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Siege Merchants are vendors who sell Siege Weapons. They can only be found in Cyrodiil. There is one in each of the Border Keeps.

Alliance Keep Vendor
ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).png Aldmeri Dominion Eastern Elsweyr Gate Mangeth
Western Elsweyr Gate Elthras
ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).png Daggerfall Covenant Northern High Rock Gate Roshan
Southern High Rock Gate Ulg
ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).png Ebonheart Pact Northern Morrowind Gate Asheeus
Southern Morrowind Gate Golvy


Icon Item ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).png Item ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).png Item ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).png Price
ON-icon-potion-Speed 03.png Alliance Battle Draught 0000720720Alliance Points
ON-icon-potion-Unstoppable 03.png Alliance Health Draught 0000720720Alliance Points
ON-icon-potion-Detection 03.png Alliance Spell Draught 0000720720Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Ballista.png Covenant Ballista Dominion Ballista Pact Ballista 00018001,800Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Battering Ram.png Covenant Battering Ram Dominion Battering Ram Pact Battering Ram 00018001,800Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Ballista.png Covenant Fire Ballista Dominion Fire Ballista Pact Fire Ballista 00012001,200Alliance Points
00000450450 Gold
ON-icon-ava-Trebuchet.png Covenant Firepot Trebuchet Dominion Firepot Trebuchet Pact Firepot Trebuchet 00018001,800Alliance Points
00000450450 Gold
ON-icon-ava-Forward Camp-Covenant.png Covenant Forward Camp 002000020,000Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Trebuchet.png Covenant Iceball Trebuchet Dominion Iceball Trebuchet Pact Iceball Trebuchet 00018001,800Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Ballista.png Covenant Lightning Ballista Dominion Lightning Ballista Pact Lightning Ballista 00012001,200Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Catapult.png Covenant Meatbag Catapult Dominion Meatbag Catapult Pact Meatbag Catapult 00012001,200Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Catapult.png Covenant Oil Catapult Dominion Oil Catapult Pact Oil Catapult 00012001,200Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Catapult.png Covenant Scattershot Catapult Dominion Scattershot Catapult Pact Scattershot Catapult 00012001,200Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Trebuchet.png Covenant Stone Trebuchet Dominion Stone Trebuchet Pact Stone Trebuchet 00018001,800Alliance Points
ON-icon-food-Cornbread.png Cyrodilic Field Bar 00024002,400Alliance Points
ON-icon-food-Beer 01.png Cyrodilic Field Brew 00024002,400Alliance Points
ON-icon-food-Biscuits.png Cyrodilic Field Tack 00024002,400Alliance Points
ON-icon-food-Tea 01.png Cyrodilic Field Tea 00024002,400Alliance Points
ON-icon-food-Spirits Red.png Cyrodilic Field Tonic 00024002,400Alliance Points
ON-icon-food-Brown Cake.png Cyrodilic Field Treat 00024002,400Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Forward Camp-Dominion.png Dominion Forward Camp 002000020,000Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Flaming Oil.png Flaming Oil 0000800800Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Keep Door Woodwork Repair Kit.png Keep Door Woodwork Repair Kit 0000200200Alliance Points
0000009090 Gold
ON-icon-stolen-Stone.png Keep Recall Stone 002000020,000Alliance Points
ON-icon-ava-Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kit.png Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kit 0000300300Alliance Points
0000009090 Gold
ON-icon-ava-Forward Camp-Pact.png Pact Forward Camp 002000020,000Alliance Points
ON-icon-misc-Battered Bear Trap.png Siege Repair Kit 0000200200Alliance Points
0000009090 Gold
ON-icon-soul gem-Grand.png Soul Gem 0000750750Alliance Points
ON-icon-soul gem-Empty.png Soul Gem (Empty) 00000156156 Gold


  • There is next to no consistency in labeling Siege Merchants on the map, with all four of the following being used: ON-icon-Vendor.png Merchant Carpenter Armsman
  • Siege Merchants previously sold the items needed to craft in the Akaviri style.