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Yngvar Doom-Sayer
(RefID: 00041D91)
Location Dementia Mania
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC+10 Class Warrior
RefID 00041D91 BaseID 00041D90
Other Information
Health 55 + (6+3)x(PC+9), PC=1-5
Magicka 75 + 1.5x(PC+9) (max=250)
Respons. 80 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Bliss Citizen; Crucible Citizen; Dementia; Mania; Faction for SEYngvar
Yngvar Doom-Sayer

Yngvar Doom-Sayer is a Nord warrior who wanders the Shivering Isles. His route takes him from Bliss to Highcross, then on to Split, Hale, the Gates of Madness, Pinnacle Rock, Deepwallow, Crucible and back to Bliss again.

Yngvar is convinced that the world is about to end, but has a fairly relaxed attitude to it. When meeting him for the first time, he will announce "I'm Yngvar the Wanderer. Although most people now call me Yngvar Doom-Sayer. It's true, the world is about to be destroyed. Some people are frightened by this, or they despair, or even try to deny the truth of what I say. But my message is actually one of comfort. The world is ending, and we can't do anything about it. Once you accept that, you'll be at peace, like me." and on subsequent meetings, "Spread the word. The world is coming to an end. But it's nothing to worry about." He will end the conversation with "Find comfort in your powerlessness." Additionally, when you get near him he will state: "I find it comforting to know when the end will come, and that there's nothing I can do about it."

In the past, Yngvar spent much of his time studying the various ruins around the Isles. He noticed that they all fell into ruin at intervals of 1,000 years and that the most recent was almost precisely 1,000 years old. Because of this and his knowledge of the legend of Greymarch, he has come to believe that this era of the Isles is almost over. He documented his findings and theory in the book The Predecessors causing people to stop calling him "the Wanderer" and use the epithet "Doom-Sayer" instead. He now believes informing the residents of the Isles is all he can do in order to prepare them for the end, hence his unending trip around the Isles. His light-hearted outlook on the situation comes from his acceptance of the end, as era after era has ended before this one and all evidence indicates that nothing can be done to stop it this time either. In fact he is the only inhabitant to be disappointed should the Greymarch be averted, saying "I don't understand... the world was supposed to end.... Order was supposed to destroy everything. It has always happened that way."

Yngvar isn't best prepared for his trip around the Shivering Isles: he wears only leather boots and greaves and wields a silver warhammer.


  • As a result of being listed as a citizen of both Mania and Dementia, his dialogue can sometimes get somewhat confused with regard to which faction to support.