the Septim Dynasty, and a promoter of independent organizations and guilds. The Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild increased in prominence throughout Tamriel during his reign. His son Uriel Septim II assumed the throne upon his death.[1]

The level of Tamrielic unity he fostered would not be seen again until the days of Emperor Pelagius Septim IV.[2] Uriel was the first of several emperors to use the name Uriel, a practice that ended with Uriel Septim VII's death.


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