Shivering:Jastira Nanus (Mania)

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Jastira Nanus
(RefID: 0001783B)
Home Town Split
House Jastira Nanus' House
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level PC+0 Class Nightblade
RefID 0001783B BaseID 00012083
Other Information
Health 16 Magicka 100
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Mania; Split Citizen; Split Mania; Wilderness
Jastira Nanus (Mania)

Jastira Nanus (Mania) is a split personality of the original Jastira Nanus who lives in the settlement of Split. Her Dementia counterpart also lives in Split. Like her counterpart she is obsessed with counting.

Jastira wakes up every day at 8am and immediately starts wandering around her house until 10am, when she will head outside to roam around the town and chat with the other inhabitants of Split for the rest of the day. She only takes a break from this routine at 12pm, when she will return to her house for a brief moment to have a two-hours lunch in front of the chimney, and at 8pm, when she will return to her house again to have dinner during two hours. When she has finished eating her last meal of the day, she will remain inside her house, strolling around for the last two hours of the day until her bedtime at 12am.

She wears a set of common, lower-class clothing, consisting of a brown tunic combined with tan linens and a pair of orange loafers. She also carries the key that grants access to her house and a leveled amount of gold. Just like her Dementia counterpart, she knows the standard leveled Healer spells and some additional restoration spells.

Completely obsessed with numbers and less obsessed with the problems in Split, Jastira will simply look at you and say: "1, 2, 3, 4...." When approached, she will reveal: "3, 4... I sure don't like my double. 5, 6... She doesn't count right." When asked to elaborate, she will say: "1, 2... Hate her. 3, 4... Sick, sick woman. 5, 6...." If you have yet to initiate the related quest, she will add: "7, 8... The same goes for everyone else in town. 9, 10... You should talk to Horkvir about it." If you ask her about Doubles again she will continue counting and say: "7, 8... Don't like that other Jastira. 9, 10... Not one bit." She may end the conversation with: "8, 9, 10."

Should you choose to help out the Demented side of Split, she will refuse to talk to you: "6, 9... You're working for those Demented people! 7, 12..." If you manage to fail the quest, she will lose her count completely and start shouting: "6, 12... You've just made things worse! 36! 42!" If you work for the Mania side and manage to slay her counterpart, she will have a new greeting ready: "1, 2, 3 - hurry before I lose count - 5, 6, 7... D'oh! I just lost count." On Doubles, a satisfied Jastira will add: "6, 7... Good work! 8, 9... I'm the only Jastira this town needs. 10, 11...." If you successfully complete the quest and kill all the Demented citizens she will happily greet you: "2, 3... Good that there are no more doubles. 4, 5...." After the Main Quest, she will look at you and count: "1,2... It's the Madgod! Wow. Wow. 4, 12, 36...." After conversation, she will add: "12... uh... 6? 4?"

Her double isn't too happy about the situation they are living in as well, and she wouldn't mind if her counterpart was gone for good:"Sure would be nice to see one more corpse around here. One that looks like me, but isn't me. Take my meaning?"

Stage-Dependent Dialogue[edit]

At different stages in the Main Quest, Jastira will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • 1, 2.. A new person has come to the Isles... 4, 5... recently.
  • 1, 2... Did you hear? The Gatekeeper is dead.... 4, 5... That's bad news... 7, 8.
  • 1, 2... Adventurers are being sucked up into that dungeon again... 5, 6.
  • 5, 6... Thadon's back on the Felldew... 7, 8... without the downer... 10, 11.
  • 8, 9... Syl's rounding people up again. 10, 11... It's hard to count when you are being tortured.
  • 2, 3... That big ol' torch in... 4, 5... New Sheoth is finally lit... 7, 8.
  • 12, 13... A new ruler for Crucible... 14, 15.
  • 12, 13... A new ruler for Bliss... 14, 15.
  • 1, 2... sad about Passwall. 3, 4... I wonder if they will rebuild it. ...5, 6.
  • 7, 8... There's a new Gatekeeper in the Fringe. 9, 10.
  • 1, 2... Sheogorath's got his army... 3, 4... in the barracks... 5, 6.
  • 5, 4... Sheogorath has left us alone in this terrible time. 3, 2, 1.
  • 1, 2... the Greymarch is over. 4, 5... Thank Sheogorath... 6, 7.

Related Quests[edit]


Three additional greetings were recorded for Jastira, but will never be heard in-game:

  • "1, 2, 3. Hi, I'm Jastira Nanus... 4, 5, 6... As you can see, 7, 8, 9, 10... I'm a little busy counting at the moment... 11, 12, 13. Um. Oh, no. I lost count. Crap. Okay. Well, what do you want?" (listen)
  • "1, 2, 3... is this important? 4, 5, 6... I'm counting... 8, 9. Oh, no. I missed 7. Speak up before I get mad!" (listen)
  • "1, 3, 5, 7... my Lord! I... I don't know what to say. 8, 16, 4..." (listen)