Shivering:The Paranoid Roof Watcher

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Find the hidden stash of an unknown drunk.
Quest Giver: None
Location(s): Crucible
Reward: Various and sizable amount of loot
The roofs of Crucible

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal

  1. Get on the roofs of Crucible.
  2. Find a roof with a key and note.
  3. Find your treasure per note instructions.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


First, you need to get on the roofs of Crucible. The easiest way is to jump from the second flat portion of the long steps leading up to New Sheoth Palace. The section is closest to the tops of an upper-middle set of roofs and even has a small lip on the corner for taking one step closer before jumping. If you cannot make the jump to the roofs, unequip anything heavy such as your greaves and cuirass. If not even that works, try using a fortify acrobatics spell or potion.

Leaving Crucible[edit]

Jump from roof to roof, near the middle-eastern section of town until you reach the roof of Cutter's Weapons and The Museum of Oddities where you will find a stool with a bottle of Bernice's Roofwater Wine beside it. On the stool there will be a key and a note. More evidence of the watcher's rooftop life can be found in piles of discarded items on various roofs, including an enchanted ring.

Find Your Treasure[edit]

Head to Sickly Bernice's Taphouse, go around back to the sewage pool that is on the upper section, not the pool with the pipe opening in the wall beside it. Near the edge of the small drop will be a busted crate with the Urn sitting inside it. The treasure consists of a sizable leveled amount of gold and many other various random treasure, ingredients and potions.


  • Pick up the note and key if you want to sit on the stool or they will fly into the air, making it difficult to find them again.
  • The sunken urn does not respawn, making it safe to store items inside of it.
  • You can hop from rooftop to rooftop and collect different things including: scruffy shoes, two bones, a Ring of Light (south of the note and key), 23 quills, two potatoes and an orange, and a bone (south of the shoes and the ring), and assorted bones (the roof near the dueling area).