Lore:Andorak Septim

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King Andorak Septim
Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Shornhelm

Andorak Septim was the son of Emperor Uriel IV, and as such was the heir to the throne of the Third Empire. Andorak was disinherited after his father's death by vote of the Elder Council, and a cousin more closely related to the original Septim line was proclaimed Cephorus II by the next year, 3E 248. For the first nine years of Cephorus II's reign, those loyal to Andorak battled the Imperial forces. In an act that the sage Eraintine called "Tiber Septim's heart beating no more", the Council granted Andorak the High Rock kingdom of Shornhelm to end the war. Andorak's descendants still rule Shornhelm as of the late Third Era.[1]