Lore:Pelagius Septim I

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Emperor Pelagius Septim I
A statue of Pelagius I or IV
Race Unknown Gender Male
Died 3E 41
Previous Ruler Tiber Septim
Next Ruler Kintyra
Resided in Imperial City

Pelagius Septim (retroactively Pelagius Septim I) was emperor of Tamriel after his grandfather Tiber Septim, from 3E 38 to when he was assassinated in 3E 41 by the Dark Brotherhood while he was praying at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. Initially nervous after taking the throne and having to deal with so many provinces, the Underking approached him to act as an advisor.[1] Although short, his reign was called just as glorious as his grandfather's. He had no living children, so the throne passed to his first cousin once removed Kintyra, the daughter of Tiber's brother Agnorith.[2] Barenziah came to live with the Septim family when she was young, and Pelagius reportedly loved her like a sister.[3]


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