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(RefID: 00018DC1)
Location Cylarne
Race Golden Saint Gender Female
Level PC+0 Class Golden Saint
RefID 00018DC1 BaseID 00018DBE
Other Information
Health 55 + (6+1.8)x(PC-1), PC=5-21
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC-1) (max=250)
Respons. 100 Aggress. 10
Faction(s) Aureal; Aureal
Chuna guarding the way at Cylarne

Chuna is a Golden Saint Aurig and the warden of the Altar of Rapture at Cylarne.

Until you make your appearance, she will be found standing guard in front of the gate all day long, not even eating or sleeping. Once you approach her, she will immediately stop you: "Halt. Mortals are not permitted within the walls of holy Cylarne." Trying to bully her into letting you enter won't do any good and, depending on your gender, you will receive the following three or four replies:

"So like a male. Too stupid to know when to cease his yapping."
"Would that I could exact satisfaction upon you for that insult. But I am honor-bound to guard the doors of Cylarne, and so I will stay my hand. For now."
"You are fortunate that my duty forbids me from satisfying my honor."
"You have great faith in my powers of forebearance. Do not test me further, mortal."

If you persist, she will finally shout: "You will answer for that with your blood, mortal!" and proceed to attack you.

If, however, you inform her that you are an emissary of Sheogorath, she will hand you Cylarne's key and say: "My pardon, lord. Receive this key, and with it free passage throughout the Shrine of the Flame of Agnon." She will also add in a sad voice: "Alas, we cannot light the Flame until we take control of the Altar of Despair from the infernal Mazken. The Aurmazl Kaneh would wish to speak to you at once. Proceed through this door to our main encampment at the Altar of Rapture." She then proceeds to unlock the gate before returning to her post. As soon as you instruct the Golden Saints in their attack, she will run alongside her fellow Aureals in whatever direction you recommended. If the Saints succeed in taking the Altar of Despair, she will help form a defensive perimeter around it. Once the battle is won, she will kneel down in front of it until Kaneh sacrifices herself. After this, she will be found wandering around the newly-conquered altar. If you decided to aid the Mazken, she will be slain by her foes in the depths of Cylarne.

She wears a full suit of Golden Saint armor, a Golden Saint helmet and wields a Golden Saint weapon. All of these items are of the best possible quality for your level. In addition, she will also be able to cast a set of standard Golden Saint spells.

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