Shivering:J'zidzo (Dementia)

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(RefID: 0001783E)
Home Town Split
House J'zidzo's House
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level PC+5 Class Thief
RefID 0001783E BaseID 0001783D
Other Information
Health 58 Magicka 107
Respons. 0 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Dementia; Split Citizen; Split Dementia; SESplitDementiaJzidzosHouse; Wilderness
J'zidzo (Dementia)

J'zidzo (Dementia) is a split personality of the original J'zidzo who lives in the settlement of Split. His Mania counterpart also lives in Split. Unlike his counterpart, he is always rude and doesn't like talking to you.

He follows a slightly different routine than his counterpart, waking up at 8am to wander around his house and occasionally chat with his partner, the compulsive liar Atrabhi. After two hours of strolling around he will head outside, where he will continue roaming around the Mania side of the town for the rest of the day. He will only take a break at 12pm and 6pm, when he will head back to his house to eat his breakfast and dinner alone for two hours. After his dinner he will stroll around the house until he goes to bed at 12am.

J'zidzo's only piece of clothing is a pair of patchwork pants. Like his double, he also carries eight bottles of Skooma, his pewter mug and a leveled amount of gold. Although he dislikes the other inhabitants of Split he is a rather pacific character, relying on his bare fists during combat.

His hateful nature is evident upon arriving in Split for the first time. The demented Khajiit will walk around saying: "Go away!" to both you and all other citizens. When you talk with him, he will state: "I don't like you. I don't like my double even more." If you have yet to initiate the quest, he will point you towards Horkvir Bear-Arm when asked about doubles: "I don't like you, but I hate that other J'zidzo more. Those Manics are crazy. Crazy! Make yourself useful. Talk with Horkvir. The proper Horkvir. He runs this place." If asked again he will repeat: "You're still annoying me, but not as much as the other J'zidzo." He will bid you farewell with a rude: "Good riddance!"

Should you choose to work for the Manic side of Split, he will not even talk with you: "You're working for the Manics. Now, I really don't like you." Also, if you manage to fail the quest, he will hatefully remark: "I didn't like you before. Now I really don't like you. What a mess." If you work for the Demented and manage to slay his double, he will greet you with: "I'm sure there is somebody who is really interested in what you have to say. Too bad for you that somebody ain't me. Buzz off." On the subject of Doubles, he will attempt to congratulate you: "Killed the other one, huh? You're annoying, but you do good work." If you complete the quest successfully for the Demented, he will greet you with: "I still don't like you, but you do good work." After the Main Quest, J'zidzo will change his greetings, but not his attitude: "Oh, great... now I have to entertain a god." He will bid his god farewell with a hateful: "Buh-bye! Nice talking with you, Lord. No need to come back any time soon."

His happy Manic counterpart shares the same hatred towards his double and will tell you a few jokes about him: "Know what's funny about having a double? Nothing!", "How many J'zidzos does it take to light a torch? One, dammit! And I'm tired of the other one. Terrible straight man." concluding his dialogue with yet another joke expressing his hatred:"Why did I cross the road? To avoid the other J'zidzo. That's no joke."

Stage-Dependent Dialogue[edit]

At different stages in the Main Quest, J'zidzo will share different hateful rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • What do you want? You a big mouthed gossip? Fine. I hear there's a new arrival. You happy now? Why don't you bother someone else?
  • Some idiot killed the Gatekeeper. Now we'll be swamped with morons coming and bothering us. Present company not excluded.
  • I hate gossips. If I tell you something, will you go away? Fine. The Resonator of Judgment is on again. Blah.
  • Thadon's got his cup. The world's back in order. I get it. So then why the hell are you still here bothering me? Get lost!
  • Look. I don't like you. Why are you bothering me? Maybe I'll ask Syl to round you up for questioning. Would you like that? Go away.
  • The Great Torch, the Great Torch! Why's everyone bothering me about that? I've got a Great Torch for you, right here.
  • There's a new Duke in the city? Who cares? Go kiss his ass, for all I care. Go on! Go!
  • Thadon's dead? So what? He annoyed me as much as you do.
  • I wish those Knights of Order would come here and wipe everyone out. I'd finally get some piece and quiet!
  • When you're done boring me, why don't you go have a chat with the new Gatekeeper? Run along now!
  • I hear the army is restored. You should go see if they need a target dummy to practice on.
  • Maybe you're the reason Sheogorath left. Probably are. You make me want to leave whenever I see you.
  • I suppose you think we should celebrate Jyggalag's defeat? The enemy of my enemy and all that? You're wrong.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Five additional hateful greetings were recorded for J'zidzo but can never be heard in-game:
"Look. I don't know you. I don't really want to know you. If you insist on talking to me, go right ahead. But I won't promise to be nice." (listen)
"I thought I made it perfectly clear. I'm not interested in whatever you are selling, so if you don't mind..." (listen)
"Don't you have something better to do than bother perfectly innocent people with your idiotic rambling? But if you insist, go right on ahead." (listen)
"I don't know where you got the impression that I want to talk with you. You must be kinda slow, huh?" (listen)
"Lord Sheogorath, up off his throne and slumming it with us little folk, eh? Well, it's good to see you. What can I possibly do for you, My Lord?" (listen)