Shivering:Atrabhi (Mania)

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(RefID: 0001781F)
Home Town Split
House J'zidzo's House
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level PC+1 Class Mage
RefID 0001781F BaseID 0001207C
Other Information
Health 21 Magicka 120
Respons. 100 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Mania; Split Citizen; Split Mania; SESplitManiaJzidzosHouse; Wilderness
Atrabhi (Mania)

Atrabhi (Mania) is a split personality of the original Atrabhi who lives in the village of Split. Her Dementia counterpart also lives in town. She is a real bookworm but has a hard time concentrating because of her counterpart's constant strolling about.

Her incredible passion for reading is easily witnessed in her daily life. After a good eight hours of sleep in J'zidzo's house, at 6am she will immediately start off reading The Madness of Pelagius, which appears to be her favorite book, and will continue for four hours. As the morning progresses she moves outside where she continues to read for the rest of the day, taking two breaks at 11am and 5pm for a two-hour lunch and dinner. If she can't find any food, she will just keep on reading. After some more reading, and when the light starts to fade at 8pm, she retires indoors where she keeps on reading until her bedtime at 10pm.

She wears common, lower-class Mania attire: a brown tunic and brown trousers and a pair of orange loafers. In addition to her book, she also carries the key to J'zidzo's house, even though the door is always unlocked, and a leveled amount of gold. She is rather peaceful and doesn't wield any weapons or cast any spells, relying solely on her fists to defend herself.

With her nose buried in a book for the majority of the day, Atrabhi seems quite antisocial, although she will occasionally look up at you and comment: "You remind me of a character from a book I'm reading." When you talk to her, she will immediately complain about the Doubles: "Someone should write a book about the problems we're having with our doubles here in Split." She will then elaborate, and, if you have yet to initiate the quest, point you towards the Manic version of Horkvir Bear-Arm: "I can't concentrate on my reading with that other version of me walking around. It's terrible. A curse! Talk to Horkvir. Our Horkvir. He's in charge. He'll know what to do." She will also complain even further of her compulsive liar Double: "Sure would be nice to read something about the other Atrabhi. Like an epitaph." Before returning to her book, she will bid you farewell with: "May your story end happily!"

If you decide to help the Dementia side of Split, Atrabhi will avoid you with the words: "This won't be the end of my story! Stay away!" Additionally, should you fail the quest, she will be quite sad: "You've written a tragedy in our small town." If you work for the Mania side and manage to slay her lying twin, she will change her greeting to "Got any stories? I love stories." and commend you for your deed: "You've gotten rid of the other one? Fantastic. I can finally get back to my book." Upon successfully completing the quest for Mania, she will greet you with: "I love happy endings!" After completing the Main Quest a visit to Split and Atrabhi will make her look up from the book and utter: "Lord!" After the conversation she will add: "Sheogorath is even more handsome in real life!"

Across the street, her compulsive lying counterpart won't miss the chance to slander about HER double: "I've never seen my own double. And I certainly don't want to talk about it." On the subject of doubles, she will come up with even more lies: "I love the other Atrabhi! And I certainly wouldn't be happy if you killed her. Really. I wouldn't be happy at all. If she were dead. I swear." and she will conclude: "I sure am glad that other Atrabhi is around! I sure don't want her dead!"

Stage-Dependent Dialogue[edit]

At different stages in the Main Quest, Athrabi will share different rumors with other NPCs:

  • Some dashing new hero has stolen into the Realm!
  • The Gatekeeper's dead. Must have had some curse or weakness. There always is. Heroes kill monsters by exploiting a weakness.
  • The Resonator of Judgment is back on. I read about that somewhere. It helps keep the Realm clean of vagrants and ne'er-do-wells.
  • Thadon has his Chalice back. In the stories, men are always off in search of some sword or a cup of some kind..
  • There's another mystery in House Dementia. Someone needs to write a book about that place. It'd be a best seller. Lots of intrigue!
  • The Great Torch is lit in the Sacellum Arden-Sul. Have you read the book about Arden-Sul? It's fascinating!
  • A new ruler for Dementia! This is the stuff epic novels are made of..
  • Thadon is dead. Quite a tragedy. Perhaps someone will write about it.
  • Knights of Order? These aren't the valiant knights from the epic tales!
  • The Gatekeeper will keep out those adventurers again. Too bad. Some of them had exciting stories to tell.
  • Read your histories: a strong army guarantees a strong Realm. Good thing Sheogorath's armies are back to full strength.
  • Sheogorath has left. Where did he go? It's a mystery! I love mystery stories. I wonder how this one will end.
  • We're all still here. It's a miracle! Someone really needs to write a book about this. Perhaps I should....

Related Quests[edit]


  • Atrabhi possesses a series of unused greetings, all to do with books and reading:
"Hello. I'm Atrabhi! People think I'm not friendly because I'm always reading. I enjoy a good conversation, though." (listen)
"Oh, hello. The real world just isn't as colorful as the ones in the story books, is it? Nor as truthful as the essays and histories. Alas." (listen)
"Hi there. You remind me of one of the characters from a story I've been reading. What can I do for you?" (listen)
"Hi there. Not to be rude or anything, but I'm anxious to get back to my book." (listen)
"My Lord, there aren't enough pages in all the books in the world to hold your glory!" (listen)