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Imperial Sewer:
Ebonheart Pact Base
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Discoverable Yes
Imperial City
Northern end of Harena Hypogeum
Ebonheart Pact Base

The Ebonheart Pact Base is the main base of operations for the Ebonheart Pact in the Imperial City, located in the Harena Hypogeum. A Bounty Mission Board can be found in the base, allowing PvP quests to be accepted and turned in without leaving the City. A handful of Pact Soldiers wander the tunnels.

During City on the Brink, you must report to General Nesh-Tan and learn what you can do to assist the Pact in the Imperial City. You must also make contact with the mysterious Drake of Blades. You will turn in almost every other quest (barring scouting mission quests) inside the Ebonheart Pact Base.

Related Quests[edit]

Shops and Services[edit]


Crafting Stations
Lady Cinnabar
Loncano *
Phrastus of Elinhir
Quintia Rullus *
Tarlar Stylemaster
Tel Var Merchant Area
Birstagg Armorer
Councilor Itinia
Dalse Nithryon
Drake of Blades *
Ferena Romalen Armorer
Hears-the-Stone Merchant
Hunt-Master Bulozog
Safia Velarius *
Skoref Bearblood Weaponsmith
Tunbam-Kahz Merchant
Donus Falto
Father Egnatius *
Frohilde Snow-Hair Furnisher
General Nesh-Tan
Infrasia Corvinus Merchant
Legate Gallus *
Listens-to-Sea Achievement Furnisher
Sister J'Reeza *
Valga Atrius *
Sewer Ladders
Brihana *
Lieutenant Sathis
Private Skjor
Sergeant Belrud
Surgeon Andronicus
Terendras Varro Banker
The Drake of Shields *



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