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Grakedrig Ulfri
(RefID: 000131AF)
Location Cylarne
Race Dark Seducer Gender Female
Level PC+5 Class Dark Seducer
RefID 000131AF BaseID 00012092
Other Information
Health 40 + (3+1.4)x(PC+4), PC=1-38
Magicka 113 + 1.5x(PC+4) (max=250)
Respons. 100 Aggress. 10
Essential Until the player allies with the Golden Saints during The Cold Flame of Agnon
Faction(s) Mazken; Mazken
Grakedrig Ulfri

Grakedrig Ulfri is the leader of the Dark Seducers in Cylarne. During the related quest, it is up to the player whether to help her retake the Altar of Rapture from the Aureals or betray her to the attacking Saints.

Asking any Seducer in Cylarne about her will provide you with some background information: "She is the Grakedrig -- commander -- of the Mazken here at Cylarne. She has never yet been defeated by the Aureals, despite their strength."

Until you arrive at her command post escorted by Stela, she will always be found wandering around the chamber, never straying too far from her loyal bodyguards. Once you arrive, she will immediately warn you of Cylarne's dangers: "Begone, mortal, or you will soon find yourself between the Mazken and their prey. A most dangerous place to be." She will then elaborate: "We are preparing to wipe out the arrogant Aureals once and for all. Once they break themselves on our defenses, Cylarne will be ours, a gift for our Lord Sheogorath."

When you ask her about the Flame she will tell you: "Then you have arrived just in time to help us defend the Altar of Despair. Once the strength of the Aureals is shattered, I will be honored to light the Flame as my Lord Sheogorath commands." and "The two Altars, blessed Despair and holy Rapture, feed the great Flame of Agnon above us. Only Sheogorath's immortal servants can kindle the Altars, and I am at my Lord's command. But I only hold Despair... for the moment. The Aureals hold Rapture, and are massing to attack us. But never fear, they are no match for us. Once their main force is destroyed, with your help, we can easily take Rapture from the few survivors. Then, I will gladly kindle the Flame for you."

Inquiring about the battle will net you: "We are expecting the Aureals to attack any moment. They'll come down the main passage from the Altar of Rapture. They always do. They are overconfident, as usual. We have prepared many traps and ambushes. It will be a glorious slaughter. Once the Aureals are destroyed, I will light the Flame of Agnon for you. Will you help us defend the Altar of Despair?" Depending on whether you agree to help her, inform her of the Saints' plan to attack through the Underdeep or state your disinterest, you will receive one of the following replies:

"This will be a glorious day! Cylarne will finally be free of the Aureals. Follow me. We're expecting the attack at any moment."
"I never suspected that Kaneh had the audacity to try such a risky assault. But we'll teach her to try to take the Mazken by surprise! We'll cut them to pieces in those corridors! I'll redeploy my forces at once. You return to Kaneh and lead her into the trap. Once they are destroyed, I will kindle the Altars. Good hunting, friend."
"As you wish. But I advise you to join the winning side if you really want the Flame relit. The Aureals will never drive us from Cylarne."

Once you have decided which course of action the Seducers should follow, she will carry out your orders to the letter, deploying her troops in whichever section of Cylarne you recommended while shouting: "The Aureals are beginning their attack! Show them no mercy! Today, Cylarne shall finally belong to us!" If you have deceived her, she will realize only when it is too late and will fall to the blows of the attacking Golden Saints. If, on the other hand, you decide to help her, after all of the Saints are dead she will proceed to the altar and then thank you one last time: "Victory is ours! I have already instructed my subordinates to kindle the Altar of Rapture. It is my honor to sacrifice myself on the Altar of Despair at Lord Sheogorath's command." Depending on your answer you will receive one of three replies:

"The Altars which feed the Flame of Agnon can be kindled only by the willing death of an immortal. I have hoped for this moment since I took command of the Mazken at Cylarne. I return my soul to the embrace of Oblivion's dark waters. Farewell."
"What do you mean? Every Mazken under my command would gladly accept this honor, if it was not my own to claim. You fought well. I would almost grant you the honor of kindling the Altar, if you were an immortal. Farewell. The waters of Oblivion await me."
"The Flame will be lit, by my Lord's command, not yours. You understand nothing, mortal. I go now to claim the highest honor attainable to my people. Stand aside."

She then strides into the center of the altar, draws a sword and stabs herself, in the process kindling the flame.

She wears a full suit of Dark Seducer armor and wields a Dark Seducer weapon. Both of these items are of the best possible quality for your level. She also has a small chance (10% each) of carrying a random gem, a random potion and a random scroll. In addition, she will be able to cast a set of standard Dark Seducer mage spells. Once the battle commences, she will equip a Dark Seducer helmet of the best possible quality for your level.

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  • Although she is nominally a Grakedrig, she is only really a lowly Kiskengo.