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Emperor Uriel Septim III
OB-statue-Uriel Septim III.jpg
Emperor Uriel Septim III statue in Oblivion
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3E 97
Died 3E 127
Previous Ruler Kintyra Septim II
Next Ruler Cephorus Septim I
Resided in Imperial City

Uriel Septim III (born Uriel Mantiarco) is the first cousin of Empress Kintyra II and son of Queen Potema of Solitude. Uriel III accused Kintyra of being a bastard, alluding to the famous decadence of the Imperial City during her father's reign. When this accusation failed to stop her coronation, Uriel bought the support of several disgruntled kings of High Rock, Skyrim, and Morrowind, and, with Queen Potema's assistance, coordinated three attacks on the Septim Empire. The first attack occurred in the Iliac Bay that separates High Rock and Hammerfell. Kintyra II's entourage was destroyed and the Empress was taken captive. Uriel III supposedly later killed Kintyra II in 3E 114.[1]

Uriel III was eventually proclaimed Emperor of Tamriel in 3E 121. Empress Kintyra II later died in captivity. In the third major and final attack against the Imperial City itself was relatively quick taking only a fortnight to secure.[1] He named himself Uriel Septim III, even though his true name was Uriel Mantiarco from his father. Uriel III was captured at the Battle of Ichidag in Hammerfell in 3E 127. En route to his trial in the Imperial City, a mob overtook his carriage and burned him alive within it.[2] In Skyrim during the late Third Era, there was an strong underground movement called the Hörme which believed Potema and her deposed son were the last of Tiber Septim's true blood and under that principle led raids against Imperial interests in the province.[3] More details of his life can be found in Biography of the Wolf Queen. Also, he was a character in the popular historical fiction The Wolf Queen.[4]


  • It is said Emperor Uriel Septim III developed a taste for grand elixirs of frost resistance during his frequent visits to Skyrim.[5]


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