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Dyus of Mytheria
Dyus of Mytheria in Knifepoint Hollow at the end of the Third Era
Race Imperial Gender Male
Resided in Shivering Isles
Appears in The Shivering Isles, Legends

Dyus of Mytheria was the chamberlain of Jyggalag and the keeper of his Great Library.[1] He was originally simply the Prince's librarian, but soon took on many of the tasks Jyggalag found distasteful. His mortality was stripped away when Jyggalag grew tired of him dying.[1] Using the formulae once contained in the Great Library, Dyus can predict all events before they happen, save the Prophecies of the Elder Scrolls.

When Jyggalag was cursed to take on the form of Sheogorath, he had the Great Library burned. The Madgod could not bring himself to destroy the knowledge which Dyus possessed, so instead he imprisoned him in the ruins of the Great Library, forbidding him to die.[1] These ruins were slowly encroached upon by the Root, and became known as Knifepoint Hollow. At the end of each Greymarch, Sheogorath would cast out every element of Order in the Isles except for Dyus.

In 3E 433, after a failed effort by Sheogorath to halt the Greymarch, Haskill sent the Champion of Cyrodiil to speak to Dyus, in the hope that he would know how the Champion could wear the mantle of Madness. Dyus aided the Champion in creating the shell of a new Staff of Sheogorath, although all of his logical calculations predicted that the attempt would fail. The Champion later freed Jyggalag of his curse, taking on the title of Madgod and defying Dyus' predictions.[2]

Sometime in the Fourth Era, Dyus was visited by the Dunmer Talym Rend, who sought to inquire on how to obtain leverage to force Sheogorath to have an audience with him.[3] He revealed that Sheogorath had suppressed his memories of once being Jyggalag, and destroyed almost all trace of him, except for Dyus and the Sword of Jyggalag.[4] He directed Talym to the last Obelisk of Order in the realm, where he would find the Sword of Jyggalag.[5]

Dyus' origins are unknown, as even he does not know of his former life, and he is uncertain if Mytheria was ever even a real place.[1] His name was chosen by his master Jyggalag for reasons unbeknownst to him. Dyus claimed to have never visited Mundus, although he studied it extensively. The Champion didn't deem to release Dyus from his immortality, and he continued to await his return to his master's service. He is known to have a particular rivalry with Haskill, who views him with contempt.[UOL 1]



  • Dyus's dialogue in Oblivion's expansion, Shivering Isles, states that the Champion of Cyrodiil is the first person he has seen since he was first confined in Knifepoint Hollow, suggesting that Talym's journey took place after the events of Shivering Isles.

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