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Infrasia Corvinus
Home City Imperial City
Home Settlement Ebonheart Pact Base
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant
Infrasia Corvinus

Infrasia Corvinus is an Imperial merchant who can be found at the Ebonheart Pact Base in the Imperial Sewers. She's very pessimistic about the current state of affairs.


She has nothing good to say about her services:

"I hope you like your goods cold and soggy."
"Decent food, warm bedding—who needs it? I'm having the time of my life down here.
You need something?"
"I will say one thing about setting up shop in a sewer—the customers are always desperate."
"Don't bother asking for rat poison. I'm all out. If you're in the market for dead rats, however, you won't be disappointed!"