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Provincial Governor Fortunata ap Dugal
ON-npc-Governor Fortunata ap Dugal.jpg
Provincial Governor Fortunata ap Dugal
Race Imperial Gender Female
Born 2E 542
Died 2E 582
Previous Ruler Ephrem Benirus
Resided in Anvil
Appears in ESO

Fortunata ap Dugal, also known as the Pirate Queen, was an Imperial pirate captain and leader of the Red Sails. Believed to have been born around the year 2E 542,[UOL 1] Fortunata rose to become a powerful shipping magnate in the Gold Coast Trading Company during the Interregnum. She seized control of Anvil in 2E 577 and declared herself its Provincial Governor. She plotted to conquer the entire Gold Coast, but was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood in 2E 582 at the behest of Count Carolus Aquilarios of Kvatch.[1]


  • Fortunata shares a last name with Torradan ap Dugal, a famous pirate lord from Skyrim who terrorized the Gold Coast during the Third Era. However, there is no evidence of any direct familial connection.
  • Fortunata had an estranged brother, Codus ap Dugal, who once served as the arena master of Kvatch Arena.[2]

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