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Hello, my name is Ray, and I am a Huge fan of TES. I live in the United States of America (Ohio). As you can see, I have all of the plug-ins and wish that you could use some of those wonderful PC mods for X-box 360, particularly the ones that let you be Emperor, a golden saint/dark seducer, a werewolf, and arrive by boat because it's kinda hard to roleplay that you are a famous king or a powerful Deadra/Immortal, if you start in a prison cell.


This user performed with distinction in the Oblivion NPC Redesign Project

What I have Completed (large to medium projects)[edit]

  • Wrote Champion of Cyrodiil Roleplay
  • Wrote Orchish Warlord Roleplay
  • Wrote Blacksmith Roleplay
  • Created Prototype Template for all roleplaying page.
  • Created and then wrote most of the Arden-Sul page.
  • Still in Progress


Q. What is your favorite class specialization

A. Magic. Every one I know says Combat/Stealth but why? How will a blade desroy an arch mage who can summon wait-less armor, shield himself from attack, and have a Golden Saint chop off your head. My friends bother with blocking and weapons when I can kill an enemy with one blast of my weakest spell and summon weapons if I need them. Armor won't stop a Weakness to magic 100% Weakness to shock 100% and a shock damage 100 pts spell. If I want to disarm you I don't power attack! There's a spell for that too. Trapped under water, try a water breathing spell or make a potion. Bit off more than you could chew, summon a lich, then cast invisibility and 100% cam. You don't even need to be a mercantile expert to invest in shops, fortify mercantile. Wounded, need to run fast, fortify any other skill, there's a spell for everything. My 50+ Level Altmer Elross, is a master of all magic forms AND is an master of blade. So magic nuff said. ( I do still play as warriors though just noting how much easier magic is) Q. What is your favorite warrior race?

A. Orcs and Nords. They look cool and no Redguard, or Imperial can tear a man apart limb from limb like a loaf of bread.

Q What is your favorite magic race.

A High Elf.

Q. Hammer, Ax, blade, Fists, or bow

A. Blade. Lets think logically. A blade can be large like a claymore, or my favorite, a longsword so it's good for big fights, but smaller versions can be concealed. Hammer, to big, and come mon' how are you going to kill a target SILENTLY with a hammer? It's blunt meaning you need to use force. Ax same deal. Fists, a good second choice. Everyone has them so they aren't always perceived as a priority threat but in the end it's not worth getting them chopped off. Bow well you can't kill with it you kill with arrows. Arrows = money so you have to pay to use it. Blade is best. You can kill with a poke and defeat evil with a swing!

Q. Heavy or light armor

A. Heavy. No matter how fast you are the thicker the better. (for my role plays that is.)

Q. To be a vampire or not

A. Yes, a vampire indeed. All pros the only con is the sun damage but if you roleplay you should feed every night, so no problem, right? Wrong as much as the pros out way the cons I don't want to be a bloodsucker

My Links[edit]

User:Emperor Ray IV/Roleplaying Ideas‎




User:Rigas Papadopoulos/UESPholic Test

NCP's/places That I Like[edit]

OB-npc-Vicente Valtieri.jpg
OB-npc-Lord Rugdumph gro-Shurgak.jpg
Cloud Ruler Temple as seen in TES IV:Oblivion

I'm Proud to say that...[edit]

  • I have all the plug-ins
  • Jauffre and Baurus survived most if not all my save-games.
  • I have a character (Elross) who is level 50≤
  • All my Knights of Nine (original) survived
  • Elross has 100% completion
  • With the Grey Cowl I have a bounty over 15,000
  • I have played as every race and class spech. (Stealth, Combat, Magic, est.)
  • I have all purchasable homes in the cites
  • Combining all my characters I have all the quests and achieved every faction rank possible
  • Most of all that God has blessed me with finding my latest addiction :D

Note: Still in Progress

Emperor Ray IV 15:28, 11 November 2011 (UTC)