Shivering:Things Found

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Things Found
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Proprietor Ahjazda
Console Location Code(s)
SENSThingsFound, SENSThingsFoundUpstairs
New Sheoth, Crucible
Things Found, Crucible

Things Found is a general store in Crucible, the demented half of New Sheoth. It is found next to Ma'zaddha's house and across the street from Muurine's house in the center of Crucible. The store is open every day between 8am and 6pm.

The proprietor, Ahjazda, has 1000 gold and a Mercantile skill of 6. She will buy books, alchemy apparatus, potions, magic supplies and miscellaneous items while selling only apparatuses, ingredients and books. She is one of the few merchants who will sell you Shivering Isles Ingredients.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of a counter and a few of Ahjazda's wares on display, most notably three petty soul gems, one of which is inside a glass display and is charged. There is also an upstairs area, which showcases four more soul gems and, carefully placed behind glass displays, a roll of yarn and a head of lettuce. Ahjazda's private quarters are on the 3rd floor and contain a double bed and several bottles of cheap wine.

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  • An insult can be heard about the store: "Things Found? More like Things Found in the Trash."