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Emperor Uriel Septim IV
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 247
Reign 3E 202-
3E 246
Previous Ruler Cassynder Septim
Next Ruler Cephorus Septim II
Resided in Wayrest

Uriel Lariat (later Uriel Septim IV) was the child of Empress Katariah and her Imperial consort, a Breton nobleman named Gallivere Lariat.[1] He left Wayrest in 3E 202 to reign as Uriel IV upon the death of his half-brother Cassynder. Legally, Uriel IV was a Septim: Cassynder Septim had adopted him into the family, when he had become King of Wayrest. Nevertheless, to the Council and the people of Tamriel, he was a bastard child of Empress Katariah. Uriel did not possess the dynamism of his mother, and his long forty-three year reign was a hotbed of sedition.[2] Uriel IV's reign was a difficult and long one. Few of the Elder Council could be persuaded to accept him fully as a blood relation of Tiber. The Council had assumed much responsibility during Katariah I's long reign and Cassynder I's short reign, and a strong-willed alien monarch like Uriel IV found it impossible to hold their unswerving fealty. Time and time again, the Council and Emperor were at odds; and time and time again, the Council won the battles. Since the days of Pelagius II, the Elder Council had consisted of the wealthiest men and women in the Empire, and the power they wielded was overpowering.[1] Uriel IV died in 3E 247 with the throne going to a cousin more closely related to Tiber Septim, his cousin Cephorus II.[1][3] During his reign in 3E 246, the Elder Council, in an attempt to clear up some questions of property rights in Skyrim and discourage absent and foreign landlords, decreed that any man without a liege who occupied a castle for more than three months would be granted the rights and titles of that estate.[4]


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