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The Shivering Isles Redesign Project is an effort to update all pages in the Shivering Isles namespace to a consistent and high-quality standard. Please note any pages you have reworked where they appear in the "Progress" sections.


To better tackle the task, the pages have been divided in 6 sub-categories, each with an editor responsible.


Leader: Dlarsh
Task: A lot of the quest pages at the moment are a mess: overlong, full of unnecessary details and with oversized bugs and notes sections. We are aiming for a complete makeover and an almost complete cull of the latter sections. These two examples should give an idea; while these two pages are examples of what to do with an interesting quest.


Leader: SerCenKing
Task: Rewriting all the places pages in consistency with the guidelines of the OPRP. As most dungeons are complex and quest-related thorough checking before, during and after the quest is necessary. These two pages are good examples of what we're aiming for.


Leader: Legoless
Task: Rewriting all campsites pages in line with a few that have been done in the OB namespace, such as this and this. Detailed CS and in-game checking is required.


Leader: Krusty
Task: Similarly to places, rewriting all NPC pages in consistency with the guidelines of the OBNPCRP. The inhabitants of the Isles tend to have complex schedules and tons of dialogue, along with being for a large part in some way related to a quest. No-one ever said it would be easy ;) These three pages are good examples of a completed page.

For the progress table below, if you've added all CS info add your name to the CS box and do the same for in-game. As some bits (spells, factions) can only be checked in the CS, once that is done and the page completed tick the final box (assuming in-game has been done too!). For reasons of spacing, only the editor that as done "most" of the each section should be added, unless there is no clear author.

NPC CS In-game Done
Adeo SerCenKing Krusty / AMM Yes☑
Adventurer SerCenKing / rpeh Already Written Yes☑
Ahjazda SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Althel's Ghost SerCenKing / rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Alyssa SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Amiable Fanriene SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Anglor's Ghost SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Anya Herrick SerCenKing Kalis Agea Yes☑
Arctus SerCenKing Kalis Agea Yes☑
Atrabhi (Dementia) SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Atrabhi (Mania) SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Aurig Desha SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Aurmazl Kaneh SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Aurmazl Zudeh SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Autkendo Jansa SerCenKing Kalis Agea Yes☑
Bat gro-Orkul's Ghost Emoboy64 Krusty Yes☑
Beelei SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Belmyne Dreleth SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Bhisha Various Krusty
Big Head SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Bolwing Kalis Agea Krusty Yes☑
Brevi rpeh Emoboy64 / SerCenKing Yes☑
Bruscus Dannus
Caldana Monrius SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Chuna SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Ciirta Kalis Agea Krusty Yes☑
Cindanwe SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Clanfather Malifant SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Count Cirion rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Count Cirion's Ghost Various Krusty Yes☑
Countess Cirion rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Court Healer Various Helenaannevalentine Yes☑
Cutter SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Dancer Various Krusty Yes☑
Dead Courier rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Dead Traveler rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Dead Volunteer rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Dead Wood Elf rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Dervenin SerCenKing Helenaannevalentine Yes☑
Desideratus Annius' Ghost Various Krusty Yes☑
Dredhwen SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Dulphumph gro-Urgash Legoless Krusty Yes☑
Dumag gro-Bonk SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Dylora SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Earil SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Erver Devani SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Felas Sarandas SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Felldew Addict SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Fimmion SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Gadeneri Ralvel SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Gaius Prentus rpeh SerCenKing Yes☑
Gloorolros AKB Krusty Yes☑
Grakedrig Ulfri SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Grakendo Udico SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Grommok gro-Barak SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Gundlar SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Halion SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Herdir SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Hirrus Clutumnus SerCenKing Krusty
Hloval Dreth's Ghost SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia) Various S'drassa Yes☑
Horkvir Bear-Arm (Mania) Various S'drassa Yes☑
Issmi Dwarfmp Various Yes☑
J'zidzo (Dementia) Krusty S'drassa Yes☑
J'zidzo (Mania) Krusty S'drassa Yes☑
Jastira Nanus (Mania) Krusty S'drassa Yes☑
Jastira Nanus (Dementia) Krusty S'drassa Yes☑
Jayred Ice-Veins SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Joofy the Brown SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Juggler SerCenKing rpeh Yes☑
Kiliban Nyrandil SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Kishashi Various Krusty Yes☑
Kithlan SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Lewin Tilwald rpeh SerCenKing Yes☑
Limark Various Krusty Yes☑
Lorenz Bog-Trotter Various Krusty Yes☑
Luminary Kaz SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
M'desi Various Krusty Yes☑
Ma'zaddha SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Mirel SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Mirili Ulven
Muurine SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Nanette Don SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Nelrene SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Orc Adventurer Captain rpeh SerCenKing Yes☑
Orinthal Various Krusty Yes☑
Pad-Ei SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Pyke Various Krusty Yes☑
Ra'kheran SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Ranarr-Jo SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Raven Biter SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Relan SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Rendil Drarara SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
S'fara SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Salonia Viria SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Sheer Meedish SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Shelden SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Sheogorath's Punished rpeh SerCenKing Yes☑
Sickly Bernice Various Krusty Yes☑
Sontaire Various Krusty Yes☑
Staada Dwarfmp Various Yes☑
Stela SerCenKing
Syndelius Gatharian SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Tall-Trees-Falling SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Thaedil SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Tilse Areleth rpeh Krusty Yes☑
Tove the Unrestful SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Traelius SerCenKing
Una Armina Various Krusty Yes☑
Urul gro-Agamph (Dementia) Krusty S'drassa Yes☑
Urul gro-Agamph (Mania) Krusty S'drassa Yes☑
Ushnar gro-Shadborgob SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Uungor Various Krusty Yes☑
Vika SerCenKing
Wide-Eye SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑
Yngvar Doom-Sayer rpeh Krusty
Zoe Malene SerCenKing Krusty Yes☑

Generic and VIP NPCs[edit]

Leader: Dwarfmp
Task: This is for real heavy-weights! ;) Generic NPCs need to have pages detailing stats and wares either in table fashion or, if there are few of them, with a series of NPC summary boxes. These two pages are examples of the two different approaches. VIP NPCs are extensively researched and present a vast amount of information, especially quest-related. These two pages show the high standards we're aiming for.

Images & Maps[edit]

Leader: rpeh
Task: Now that all overlays have been added to place maps and rpeh has kindly made the region maps the two main tasks are maps for settlements and correcting the eventual error in overlays. Concerning the former see here. Images on the other hand are a much fuller task, we need new images for places, quests, creatures and NPCs. Also, we should try to standardise image names as we go along (i.e. SI-npc, SI-place etc.) A page for image requests covering all the above categories can be found here.

Place Creator
Deepwallow rpeh
Fellmoor rpeh
Hale rpeh
Highcross rpeh
Split rpeh
Passwall rpeh
File:SI-creature-Elytra (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Dulphumph gro-Urgash.jpg File:SI-npc-Priest of Order.jpg File:SI-place-Sacellum Arden-Sul.jpg
File:SI-creature-Elytra (Felldew).jpg File:SI-npc-Dumag gro-Bonk.jpg File:SI-npc-Ranarr-Jo.jpg File:SI-place-Sickly Bernice's Taphouse.jpg
File:SI-creature-Elytra (Mania).jpg File:SI-npc-Erver Devani.jpg File:SI-npc-Relan.jpg File:SI-place-The Wastrel's Purse.jpg
File:SI-creature-Gatekeeper.jpg File:SI-npc-Gloorolros.jpg File:SI-npc-Rendil Drarara.jpg File:SI-place-Xedilian.jpg
File:SI-creature-Gnarl (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Gundlar.jpg File:SI-npc-Runs-in-Circles.jpg File:SI-quest-Baiting the Trap.jpg
File:SI-creature-Gnarl (Mania).jpg File:SI-npc-Herdir.jpg File:SI-npc-Tall-Trees-Falling.jpg File:SI-quest-Brithaur.jpg
File:SI-creature-Grummite (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Hloval Dreth.jpg File:SI-npc-Tove the Unrestful.jpg File:SI-quest-Final Resting.jpg
File:SI-creature-Grummite (Mania).jpg File:SI-npc-Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Traelius.jpg File:SI-quest-Retaking The Fringe.jpg
File:SI-creature-Ravenous Hunger.jpg File:SI-npc-Horkvir Bear-Arm (Mania).jpg File:SI-npc-Urul gro-Agamph (Mania).jpg File:SI-quest-The Paranoid Roof Watcher.jpg
File:SI-creature-Skinned Hound.jpg File:SI-npc-J'zidzo (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Ushnar gro-Shadborgob.jpg File:SI-quest-Through the Fringe of Madness.jpg
File:SI-interior-Xedilian,Chamber of the Gnarl.jpg File:SI-npc-Jastira Nanus (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Zoe Malene.jpg File:SI-quest-Through the Fringe of Madness 03.jpg
File:SI-interior-Xedilian, Chamber of Avarice.jpg File:SI-npc-Kiliban Nyrandil.jpg SI:Heretic File:SI-quest-Ushnar's Terror.jpg
File:SI-interior-Xedilian, Chamber of Anathema.jpg File:SI-npc-Kishashi.jpg SI:Zealot
File:SI-npc-Ahjazda.jpg File:SI-npc-Kithlan.jpg File:SI-item-Resonator of Judgment.jpg
File:SI-npc-Anglor's Ghost.jpg File:SI-npc-Knight of Order.jpg File:SI-place-Fellmoor.jpg
File:SI-npc-Atrabhi (Dementia).jpg File:SI-npc-Ma'zaddha.jpg File:SI-place-Flooded Camp.jpg
File:SI-npc-Atrabhi (Mania).jpg File:SI-npc-Male Mazken.jpg File:SI-place-Hale.jpg
File:SI-npc-Beelei.jpg File:SI-npc-Male Golden Saint.jpg File:SI-place-Howling Halls.jpg
File:SI-npc-Brithaur.jpg File:SI-npc-Mirili Ulven.jpg File:SI-place-Gates of Madness.jpg
File:SI-npc-Bruscus Dannus.jpg File:SI-npc-Muurine.jpg File:SI-place-Knotty Bramble.jpg
File:SI-npc-Caldana Monrius.jpg File:SI-npc-Nelrene.jpg File:SI-place-Passwall.jpg
File:SI-npc-Desideratus Annius.jpg File:SI-npc-Pad-Ei.jpg File:SI-place-Halcyon Conservatory.jpg

Lore Pages[edit]

Leader: Kalis Agea
Task: This includes creating new Lore pages for the Shivering Isles, and formatting and checking existing ones.

Miscellaneous Pages[edit]

Leader: None
Task: This includes all other SI pages that don't fall in the above, mostly involves checking CS stats and rewriting. This can be kept till last.


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