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Type Ruin
Realm Oblivion
Plane Shivering Isles
Region Mania
Appears in Shivering Isles
Milchar at the end of the Third Era

Milchar is an overgrown ruin in the uplands of Mania in the Shivering Isles. It is located on the banks of a lake along the Overlook Road, southeast of the settlement of Hale.[1]

Like all ancient ruins found in the Isles, it is a relic of the "Predecessors", the mortal inhabitants of the realm whose civilization was wiped out in a previous Greymarch.[2] By the Third Era, Milchar had become a place of "ruin, root, and mania";[3] root tunnels broke through into its ancient subterranean halls, and the ruins became home to the dangerous, monstrous wildlife of the Isles.[4]

The ruin is divided into four main zones, each with a surface access point. Sufflex, Tieras, and Xetrem form part of the ancient ruined complex, while the central Nexus is a large chamber within the root tunnel, connected underground to the three other areas. A ritual hall known as the Chatterhall could be found in Tieras. The Grove of Reflection is also located deep beneath Milchar.[1]

At some point, a Redguard resident of Hale named Limark came to the ruins and jumped from a height in Xetrem, resulting in his death. For this crime, his soul was cursed by Sheogorath to spend all eternity trapped on the Hill of Suicides, waiting to be reunited with his remains.[5] In 3E 433, Sheogorath's Champion recovered Limark's skull and brought it to his spirit, freeing him from the Hill.[6] Ahjazda, a paranoid Khajiit merchant in Crucible, also sent the Champion to Milchar to recover the Amulet of Disintegration so that she could use it to destroy her possessions in case the world began to end. The Amulet had been placed within the "Diligence Crux" in the Chatterhall, a magical urn which could only be unsealed by performing a torch-lighting ritual.[7]

The Grove of Reflection[edit]

Grove of Reflection
The geyser pool in Eastmarch

A secret root chamber known as the Grove of Reflection is located deep beneath the Nexus of Milchar, but can only be accessed by those the grove deems worthy.[8] It is home to the Tree of Shades, one of the oldest trees in the realm. A shadowy Mushroom Tree with screaming branches, it feeds from the manic waters of the Grove and its roots run into the heart of the Shivering Isles. Its branches are particularly receptive to powerful enchantments. The grove can show men who they truly are; an ancient runestone in the center of the grove has the power to summon a shadowy doppelganger of anyone who approaches.[9][4]

In 3E 433, Sheogorath's Champion was sent to the Grove of Reflection by Dyus of Mytheria in order to mantle Sheogorath and stop the Greymarch. Dyus required a screaming branch from the Tree of Shades in order to craft the physical shell of the Staff of Sheogorath, the symbol of Sheogorath's power.[9] However, the Tree did not give up its branch willingly, summoning a shadowy doppelganger to attack the Champion. The Champion defeated the shadow and claimed Shadowrend, a powerful shadowy weapon, as well as a branch from the Tree of Shades. The Champion would later go on to successfully mantle Sheogorath.[10]

In 4E 201, Sheogorath disassembled his staff into its original components and sent them to Tamriel in order to challenge a mortal to a combat trial. He gave the branch of the Tree of Shades to a bull netch on the island of Solstheim. The Last Dragonborn chose to participate in this trial and was tasked with slaying the netch and recovering the branch armed only with the Fork of Horripilation. The Dragonborn was successful in completing the trial and crafting the Staff of Sheogorath anew.[11] That same year, a shadowy anomaly appeared in a geyser pool in Eastmarch, surrounding some skeletal remains. The Last Dragonborn was drawn to the pool by an inner voice, and approaching the anomaly caused Shadowrend to be summoned. The weapon pulled a dark shadow from within the Dragonborn, creating a hostile doppelganger. With the shadow defeated, the Dragonborn was able to claim Shadowrend, although the anomaly remained.[12]

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