Lore:Pelagius Septim IV

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Emperor Pelagius Septim IV
A possible statue of Pelagius IV
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3E 314
Died 3E 368
Reign 3E 339-
3E 368
Previous Ruler Morihatha
Next Ruler Uriel Septim VII
Resided in Imperial City

Pelagius Septim IV was emperor of Tamriel during the Third Era and the father of Uriel Septim VII. Upon Empress Morihatha's assassination, she had no children, and her sister Eloisa had died of a fever four years before, so Eloisa's 25-year-old son was crowned Pelagius IV in 3E 339.

Pelagius IV continued his aunt's work, slowly bringing back the seditious kingdoms of his Empire. He had Morihatha's patience and deliberate pace in his endeavors, but he did not have her success. The kingdoms had been free of constraints for so long, even a benign Imperial presence was odious. When Pelagius died in 3E 368 after an astonishing twenty-nine year reign, Tamriel was stable, prosperous, and closer to unity than it had been since the days of Uriel I. He was succeeded by his son, Uriel VII.[1] During his reign, he was suspicious enough of the Psijic Order to refuse to allow them into the Imperial City,[2] and reputedly invested heavily in the infrastructure of his Empire.[3]


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