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The Outfit Station in Abah's Landing

Outfit Stations are successors to the Dye Stations.

Through Outfit Stations you are able to use the Outfit System, which allows you to alter the appearance of worn armor and dye weapons in addition to the standard dyeing of costumes and apparel. They replaced Dye Stations in the world and can be purchased for player-owned housing although Dye Stations are still available to purchase for a much lower price and provide exactly the same services.

Yellow banners with the triskelion outfitting insignia have been added around some locales, which make the station easier to spot in crowded or dimly lit areas.


Zone Settlement/Region Location
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Vulkhel Guard Crystal Colors
Grahtwood Elden Root Deepwoods Dyes
Greenshade Marbruk Faarcano's Tasteful Tints
Khenarthi's Roost Mistral Boatman's Beauty
Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor Hues of the Harbor
Reaper's March Rawl'kha The Walker's Wash
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Sentinel The Soothing Tint
Bangkorai Evermore South Gate Paint
Betnikh Stonetooth Fortress Stonetooth Stains
Glenumbra Daggerfall Mill, Tint and Dye
Rivenspire Shornhelm Shades of Shornhelm
Stormhaven Wayrest Chironasium Chromatics
Stros M'Kai Port Hunding Pack Full of Pigments
Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen Dhalmora Slop-the-Dyes
Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Village Bleak Coast Colors
Deshaan Mournhold Hlaalu Hues
Eastmarch Windhelm The Adept's Retreat
The Rift Riften Riften Dyes
Shadowfen Stormhold Experimental Iridescence
Stonefalls Ebonheart Adjunct Adjustments
Clockwork City Brass Fortress Hall of Refined Techniques
Coldharbour The Hollow City Mixed Palette
Craglorn Belkarth Pots of Paint
Craglorn Upper Craglorn Atelier of the Twice-Born Star
Gold Coast Anvil The Dye Job
Gold Coast Kvatch The Crafter's Square
Hew's Bane Abah's Landing Sharper's Alley
Summerset Alinor The Rainbow's Radiance
Summerset Cloudrest Staging area
Vvardenfell Vivec City Tailors and Dyers Hall
Wrothgar Orsinium Prismatic Pigments
Cyrodiil (Aldmeri Dominion) Imperial City Aldmeri Dominion Base
Cyrodiil (Daggerfall Covenant) Imperial City Daggerfall Covenant Base
Cyrodiil (Ebonheart Pact) Imperial City Ebonheart Pact Base
Cyrodiil (Aldmeri Dominion) Western Elsweyr Gate Chironasium Chromatics
Cyrodiil (Daggerfall Covenant) Northern High Rock Gate Chironasium Chromatics
Cyrodiil (Ebonheart Pact) Southern Morrowind Gate Chironasium Chromatics