Lore:Kintyra I

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Empress Kintyra Septim I
Race Unknown Gender Female
Died 3E 53
Reign 3E 41-
3E 53
Previous Ruler Pelagius I
Next Ruler Uriel I
Resided in Silvenar
Imperial City

Kintyra Septim I was the third empress of the Septim Dynasty. She was preceded by her first cousin once removed, Pelagius I, and was succeeded by her son, Uriel I.[1]


Kintyra Septim was the daughter of Agnorith, Tiber Septim's brother.[1] At some point prior to 3E 41, Kintyra became Queen of Silvenar.[1] In 3E 41, her first cousin once removed, Emperor Pelagius I, was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood in the Temple of the One in the Imperial City.[1][2][3] Pelagius I had no living children, so the Ruby Throne passed to Kintyra.[1][2] Kintyra I's reign was a period of prosperity and bountiful harvests.[1] She was an avid patroness of art, music, and dance.[1] At some point during Kintyra I's reign, the Khajiiti thief god, Rajhin, reputedly stole a tattoo from her neck while she slept.[nb 1][4] In 3E 53, Kintyra I died, so her son, Uriel I, succeeded her as Emperor of Tamriel.[1][5][6]:16


  • ^  The tale of Rajhin stealing Kintyra's tattoo is mentioned at the time of the Interregnum, centuries before Kintyra's reign.[7][8] A possible explanation is that Varieties of Faith... ended up in Gandranen, which supposedly had a series of magical halls that could attract books from across Tamriel, no matter where or when they were published.[9] It also could simply be an error.
  • Kintyra I's great-great-great-granddaughter, Kintyra II, was named after her.[10]