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I loved the old roleplaying page's so I'm keeping them[edit]

Here they are.



Use your skills to serve and protect - or harass and oppress - the citizens of Cyrodiil.

City Watch[edit]

This is your chance to join the guards serving in one of Cyrodiil's cities. Every city has at least one independent quest where you end up in some sort of law-enforcement capacity for a county.

Once such a quest is chosen and started, considered yourself recruited into the City Watch of that particular town.

Guild-oriented quests will simply sweeten the variety of missions you can undertake for your patron city.

Patrol the streets in uniform. Report to the Guard Captain, and the Count or Countess from time to time. It is not illegal to loiter within Bravil's barracks, but it is locked. If you can unlock that door unseen by other guards or use an unlocking spell, you can enter and leave the barracks without incurring a fine. Being seen in Leyawiin's barracks, unfortunately, will count as trespassing. Anvil has two barracks. Entering the one within the city (near the Dockside gate) is trespassing, but the barracks inside the castle is open to the public.

Review (and taunt) any prisoners languishing in the dungeon. Conduct sweeps of the surrounding county by eliminating any bandits or animals that threaten the roads to the city, or clean out the nearest holes that might threaten the citizens.

  • Anvil: Fort Strand is a particularly prominent threat within sight of the city.
  • Bravil: Daenlin and Jean-Pierre Lemonds are known for taking strolls outside the city, and they may need protection from powerful creatures that tend to spawn on the Green Road just north of the gate.
  • Cheydinhal: Fort Farragut is just east of Cheydinhal on the road, and is a threat to the population of the town.
  • Chorrol: Crumbling Mine, a Bandit-populated hideout, is literally sitting just outside the city walls, and it appears the bandits have been busy trying to undermine the wall! Looks like a job for the Chorrol City Watch...
  • Skingrad: A relatively large part of the population leaves the safety of the city's walls to go about their daily business, and several bandits lie in ambush just out of sight. Or you hear a rumor of moaning and rattling chains from Nerastarel's House Time to investigate.
  • Leyawiin: Protect the Countess when she goes on her monthly pilgrimage.

Raise the Disposition of your fellow guards as high as they can go. Bribes aren't actually bribes: consider yourself the new barracks paymaster. Any small-scale offenses you commit in town will likely be overlooked.

If you come across a quest that requires you to leave your designated town, wear your uniform during your travels. This makes you look more cosmopolitan. Travel to other cities under the pretense of pursuing a criminal who fled from your town, and treat any new quests in that manner. For example, a Skingrad player can have some lingering suspicions about Raynil Dralas' "vampire" story about Gelebourne, and decide to follow up the case by pursuing Raynil Drelas to Bruma. Just... dress warmly. Your pursuit of a Bosmer thief may lead you to the city of Cheydinhal, then the trail suddenly goes cold. Wondering just where the crafty criminal disappeared to, you hear rumors that a famous painter here has gone missing...

If you are able to, use a frenzy spell on a beggar or commoner and act as if the frenzied target is part of a riot or an uprising.

Help your fellow guards out if they are attacked or in combat. Honour your fallen comrades by placing their weapon across their corpse in a certain fashion in a sign of respect. Do not loot a guards corpse, but leave them so they look in death as they may have done in life.

Your duty is to defend the residents of your town, but also you should defend your count or countess. Patrol the castle or guard your leader, possibly use the frenzy spell on a certain guard so that it looks as if he is an assassin, secretly trying to assassinate your leader.

Help the citizens of your town out with their problems. Perhaps the Orum gang has gone too far and has raided a citizens house, or they have murdered the citizen. It is your duty to maintain law and order, you must put the clues together in order to solve the murder case. Place certain clues down that might indicate that the Orum gang or whichever person you want as the wrong-do-er. Solve the case by either killing the culprit or by fining them (take money from them with the console).

Captain of the Watch

Replace your silver longsword with a two-handed silver claymore, hammer or axe. Replace your Guard Helmet with a hood or something more distinctive to set you apart or simply like other Captains of the Watch, don't wear anything (on your head). For looks, use the cuirass of your city, with Steel (you could even use the Crusader's) Gauntlets, Greaves and Boots. If you're a guard of the Imperial City and are on the console use the Imperial Legion armor with no helm; If you're on the PC, get the Imperial Watch armor, only used by Captains of the Watch (Palace Guards also use it), with no helm.

You have to live in a house in the city you guard. Better if a manor, like Rosethorn Hall or Arborwatch, since a Captain always earns more than a regular guard. If you live in the IC, the Waterfront Shack isn't that great for you, so you should probably live in the "Guard House", a house in the Elven Gardens District, you can live there (has 4 or 5 beds in the Quarters), you can train there, since the basement is equipped for that. Put trophies up on display: Rosethorn Hall is good for this.

If you're the only Captain in the city, patrol the whole city; if not, only patrol one part of the city. For example in Skingrad there's the Captain of the City Guard and the Captain of Castle Guard. In the IC you could only patrol a couple of Districts per day. "Check-up" on certain vendors. Investigate the 'Copious Coinpurse' in the Imperial City. Guard a target. Escort the Bruma countess around Cyrodiil, guard the door to an armory. Take days off to maybe go to a local inn , go hunting or just relax with some of your other buddies.

Volunteer Militia

Volunteer in cities; Put on that city's chainmail cuirass. Change accordingly. Read the papers; find out where trouble is brewing. Go to that city. Check up on Inns and other settlements outside of cities.


Guards walk around occasionally straightening out drug dealers and terrorists. Being a detective means preventing those kinds of things from happening. Imperial works best.

Your job as a detective is to investigate crime scenes and evidence, using the information to lead you to a suspect or group of suspects. Hopefully, with enough investigation and deductive powers, you prevent anything bad from happening. Decide what kind of detective you want to be. Maybe a homicide detective, crime scene investigator, or even one who deals with drugs rings. Make something up, this is where you get to be really creative.

Detectives aren't usually seen walking around in a full suit of armor. Get some regular clothes, maybe a ratty shirt to show you've been doing this for a while, adding a sense of professionalism and poor hygiene. Again, you won't see an investigator running around with a giant battle axe. You will need defense, however. You never know when a suspect might crack and try to kill you. Keep a dagger hidden, or if you're feeling brave, a shortsword. Unfortunately, there are no fedoras in Oblivion. The closest thing you will come to that is a Leather Helm, so if you really want, sport it with pride. Otherwise, you'll probably have to go around helmless.

  • Crime Scene Investigator - If someone in a town gets killed, investigate! Look around the body any clues, such as footprints and objects left behind. Maybe you find a 4-toed footprint in the ground and you know of only 2 4-toed citizens in town. Get a warrant from the count or countess, and barge right in! Pick up anything that looks suspicious (If you are a PC user use the console command "player.setcrimegold 0" to keep the guards from chasing you). If you think you've got enough evidence, try to get a witness testimony. Did anyone see the crime take place? Has anyone noticed the suspect acting weird all of a sudden? Take all that you have and confront the Captain of the Guard with it. His men will arrest the suspect. A Brotherhood Betrayed quest can be a CSI job. Maybe have your detective murder someone, then "solve" the murder himself/herself.
  • Druggie Buster - Drugs are illegal in Cyrodiil. Yet, people are still stupid enough to use them. Get all the information you can about any possible Skooma dealers. Once you feel you have enough information for now, start some investigation of your own. Walk around, especially in dark alleys and sewers where dealers make a lot of their exchanges. Maybe you noticed the same people taking things out of a crate. Look inside, and if there's Skooma or payment, you've got a hot one! Stake out the container, making sure not to be seen. When you see the person responsible, run up and confront them. Maybe they run away, maybe the fight back, or maybe they even surrender. Whatever way, get as much information as you can. You could even be the guard known for his constant drug busts, kind of like Lex from the Imperial City. Only, you caught someone real.
  • Stolen Item Finder - do the Canvas The Castle quest as an inspiration and continue to search out Cyrodiil to find someone who has had an item stolen, do the heirloom quests such as When The Vow Breaks, Sins Of The Father or the Fighters Guild Quests Which need you to bust a thief Such as Den of Thieves. Then go on to find other stolen items. if you see someone sneaking, watch them for some time, and if you find something incriminating confront them about it. Cast a frenzy spell on them and have them attack you. Return the item to the owner. Perhaps you find out that they stole the item and decided that they needed to be given over to the city watch.

Freelance Bodyguard[edit]

Go to different towns and follow and protect important subjects, i.e. the Countess, Count, store owners, Town Guards that are off duty, etc. Appoint yourself as the Countess'/Count's personal bodyguard, even when they're just sitting their in their fluffy royal chairs, drinking up their fancy Shadowbanish.

Always have your weapon equipped and ready to go, in case of ambushes.

If you're feeling insecure about whether or not you're good enough, go ahead and bring some friends along to help. Set up shifts with the people you can command. You could guard from, say, 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., and then bring someone else (Knight of the Nine/Battlehorn-At-Arms) in to guard for the rest of the night.

Secretly assassinate the Count's or Countess' current guards (the ones that stand by their chairs) and take their place near their throne as the new Guard of the Count and/or Countess.

Inspect, talk to, and if your Blade or Blunt skill is high enough, disarm every citizen who walks in the store. To disarm them safely, just use the disarm move and then quickly yield.

When doing this, you can guard the store itself, as well as the Store Owner; make sure that no one rough houses, make sure no one breaks anything or knocks anything over, watch for criminals trying to steal and/or pickpocket others, and confront anyone who goes near the Store Owner's bedroom

Imperial Legionnaire[edit]

To get Imperial Legion armor, you can use the console or CS on the PC. On any console, use the Imperial Dragon Armor if you've finished the main quest. If you haven't you can cap off some poor, unsuspecting legionnaire. If this isn't your type, one of the three legionaries is likely to die the in the recapture of Kvatch quest, also there's two Foresters between Bruma and Capstone Cave (west). Alternatively, the iron and steel armors are probably the closest match. Maybe you're a mercenary! There is also a complete set of legion armor on the third floor in a chest of Summitmist Manor in Skingrad.

A good and easy way to get full Legion armor without any penalty, is to go to Fort Sutch which is located far north-northeast of Anvil. After the random Oblivion gates open there will be about 5-10 Legion soldiers holding position at a wall watching a gate. After you arrive they start to engage the daedra that start coming out. Once the battle is over there is for sure to be at least one causality of the Legion, which allows you to loot all of his Legion armor.

Be a forester, dress in standard Legion armor, excluding the greaves and gauntlets and replace them with Fur or Leather. Carry a Bow and plenty of arrows, and a dagger, axe or shortsword for close combat. A good way to get "basic" Forester gear is to head west of Bruma. Very, very often you'll find two Imperial Foresters shooting at each other, due to their weird AI bug. Just watch the battle and loot the loser. Now that you're kitted up, find a nice forest to settle down for hunting with, if possible, close to a camp or bandit cave for you to take up residence, hunt the local beast surrounding the area and keep some of the meat for yourself, and sell the rest to the nearest town or inn. A really good roleplay would be to head to capstone cave near Bruma, there should be two fellow foresters hanging around, the first time you see them they are fighting the bandits so help them out and try to keep them alive. Clear out the cave and use that as your new home, again hunting the deer and selling some meat to the Bruma general item shop. There is also a forester living at the Inn of the Ill Omen, do the same! Rent a room, go out in the morning and kill the wildlife, selling the meat and pelts to the inn keeper (but pretend you're using the pelts and meat as your tab). Also you could wander around every forest until you find your perfect place!

Be an Imperial Legion horseman on patrol around the city. Wear the standard Legion armor but with the horseman helmet (Unfortunately you will have to take the life of an Imperial Watch to get a hold of this awesome helmet) and every night go round the city clearing out all the trouble, then in the morning tell of what you found to you fellow legionnaires and to the watch captain. Also, try being a 'kind policeman', use police brutality on lawbreakers using the truncheon of submission on them. then they get taken to 'jail' a.k.a the other guards kill them.

Be an Imperial Battlemage (for this you will have to have access of the arcane university) Wear the legion armor but no shield and no helmet which is replaced by a hood of any kind you want (try to make up soldier rank colors e.g. Blue : Imperial Mage, Green : Imperial Battlemage, Red : Imperial Conjurer, etc) and patrol the university, making sure all the novices are in bed, and nothing is out of place.

Be an Imperial knight. Wear legion armor with the horseman helmet and carry a magical weapon, go out and adventure the world, going into caves and ruins, slaying the evil. Do quests in towns as great deeds and return to the Imperial City and protect your domain whilst on border patrol. Use Roland Jenseric's Cabin on the road to Cheydinhal as your patrolling home!

Be a roadside legionnaire! Buy a horse and then set off to patrol the roads. Stay in taverns and camps when night falls, and make sure to have a little food. Get some for your horse! Don't run on patrol! Walk all the way, horseback or not. Make friends with your colleagues on the road. Kill highwaymen and bandits you encounter, and if a dungeon of some kind is particularly close to the road, make sure to clear it out. Get your pay in from the console or by stealing. Are you paid per deed or do you have tenure? You don't have to brave the world alone; accompany one of the other legionnaires. The horse armor plugin gives a great effect to this!

Be a standard legionnaire. Go around the city on patrol, check out the Waterfront for Gray Fox, then return to the tavern for a late night drink.

Be a palace watch captain, (for this you need to have the imperial armor you get for completing the main quest), patrol inside and out of the palace, making sure your palace guard are in order, and that there are no thieves sneaking around.

Be a member of the Imperial Watch. Use the construction set to import some wear-able Imperial watch armor. Remember that there are actually two types of cuirass, one for the City Watch and a slightly more extravagant one for the Palace Watch. You could even take over from Adamus Phillida! After all, he is retiring!

Be an undercover guard, and hide in the sewers. Learn all the fastest pathways in and out of the sewers and through houses, and find all the shortcuts through gardens above ground. Dress like a person somewhat poor, but not wretchedly so, so that you don't draw attention from anyone while aboveground. Make sure you are very strong, so that you can take out any other residents of the sewers. Share some money and food with beggars, to show you're friendly and to learn information. Sneak into suspected criminals houses through the sewers and either find incriminating evidence or kill them in their sleep. You can also use your knowledge of the city by using the shortcuts to catch a criminal running from the other guards. One way you can set this up is by having a follower, and having them wait somewhere just out of sight of the other guards. A good follower to do this with it a Dark Brotherhood member, or maybe the Adoring Fan. You can make your character look like a weirdo, like how undercover cops look in real life.

You could also be an Imperial Soldier stationed in Cyrodiil to help with the Oblivion crisis and perhaps other conflicts in Cyrodiil can be resolved along the way, Perhaps Followers could be Members of your group that you might command? When your done with an assignment think of another "mission" for the imperial army and head to the imperial prison and get a mission there! (Perhaps you can enter the offices without being arrested?)Some ideas are to perhaps take your "squad" and attack a fort in which the undead are planning an army to raid a city or settlement nearby and lower their forces, maybe this could become the main task of the imperial army after the Oblivion War is over. On Your Travels you might encounter a hint towards your next adventure? perhaps a letter to the drothmeri army or a Artifact of the ayleids with an odd riddle in ayleidic tongue which you must take to a researcher to discover the meaning. The Adventures of a Imperial Soldier is as great as any other role in the Imperial Legion. Heck, you might start as a rookie and rise up the ranks until you are a Knight of the Imperial Dragon of the Imperial Legion in Cyrodiil!

Confiscate any Skooma you come across, and store it in your house in a locked chest so no one gets the illegal substance.


The jobs available in Cyrodiil are widely varied. This page offers some suggestions for roleplaying in one of these occupations.

Possible Activities[edit]

  • Provide food for a tavern. Become a hunter, using a bow and arrow to kill animals outside that town, hit the corpse with a dagger to "clean" it and take the ingredients, and then sell them to the local tavern.
  • Be a slop boy. Pick a castle dungeon to be a slop boy for and buy a poor quality house. Every day, buy bread and get a dirty plate for every prisoner that needs food. Ask the jailer to "Visit a prisoner" and put the food in front of the bars. The Thieves Guild quest Lost Histories is perfect for this. If you are on PC add your pay by console weekly ( 2 gold and a loaf of bread)
  • If you aren't interested in a full-time job and are quite wealthy then you may want to 'buy' out a business or work towards your own corporate empire, e.g. the 'Blacksmith' empire, that is, go to each town and 'buy' each store (give money through persuasion).
  • If you don't want to 'make up' a job, you can follow the Fighters Guild quests. If you wish, buy a house, but whenever in a town doing the quests in question, stay in the inn. Seeing as you occasionally have to go on longer periods of time in the wilderness on quests, try sleeping when needed or you normally would and eating: this means before you leave on a longer quest you'll need to buy some food. Realism enthusiasts who can make their own spells can further simulate realism by crafting drain attribute spells on self to cast when entering combat. If you haven't slept, use a drain endurance spell. If you haven't eaten, use a drain strength spell. That works with The Dark Brotherhood too.

Specific Variations[edit]


Find someone who is skilled at something that you wish to learn more about and become their apprentice. The Fighters and Mages Guild both have apprentice ranks which may appeal to you. Perform daily chores for them, for example: delivering five healing potions to the refugee camp in Kvatch, or: get an item from the local store.

Have an occasional problem, for example, you were ambushed by bandits on your way to Kvatch and now you have to get more potions. Take tests to become a full worker, for example making 6 potions of healing or slaying a bear. This type of roleplay can be taken as far as you want, any task can be undertaken and any failure made up for. Buying food from farmers for inns, delivering supplies to outposts (e.g.: Pell’s gate), get rid of a pest from an area, clear a section of the Imperial sewers of goblins, rats, crabs and even people or take on the Bruma cavern for the more jittery residents who are afraid of cave dwellers entering their city via the basement.


  • Race: Nord, Imperial, Redguard or Orc are best but any race will do.
  • Appearance: You should look of low birth and shouldn't look highly attractive.
  • Attributes: Personality, and another of your choice. Speed, Agility, Strength or Endurance is recommended but depends on if you want to be stealthy or not.
  • Skills: Make a Combat stealth class with Mercantile, Blade/Blunt, Heavy Armor/Light Armor, Hand to Hand, Speechcraft, Alchemy, and maybe Restoration.

To be a bartender, you must choose an inn to work in. The Feed bag is a good choice. Get a poor to medium looking house. Now, switch the cups, pitchers, and wine into your own, so that if you take them, they won't count as stolen property, and you won't get fined for taking them. The whole idea of being a bartender is to serve people drinks. Pretend that three wine bottles fill up a pitcher. Also pretend that you get 15 servings per 1 pitcher full of the drink you're selling. When people enter the inn, and are sitting down, hold the pitcher and serve them the drink with one of your cups. You will have to make up your salary, and how much each serving costs depends on the type of wine. You should not use nice gear as you aren't rich. Iron is best with a mix of Leather/Iron armor and civilian clothing. A good mix would be leather boots, with the common shirt and suspenders, and your choice of greaves or sack cloth pants. You should have a mace or short sword, just in case a customer has a little too much fun! Do you own an honest establishment, or a rundown illicit hovel in Bravil?

Black Horse Courier[edit]

Be a courier for the Black Horse Courier! Gather the newspapers at the headquarters in the Market District and deliver the news to the people, or leave them at settlements in piles for the people to pick up (after all, it's free!). You are fast! Travel to all the towns without fast traveling on a black horse, protect the newspapers from bandits and the creatures of the wild. Try to set a deadline of one week or else the news won't be new. Remember: the more deeds you do in Tamriel, the more newspapers the Black Horse Courier releases. Or perhaps due to the Oblivion Crisis your current duties are suspended and you are ordered by the Imperial Legion to scout around the land in search of Oblivion Gates so the Legion knows where to strike.


  • Race: Orcs, Nords, Redguards, or Imperials are best
  • Class: Make a blacksmith class with combat specialization. Your attributes should be Endurance and Personality/Strength. Your skills are Armorer, Blade, Blunt, Marksmen, Mercantile, Heavy Armor, and Light Armor. The heavy and light is purely for roleplaying that you "know" what you're making, but it is unnecessary and can be switched with a more practical skill.
  • Inventory: A blacksmiths apron, repair hammers, Your favored type of armor, and if you "design" your own armor then maybe a quill, inkwell, and parchment for when you get "Inspired".
  • Note this article, from this point on, is split up between two sub-classes, so you must make a choice.
Famous Master Smith

You are the most famous smith in the Empire. Your armor and weapon designs are the talk of Cyrodiil. You should live in Battlehorn Castle because you can buy the dwemer forge. If you don't have the official plug-in, any upper class home will do. Not only are you a master repairmen, but you design too. You're sort of like the "Divine Elegance" clothing store, but for smiths. To roleplay designing, you can just pretend that the standard weapons and armor (Elven, Fine Steel, Steel, Ebony or Iron) If you have access to the Arcane University, maybe Traven asked you to do a guest appearance and talk about magical weapons and armor repair. Maybe a mage apprentice is your son/daughter, and wants you to show his/her friends how cool your new magic elven design is. Try not to do too many "Slash-N'-Smash-like" quests. Remember your role, you are a good fighter, but you still can't close thirty oblivion gates. Remember to go Dungeon Diving on occasion to get more weapons and armor to sell/keep. If you have Shivering Isles, you can pretend that you're that "master" smith that those smiths in Bliss and Crucible speak of. Maybe the armor in the display cases are your first make of their kind. You could have an apprentice. The Adoring Fan seems to "worship the ground you walk on". He could be the "Hopeful Novice".

Blacksmith Apprentice

You have a simple story. Your mom was a baker and your dad was the volunteer smith. Your job is simple. Watch your hero/master smith work. Pick any smith and help them out. You should use cheap weapons like Iron or, at higher levels, Steel. Maybe your master is the "Famous Master Smith" above.


Combine different food ingredients to make new, exciting dishes (a liquid diet, perhaps). Be charitable and deliver meals to the beggars. Either deliver "pre-made meals" (potions from food), or be nice and set a plate with food on it for them, maybe with a beer. Place some food in their food bags, next to their bedrolls.

Make your dishes appropriate. Such as if it is boiling outside make a cold dish like a Cheese wheel or if it’s cold make a hot dish such as Venison and beef.

Deliver your famous food to the local inns and pubs, or hotels. Sell it to the proprietors. Dress in lower-middle-income clothes, like most food providers do in Cyrodiil or use the Apron Of Adroitness. Cook for the counts and countesses. Use the castle kitchen and prepare your meals all day in the fireplace, and chop veggies on the tables. When it’s close to dinner time bring the food to the dining hall and place it on the plates, then grab a few bottles of wine from the wine cellar and place them on the table. You can use the castle chef as your assistant. If it is lunch time bring up a plate to their throne and place it next to them or on a nearby table. You have been bribed by the count's enemies to poison him: make sure the pre-made meals kill him or give him a poisoned apple.

Do you use store bought ingredients, or do you buy it directly from the farmers? Do you hunt your own free-range meat? Decide this by where you are operating: for example, if you are at a roadside inn, you can pick food from local farms. If you are running a bar in the Imperial City, it's better just to buy from local food providers.

Set up your own pub or bar! You could even have the Adoring Fan as the bartender, and the guild members that you can control could be the patrons and customers. Make a meal instead of potions. If your new inn/pub has a fireplace, drop meat along with some vegetables in a bowl, then place it in the fireplace for a few hours to create a pot roast. If you are using a bonfire, put food items in the bucket. After everything is set, wait for the right number of hours, and then remove the "cooked" items. Remember, different types of foods cook for different lengths of time. If you make gourmet dishes, try to garnish them with something luxurious like dragon's tongue, ginkgo leaf, or primrose leaves.

Inn Helper[edit]

Out in the Nibenay Basin, lies an Inn named the Imperial Bridge Inn. This Inn is fairly secluded, and is surrounded by many caves, ruins, etc. You can be hired help, or a relative of the Inn-keeper (A Dunmer). Live at the Inn. Talk to the people there. Befriend them. After all, you're working there.

Keep a broom handy, and schedule a day to sweep. On your sweeping days, sweep through the entire Inn by moving the broom with the drag key in a motion that simulates sweeping. Remember to wash the dishes either in the morning or the evening, by taking them outside and using the drag key to move them through the water to simulate washing. Once done, leave them to dry for a few seconds (minutes in Tamriel time). Note: When no one is watching, you may want to switch out the plates and forks, knives, cups and such, with your own. If you don't do this, you may be caught stealing. Remember to go out on the harbor each morning, dump your clothes on it, and jump in the water for a quick bath. You have to be clean for the job! Try to cover the breaks in between boards on the top floor with paintbrushes. That way, no one will fall through!

The Inn-keeper could be whining about how the Ayleid Ruins are scaring off customers, or the necromancers are killing them. Go to the Ruins and wipe them out. Remember, the nearby Cadlew Chapel has some necromancers as well! Take a trip to town every once in a while. Maybe the Innkeeper needs some fine wines or more beer. When in towns, maybe steal some pay. Even go on short mundane quests when in town. But not too long! The Innkeeper just might suspend your pay! Set a day every month to be a 'shopping day', when you go into either Bravil or Leyawiin to go shopping for items for the inn.

Decorate the interior of the Inn. The Inn has clay plates and cups. Is that going to appeal to fancy customers? No! Go out and get new silverware, maybe put collectibles where you deem fit. Maybe place bouquets and books near beds, store some beer or fancy wine across that thing on the stairwell wall. You could have Daedric artifacts lining the walls and shields shining from the glare of the fireplace. The possibilities are endless when decorating. Make a small library. Have books that will entertain all guests, not just the naughty ones who appreciate a good read of the Lusty Argonian Maid. Try to have an extensive collection. Go to cities to get the newest edition of the Black Horse Courier, and put them on beds, on desks, tables, and the bar.

Go out and hunt for some meat! Deer and rats run rampant in these parts, so stock up on your arrows. Once you've brought the meat to the Inn, remember to cook it. There is a grate above the fireplace, just up the stairs. Wait for at least an hour before setting it out.

Help out the researcher at the Inn. Befriend him, if you're a mage, or an Ayleid Enthusiast. Maybe bring him books on the Ayleids, or some Welkynd stones for research.

Consider the desk on the second floor yours. If you're an alchemist, decorate your desk with alchemical tools. If you're a bookworm, you can place books on your desk. For added realism, place a quill and something with a lot of writing on it.

Conjure a creature to fight off before it kills customers. Get followers from quests to come and be visitors to the Inn. Try and bring as many killable NPC's to the inn to add realism. The Dark Brotherhood assassin is good and so is the mage apprentice. They respawn. Bring any horses that you own, and place them right outside of the Inn.

Do the Mazoga the Orc quest, and use this as your vacation house. Stay here for your vacation months. If you want, just use these months to do what you want. Chat it up with Mazoga, mess with the boat, swim, and even bring your little helper.


Even though a miner should be strong, hardy, agile and fast, the miner doesn't need to have a lot of knowledge, doesn't need to be smart or rich; They know the basic uses of weapons, one or two spells, etc... So your class should be based on Acrobatics, Athletics, Alchemy, Blade, Marksman, Light Armor, Mercantile and Sneak.

You should live at a camp, a house in the woods, or a house in a city. Your house has to be near to the Mine. When you buy your house, find the nearest cave with Gold or Silver in it.

Wear dirty clothes all the time. You're a dirty miner, and proud of it! Always have your "tools" (pickaxe, shovel) with you; don't leave them in the "mine" or at home. You don't want someone to steal them from the mine, and you don't want to get fired for coming to work unprepared.

Every now and then, if you're lucky, you'll strike the mother lode (duplicate some nuggets)! Sell what you've found and get yourself something nice, like a brand new axe or sword to fight off the things living in the mine; your boss is too cheap to hire some guards (Has the idiot never heard of the Fighters Guild or Mages Guild?!). Or, you could use all your profits to get roaring drunk and wake up the next morning in prison, with a really bad hangover and no memory of starting fights, breaking tables with little Bosmer men that looked at you funny, or that cute girl (or guy) from the bar (and maybe a room at the local inn...) that turned out to be the bartender's kid. It's your call...

  • Pc22.pngDownload a Beards mod. Use long hair ( "Loose" hairstyle recommended ) and long beards, with low-class clothes at work, medium-class outside work.
  • Pc22.pngDownload the Deadly Clutter mod and arm yourself with the pickaxe, hitting rocks with it to simulate mining.


Become a steward to a chosen count/countess. Spend your day going around the castle, tidying up, preparing meals, making sure everything is in order, and keep an eye out for thieves. To get paid, you could use the console to hand you some cash, pickpocket your master, or dupe some objects that you can sell for 10-100 septims, depending on your salary. Sometimes (whenever the castle is out of something), go down to a store in the town, buy what you need and then return and place the needed around the castle. Be careful not to get caught around the house while tidying up, 100% chameleon will work for this. If you do not mind working in Chorrol, you can start the quest Canvas the Castle witch gives you full access to the entire castle.

Perhaps the noble will give you a few hundred septims if you go and check on his horse in the stables? Maybe he has a garden out the back that needs watering? You could get a raise by doing a rather difficult task for your master, such as delivering something from across Cyrodiil, or clearing out a dungeon that is too close for comfort. (Dupe some scrolls and pretend he gave them to you.)

You can create crises for you masters! Perhaps they are running late and you have to find their shoes before 10 a.m. or you get cut from the payroll.

You could choose to have an off day every weekend, and visit relatives or friends in a close by town.


Slaves are people who work for their boss. The boss buys a slave from a slave trader. Argonians & Khajiits work best for this roleplay, since they are often used as slaves in Morrowind.

Wear old pants (like sack cloth) but not a shirt or shoes. Seek a boss, this can be a Count or just a wealthy person. You could be Lord Drad's Servant. Prepare his meals, guard the Ogre pens, and hit an ogre with your fists to make it work harder are a few examples. Maybe when hunting for some meat near the estate, you come across a troll and kill it, gaining troll fat to cook or sell for yourself, but during further wandering, you arrive at Malacath's shrine, and upon offering the hard-earned troll fat, you learn that Drad is an evil man. You can then do the quest, or infiltrate him and assassinate him. make sure to free the ogres!

Work in the garden for your boss, harvesting fruits and vegetables. Maybe your boss owns a mine, go collecting gems and nuggets, maybe you can keep a gem and sell it for some quality food. When your boss gets in a fight, protect him.

Sometimes your boss gets angry with you, prepare for punishments like getting whipped. Maybe you don't like being a slave. Plan your escape. If your boss orders you outside, making you do something that should take a long time, sneak away, and find a weapon. Once you do, hurry back, or the guards your master has hired will be searching to kill you. You probably won't finish the task given. Stash the weapon in a barrel or something and go inside. Take your punishment with a smile, knowing that a small scale revolution will go down tonight, when all the guards are at home, save for one, dozing off when he is supposed to be on night watch. If you escape, you should get as far away from the town as possible. Get decent clothes etc. (You might even want to escape into the Shivering Isles...) Always wear Wrist Irons; after escaping perhaps you search out a blacksmith to remove them.

Vineyard Worker[edit]

First of all, set up a job interview with the Surilie Brothers or Tamika to work at their vineyards. You should sleep at The West Weald Inn and wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning to go to church and pray every morning then go get your breakfast (something simple not fancy; you're poor remember) then at 8 you should head out to the vineyards to start your work. You could use tools such as the shovel and Scythe to roleplay that you are picking the grapes etc.

You should take food with you for your lunch e.g. Bread Loaf and some apple maybe even a wine. Carry lots of baskets, while you collect grapes - put them into the baskets.

Once every week take the grapes and sell them to the local food taverns for a bit of extra income, or if you're dirt poor, your only income. Also with the spare grapes make some wine and name it after yourself.


Unlike it's worker counterpart, the idea of this role is to make a new brand of wines on the market! Claim Tamika's Vineyard as your own. Maybe you buy it off her. The workers there are yours. Collect some grapes and other items to "flavor" your wine and collect the alchemy items (to enhance your wine). Brew grapes and other items together to make the wine have the following effects:

  1. Restore Fatigue
  2. Damage Intelligence
  3. Any other drain (Third is optional; you must be an advanced "Vintner", meaning high alchemy, to brew it with this effect.)
  4. (For Vintners with 100+ Alchemy) make your wine with Restore Fatigue, Drain Intelligence, Drain Agility, and Fortify Personality for the most expensive wine on the market!

Name your wine "[Your character's name here]'s Wine", "Cheap [Your character's name here]'s Wine", etc. For those who don't have the PC version use the Battlehorn castle's vintner to make the rare wines and pass them off as your own. Or use the potion making ability and name then things like "[Your character's name here]" wine, juice, punch, coffee, or brew. Remember, it doesn't always have to be wine. Get a watermelon, strawberry, orange, and grape to make a fruit punch.

With Shivering Isles you could use the new wines (Fellmoor Red Wine and Bernice's Summer Wine).

To make it look like a vineyard make piles of grapes to look like bushes, or on the PC version use the construction set. If your grapes grow of the floor you don't need bushes. You can end up with loads of vineyards, each with a worker (stablehand). I recommend the Imperial City stable because it has no horses for sale and two stablehands. Also you can make cheap wine from Bravil and Leyawiin because they are not very good areas for grape farming; Bruma and Cheydinhal could make Bernice's Summer Wine, and Chorrol and Anvil could make the Fellmoor wines but could get swamp ingredients for the spore and swamp wine. Finally, you could buy (take over) the Skingrad stable or maybe buy out Tamika or Surilie brothers vineyards.

Jobs by Town[edit]

In a roleplaying aspect, nearly all the towns in Cyrodiil have jobs available. Here are just a few.

  • Anvil - Be the lighthouse keeper, turning the lighthouse-lamp on and off every morning/night.
  • Kvatch - Be a support-worker and hand out food to all the refugees, placing food in their tents etc. Supply them with defensive weapons in case some wayward traveler drags a mountain lion into the refugee camp. You can also be a defender of Kvatch, standing outside the gate holding the enemy back.
  • Skingrad - Work at either Tamika or Surilie vineyards. Your duties could include picking grapes and delivering your wine across Cyrodiil. For realism, try to fill every bucket in the vineyards with grapes. You can also pretend to stomp the grapes in the massive barrels into wine. If you want to brew the wine after stomping, make a potion named the name of your wine "Tamika Wine" or what name you might pick. Make sure it has grape ingredient, and maybe something else too to add flavor or make it become wine faster. You could also be a Goblin Hunter in the Fighters Guild
  • Chorrol - Work at the farm just outside of Chorrol, harvesting the vegetables. Or you could work at Weynon Priory. Dress in the monk's robe, and take orders from Jauffre.
  • Bruma - Try your luck with hunting and selling the skins/meat. Or find a mine to work in. Or be a mountaineer.
  • Cheydinhal - Work as a slightly corrupt guard, fining everyone or taking possession of their items as tax (stealth obviously would be a major part of this). Also, investigate any crimes, such as the corrupt guard or the Skooma ring. Bring justice to this town!
  • Imperial City - Live in the waterfront as a poorly-paid peasant and search all the ships' storage areas for smuggled items. Work at the arena. You could also be an alcohol smuggler. Put some beer, rum or any other alcohol that you find illegal. Make sure no guards are watching! Then come back later to collect your pay at the drop-off point. You could also work for the Black Horse Courier and deliver the latest news to stores in all of the towns in Cyrodiil, but for this, you need to make sure you have a horse, otherwise, the news you deliver won't necessarily be the latest by the time you reach your destination. You could even set up time limits, such as one day or so for each delivery to each town, so you deliver on time.
  • Bravil - Join in the Skooma trade to buy/sell and deliver it. If you're law abiding, try taking all the Skooma and handing it into the guards. Or, if you are a guard yourself, investigate the Skooma Den, report to your commander for orders, then act on them-Killing all the addicts or sneaking in, steal the Skooma and throw it all in a lake.
  • Leyawiin - Assist with the Countess' monthly travels to Chorrol as her bodyguard. Or rob/kill her if you are more inclined towards evil. Work as an Imperial activist for Leyawiin expansion, or as a representative from Black Marsh or Elsweyr on the land grab.


Merchants make a living by selling goods and are generally friendly to anybody to encourage a purchase.

Store Owner

Store Owners are much like merchants but are less likely to travel.

  • If you own a clothing shop, collect a few baskets, yarn and other crafting items, place them in your house and put some garments in your house. Use it as your store and go around selling clothing to local merchants. Enchant these items if you have the ability.
  • Use the Adoring Fan as a 'customer' in your store.
  • Come up with a catchy name for your store like 'Liquids of Life' or 'Garments of Grace'.
  • To make this seem like a part of the game, buy any house and buy the furnishings that would make it look like a store. After this you can decorate it and use a mage apprentice or an Adoring Fan to guard it while you're out collecting more goods. Whenever you actually want to sell your loot, sell it in to nearby shop. For example, if your shop is on the Imperial City Waterfront, take it to the Three Brothers Trade Goods or sell it to Waterfront fences and customers.
  • For magic stores: use one of the mage apprentices as your 'apprentice' and teach him or her how to run a store.

Enchanters enchant weapons, clothing or armor and sell them across Cyrodiil, or just sell plain, filled, soul gems.

  • Gain access to the Arcane University.
  • Kill Umbra and take her Sword. It is perfect for soul-harvesting to enchant your items.
  • Buy weapons and enchant them with either Sigil Stones or filled Soul Gems. Then sell the enchanted weapon back for higher amount of gold.
  • Are you good or evil? If good, go out on daring expeditions and harvest the souls of the most feared enemies in Cyrodiil-- and advertise it as such, to improve the value of your soul gems or enchanted items. Or if you are evil, reap the souls of guards and citizens of the towns, selling them, never telling anyone your secrets.
  • Pretend that the Fighters Guild hired you to enchant weapons and give them to their members.


Collectors are characters whose primary motivation is to collect as many items as possible. In general, this concept applies to any race or gender.

Ayleid Collector

Be a collector of Ayleid artifacts.

  • Visit all of the Ayleid Ruins.
  • Collect all of the items related to the Ayleids.
  • Gather all books that make reference to the Ayleids.
  • Collect all books!
  • Collect newspapers.
  • Store rare books in a protected area to ensure they are not damaged or lost.
Wine Collector
  • Collect all the rare varieties of wine.
  • Store wine in your house's wine cellar:
  • Complete the quest A Venerable Vintage.
  • Make your own wines: combine Grapes with other alchemy ingredients and give your potion an appropriate name.
  • Befriend Tamika and the other winemakers in Skingrad.
    • Harvest the grapes from the vineyards as if you had a contract with the vineyard owners.
  • Get the Battlehorn castle Vintner to make his special wines and add them to your collection.
  • Activate the hidden gravestones in the Frostcrag spire Vault to obtain the Daedra Whiskey.


Family Member[edit]

Live life as it should be. Get a job, have a son, be successful.

Create a quick character and find out the surname of someone you want to be your relative, then create a new character with their name. For example, to be the brother of Reynald and Gulbert Jemane, make your name Jacobyth Jemane. If you plan on starting a new character try the commoner on NPC Classes. If you marry, use the console to equip the wedding ring on your partner's hand.

Start in the Imperial City Waterfront, alone and unwanted. Get a job. For example, join the Thieves Guild and sell stolen goods to Ongar, your fence in Bruma, but do not advance in this rank. It is not your career, just a way to make money. Eventually, you will have earned enough money to move to Bravil. Take about 5000 gold, therefore you have enough to get by, and buy the house. Proceed like this in every town in this order; Imperial City, Bravil, Leyawiin, Anvil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, and finally Skingrad- your ultimate goal in life. Maybe you don't like the Anvil house because it's haunted. Don't complete the quest and leave it like that, you're not a fighter. Only move town when you have enough money to move and have fully upgraded your current house. For real authenticity only move house every couple of months or even years!

Have a schedule, work on Morndas, Turdas and Fredas, go shopping on Loredas- be creative. On weekends you could perhaps go on a small vacation. If you have done the Leyawiin quest 'Mazoga the Orc', you could use the White Stallion lodge as a holiday cabin. (Mazoga will be there though)

Visit your relatives in the Imperial City Waterfront. Tell them how your job is going, how your neighbors are annoying you. The choice is yours.

Make sure every time you move up in life so does your career. You don't want to own Rosethorn Hall and be a grape picker, do you? No, instead own a vineyard and make wine through alchemy (Works best if you're a master as no other ingredient is needed).

Supposing you’re not a city person, there are plenty of farms and settlements scattered around Cyrodiil. You could live in Border Watch, a ways north of Leyawiin and work as a farmer or shepherd.

Bosmer Wife/Mother

A good and easy family: a female Bosmer (your character), Erthor (Or Maglir) as a husband and The Adoring Fan as your son.

Make sure there is enough food on the table for you, husband and son. Pretend that Erthor and the Adoring fan don't like to set the table. So it's your job to make sure meals are there each day.

Orc Husband

Create a male Orc, and finish the quests 'Mazoga the Orc' and 'Knights of the White Stallion'. Move in to the Stallion Lodge and take Mazoga as your wife. Killing Black Bandits is your main job, sell the bows to get money to buy food and weapons. Remember to act like an Orc, buy lots of food and beer, and save up money to buy armor and new weapons. Always have one axe or mace, one bow with arrows, some food and good armor ready. Don't sleep with full armor on, use a pair of pants without shirt and shoes when you sleep.

Sometimes do trips to Imperial City to buy fine armor, maybe Orc armor? Talk to your wife sometimes, and follow her when she goes hunting bandits. Maybe you have a fight, and you have to spend some nights at a tavern. Buy her something pretty to make it up to her. Don't be too rich, when you get too much money it's time to go to the Imperial City. Go fishing every couple of days, when you have free time. Kill the fish in the river, gut them, take their scales and sell them.

Lady Rogbut can also become your wife, but she does not have a wait option.


Live the quiet life of a farmer. Harvest your crops and tend to your cattle.

Imperials, Redguards, or Bretons are suited for this role. A farmer isn't an extremely good warrior, but he knows the basics. For a Birthsign, give your character The Steed or The Thief. It is recommended that you make a custom class with the same Specialization, Favored Attributes, and Major Skills as the Thief class. Name your custom class "Farmer", "Peasant", or something similar.

Get some farming equipment: hoes, rakes and pitchforks. Use the grab function to drag them through the field. For clothes, since you are most likely not rich, use any sort of lower-class clothing. If you are poor, do not wear any shoes.

For weapons don't use high-level equipment, like Daedric, Ebony, etc. You should only use Iron or Steel weapons. If you chose the recommended major skills (see above), then you will not be very skilled with a blade. As such, don't spend a ton of money on one. Purchase a dagger or shortsword, but nothing more expensive. You will most likely be good with bows, so purchase a good one. You don't need expensive arrows. You will only be killing animals, if anything at all.

A good location is Aleswell. Finish the Aleswell quests, live in the free Inn. Repair the fence and the homes/inn in Aleswell. Groom/shear the sheep, then let them out at noon. Duplicate/'grow' crops that are not originally on the farm (strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes etc.). Wash your clothes down in the lake.

Pretend you are the youngest Draconis child, and you still live with your mother in Applewatch. Go out to bruma on request from Perennia. One day, you move out and visit her (And your siblings) often.

Read a book after your day is done. Every Sundas, wake at four, walk to the Imperial City Market District, and sell all of your crops. Buy new ones, and make sure to buy 6 books, one to read each night at seven. Worship at the arboretum daily. Maybe on Sundas you could go and visit town. Skingrad is the closest (well, Kvatch is but they've got some trouble at the moment). Just follow the road to the east.

Shetcombe Farm is a good choice, because it has a house which nobody lives in, a large crop field, and a stable, just in case you want horses. Placing items in containers will cause them to respawn after three days. Set them on the ground if you want them to be there when you come to pick them up. The plants will regenerate their food every three days, If you have access to the CS write a book illustrating which crops should be harvested on which days and which are hunting days.

Some farms even have sheep or dogs that you can manage! Don't forget to buy new supplies (hoes, shovels, calipers, etc.) every now and again. Get hold of a weapon and defend your land from the wild creatures around it, or venture into a nearby cave and collect the loot. You can get an equippable hoe and rake from the Mehrunes' Razor expansion pack (they count as two-handed blunt weapons).

On the days when the crops are not yielding anything, go hunting. Only go for the small game; you're no fighter. Hunt deer with a bow, run from bears, think of the West Weald bear farmer.

Make sure to wake at 8, eat food, and then at 9 start working. Tend to your horse, if you have one. Keep your horse in the stable. Each day, give it some apples and hay (use the pitchfork to give it hay - piles of wheat).

Feed your animals, the sheep, horses and, of course, a dog. You can use the grab function and move normal food (i.e. grapes or ham) over their mouths. They will rear up and start eating the food. Be nice to them. Follow the seasons. For example, would corn be growing at Applewatch in the middle of winter? Try moving south during the colder months and returning north during the summer.

  • Pc22.pngSome mods apply the NPC animations such as hoeing and raking to your character. You can also use the console command: "showracemenu" to edit your character and make their skin dirty, or give them a wild beard, like all classic farmers have.
  • Pc22.pngThe Millstone Farm mod adds a farm in which you can actually work on.


As a traveler you are always moving around, always on foot. You never stay in one town too long, three days or so, and you always stay in hotels or an Inn. Explore the town, see what it has to offer, buy supplies and leave. No one really knows anything about you, and for good reason. No one knows it because you are kind, generous, and quiet, but you are actually a lethal fighter or killing machine. When someone is in trouble and they need help, you act like a vigilante, but you're quick. You get in there and help the person and get out before anyone knows what happened, a good way to do this is to get on sneak mode and shoot the attacker with a poisoned arrow or a deadly spell on Target; If you kill the attacker face-to-face, right after killing him turn invisible and disappear. Be merciful if you are playing a good traveler. Not everyone that attacks you have to die. What if they are drunk and can't control themselves?

Use dark clothing. Because wanderers don't go out of their way to talk to people, don't! You can pretend that when you go into a shop, inn, or are just walking around, other people start the conversation.


If you want to roleplay but still play a prominent role in society try this, however keep in mind it provides no real source of income and is a bit of an extravagant lifestyle. Make sure you're pretty stocked. As head of the Fighters Guild you also draw a moderate monthly salary. Or do the Goblin Trouble quest, and go to Cropsford for your weekly salary. You could pretend that Goblin Trouble never happened, and that your family of nobles helped their family out with a debt, or some other problem, and you collect from them weekly. Or maybe your the one they owe the debt to. Also, you might own the land/settlement itself, and as such, are paid rent or taxes.

  • Pc22.png Alternatively, if you put enough money into your account, the Bank of Cyrodiil mod allows you to draw a salary from the compound interest.

Buy the House in Skingrad, fully upgrade it, get the servant. Place Brandy and expensive vintages of wine (Tamika's 399 and Shadowbanish for example) on the tables of your house, and place rare artifacts in the display cases around your house. There are several mods where you get to own an estate.

Wear high end clothes, if you want to be straight nobility go unarmed except maybe an expensive dagger, and wear strictly civilian clothes. If you want to be a militant noble then wear civilian chest and legs, but wear gauntlets and boots, and maybe even a helmet (Make sure it doesn't cover your face). Also carry a rare and expensive weapon, or even a nice looking one (Elven Shortsword works well for this. Pretty but not too flashy) and carry it with you.

Make sure to take trips, perhaps a weekend at your summer abode in Chorrol or Cheydinhal (Pay a visit to their courts, you are friends with them after all), or have a several day conference with the Elder Council and stay at the Tiber Septim Hotel. When not meeting with them make sure to grab some rarities, stop by the gardens, or see a match in the Arena. Things you can't do normally as a member of the Skingrad nobility.

Make sure to take a lunch break when you're working and have dinner. When you're traveling still bring food, skip Lunch unless you run across an inn or decide it'd be worth while to sit down and have a roadside snack from your pack, and usually make it to an Inn by 7 or 8 to eat and sleep for the night. Don't sleep in when you're on the road.

Get suited up. Grab a bow from your hunting closet at your manor with some arrows. Using this hunting garb head out into the woods between Skingrad and Chorrol, or the plains to the Northwest. Hunt deer and other wild animal and collect their meats and skins. Bring them back to either sell or hang in your house as trophy skins. Of course, you don't go without unnecesarily high protection.

Take some particular political figures you need to win over out to a weekend in your Chorrol house (offer them the guest chambers) and roleplay showing them around town, dropping in on your favorite "quaint little shop". If you're more of a militant political figure, go to the court and plan excursions on local hotspots for monsters and other hostile NPCs. Then "lead a raid" on it. (Only substantial money you'll get from this lifestyle.)

Give yourself a title, and roleplay the ego that comes with it.

Have Mazoga the Orc follow you around as a personal guard, a person of your importance needs protection. Many nobles actually lived in estates and ruled over small villages. A good place to do this is Aleswell. Complete the quests and either use the construction set to give yourself a nice house or live in your room at the inn. Be creative; put fancy things around the room that make it look more like a room for nobility. Use the sheepfold as a stable for your horse. Every once in a while, go to the Imperial City to buy something! Maybe you're out of books to read, or your armor is dented and you need it repaired. Go to the nearby Ayleid ruin and kill the marauders outside. They have been killing travelers, therefore making your inn less profitable!

If you choose to live in Aleswell, roleplay jobs for the villagers. The Orc is obviously the farmer, and Sakeepa is obviously the shepherd. Maybe Ancotar is the resident mage. There is no end to the possibilities. Think up dilemmas for your village, maybe Sakeepa was injured by a wolf, and you must seek out Ancotar for a remedy. An alternate way to start your rule over Aleswell, is that you were imprisoned for killing a man in a duel. After getting out, you travel to your village only to discover everyone is invisible!

(Fighter's Stronghold official plug-in required; Wizard's Tower optional):

Perhaps you own Battlehorn Castle. With this wonderful stronghold, you could become a venerable - and very rich - vintner, viticulturist, or vineyard owner. Name yourself after your select brand of wine (if possible). Stumblefoot's Reserve and Sparkling Honeydew are the most valuable of the wines, Stumblefoot's is rather easy to make, as the ingredients are easy to find (especially the Flax, which grows in large amounts near Skingrad) as well as providing your with a good surname (albeit long, it only allows for 4 more characters in the name, 3 if you count the space), and Honeydew provides wonderful bonuses for your mingling with guests or commoners, as well as leaving you free with surnames. The Wizard's Tower can provide many of these ingredients, albeit in small amounts. You can either sell your wines locally in Chorrol, or abroad, making your way to the many high-(or low-)quality Inns in the land. Perhaps your focus can be the Skingrad areas, where your most powerful competitors - Tamika and the Surilie Brothers - are located. Making your wine takes time (a day per bottle) so feel free to spend your time either gathering ingredients, or doing other things of nobility. When traveling, take one of your Men-At-Arms with you, or even your Castellan, and perhaps take your Maid, if you are particularly hungry or thirsty. The maid is a good follower to choose, as she can provide refreshment in the field, and is essential, so she won't die in battle. The castle provides plenty of weaponry and armour if needed, as well as plenty of upper-class clothing, depending on your combat choices. A fairly steady income can be drawn from the wine selling, assuming you are patient or cheat. Be warned, your Men-At-Arms are lower level than you, so many may die in service to you. If you feel like it, take either their fairly unique shields or their helms and make a memorial to those fallen, placing their shields or helms in some location, or giving them a funeral service in the nearby lake.


First of all, you need to have the hovel in the Imperial City Waterfront to live in. You may purchase the home from the Office of Imperial Commerce located in the Market District. You may also choose to live in the Abandoned Shack located nearby if you cannot afford the hovel.

Then you need to find a job somewhere, whether it is an actual job that an NPC gives you or not. For example, you may choose to work at the Imperial City Arena. Maybe you will mop up all the blood or serve the combatants food? You may choose to work in the Waterfront Warehouse, possibly guarding all the Imperial Legion's goods from thieves. The possibilities are endless.

If you're in the Thieves Guild, it is a way to earn money, but if you are an honest peasant, this is not recommended. Every morning you have to get up and have breakfast (e.g. Rice and Bread). Head out for work at 8 A.M. and remember to take a snack for lunch (such as an Apple). Eat lunch around 1 P.M. then go home around 5 P.M. Every Sundas go to the Temple of One and worship from 9 A.M. to noon.

You can use Lake Rumare (located in the Waterfront near the purchasable home) to wash your clothes and wash the dishes.

Pay taxes by bribing an Imperial Legion soldier or a guardsman at regular times, such as once a week or once a month. Don't have too much money at once. If you find yourself getting too rich, you should buy a weapon to put on display in your home, or head over to the Bloated Float to have a couple of drinks. A recommended amount of gold to have is less than 1,000 pieces (unless, of course, you're saving up to buy a home, which costs 2,000 gold pieces.)

Retired Person[edit]

Have you spent the last two or so years fighting evil (or good) and have accumulated enough money to live by? How about go into early retirement!

Continue to do things that your character's class would do. If you are a crusader, preach to the masses! Just because you are retired does not mean you don't work. Create a small business so your money doesn't run out. Create a book store, sell your books to different stores. Try to lead another life that you wanted to lead but you couldn't because of the war. Perhaps you could be an adventurer that researches Ayleid ruins. Or create a library that rivals the Apocrypha itself!

Buy a few houses but only live in one, use the other ones as a memorial or storage. Visit places from your past travels or see old friends. Visit graves and battlefields to listen to the voices of the glorious dead.

On the other hand, if you aren't wealthy, you can spend your days in a tavern, telling passersby war stories detailing your adventures. Occasionally get into a bar fight (say a drunk man tries to attack you) and help get rid of the mess. If you spent the war believing in a faith, like the Nine, you have personally witnessed them fail time after time. Create a story why such a good person can turn to evil. Murder and thievery, how could a holy warrior of the Nine do that?

Skooma Dealer[edit]

Character Type

  • Imperial or Bosmer would do, or Khajiit
  • Sneak, Alchemy, Athletics, Mercantile, Speechcraft.


  • Not the best clothes, but not too shabby. You don't want your customers to think you're poor!
  • Alchemy tools
  • Scrolls
  • Greyland

Story You may not be the lowest of the low, but you're getting there, supplying the various addicts their Skooma. Make sure through good dealing, Cutting down rivals, and having plenty of extra skooma, that you rise to the top.


  • To be a Skooma dealer, you should first do the side quest Raid on Greyland and obtain the skooma dealer's house.
  • Make the skooma dealer and his bodyguard follow you outside the building and kill them outside so their corpses don't stink up your house.
  • Take that Skooma and sell it to the skooma buyer and seller in Bravil. He hangs out beside "The Fair Deal" almost every night. pretend he is the one who ships it.
  • You can place items in the skooma chest in the Skooma dealer's home because it is a chest that does not respawn, so it is safe.
  • Try selling to Shady Sam outside the Imperial City.
  • Start out selling Skooma to small-time dealers, then as you level up in mercantile, start selling it to dealers with more and more gold. Always remember to expand your Skooma empire!
  • Command NPCs into coming into your mansion and give them special jobs- one can be your bodyguard, another can guard the doors, and some can be your consultants. The Adoring Fan works nicely.
  • Have a bow or a dagger with you at all times in case a buyer tries to double-cross you.
  • Choose whether you want to be a self-respecting person who merely needs the money, or if you want to be a Skooma addict yourself.
  • Wear light armor only, if you wear any at all. You don't want a heavy iron cuirass over-encumbering you if you are carrying all that Skooma.
  • Make sure to level up your Mercantile skill so you can get better deals when selling Skooma.

Weynon Priory Resident[edit]

Wenyon Priory is a nice place to roleplay and is also an exceptional home. First of all, join the Blades. Live at the Weynon House with the survivor(s) of the attack. Wake up every day at 4:00 a.m. Pray at the altar then eat a breakfast (Eat food then wait for an hour [simulates the time taken to eat]) Go outside and train on the tree by the Weynon Lodge. (Best way to do this is to wear out your fatigue, then your magicka, then your arrows). Go study for an hour or two. (Essentially reading a couple of books then wait for about an hour or so). Say hello to anyone who may be present at the priory.

Go up to Chorrol and stock up on some supplies, food for the next day, books, etc. While in Chorrol visit the people, maybe stumble upon a quest or two and eat a lunch at the Oak and Crosier. Don't forget to pray at the chapel! Go back to Weynon Priory and attend to regular duties. (i.e; feed the sheep/horses, clean up around the priory, and even place a few prized items of yours to the altar [that fine bear pelt you were going to sell]).

Every in-game month you must go into a deep study, hang out in the cabinet room and wait 24 hours. Leave only to eat and pray. Do this for about a week.

Every once in a while, if you feel you've lost your touch with the Divines, bid a farewell to your friends at the priory and walk the long pilgrimage. Or if that’s too much work, you can walk a "Chapel Pilgrimage". Visit every chapel in each city and pray there.


As a vampire, your special powers are, at least partially, balanced by a number of weaknesses. Obviously, sunlight is fatal to you, and you should only be out in daylight if you fed recently (or you could pretend that you cannot be out in the sun at all). Although it is stated in the game that a vampire's weakness to garlic is a myth (save for some special cases), you can choose to have this weakness if you are aiming at being a classical vampire. You could also use an invisibility spell to pretend that you take the form of a mist! You cannot break into private property, and can only enter it with the owner's permission. After you have permission, you can come whenever you want, though. Perhaps you trick a townsperson into inviting you into their house. From then on, you can use them as a frequent feeding source. Public property is fair game, and you do not need an invitation for it. You cannot cross running water. If you come to a river, try to find a way around it. You have no reflection or shadow. Try to avoid mirrors, as someone could notice your lack of a reflection and become aware of your vampiric nature.

Have your Major Skills be; Acrobatics, Athletics, Destruction, Hand to Hand, Illusion, Mysticism, and Sneak. With the Major Attributes being two of the three; Strength, Willpower, and Speed. Normal food might not be enough to satisfy your character now. Instead of eating, drink blood. Have your character struggle with being a vampire at first. Does he/she refuse to drink blood? Do they become a monster? Be creative in how they would react to becoming a vampire!

At days, your character might act normal, but at night... He becomes hungry, and hunts for blood. Activate "Hunters Sight" at night, and pretend that your character can smell nearby humans. Noble blood tastes better than blood from a beggar. Or, get tastes for certain kinds of races. Khajiit blood too sweet from the sugar? Try out Dunmer!

Mark a person as your "blood-bag", and keep drinking blood from him/her every night.. Does he find out what you're doing?

If you live in a town with vampires nearby, destroy them! You don't want them to attract vampire hunters. Take out vampire hunters! Destroy them so they will not threaten you or your kind anymore. Or, join them to hide what you really are, like Seridur!

Use 100% chameleon and "befriend" a vampire cave. they wont attack you, and you can act like being a member. Find blood vials and store them in your basement and use them in emergencies (i.e) Some vampire hunters have come into town and have come on to your vampiric ways so you lay low for a while pretend to use the stored blood vials they may taste bad but it keeps you alive.

Religious Enthusiast[edit]

Religious Enthusiasts are people who are guided in life by their religious beliefs. Some peaceful, and some spreading their religion with a sword, they all believe they serve a purpose for a greater being. "And you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"


  • Race(s): Any.
  • Specialization(s): Any.
  • Equipment:
    • Since Religious Enthusiasts usually aren't rich, don't spoil yourself in garments. Wear simple clothing like a Monks Robe and a Mages Hood.
    • As for footwear, sandals or no shoes at all is fine.

Possible Activities[edit]

  • Place fresh flowers on an altar or shrine each day to show respect to the gods, or if you worship Daedra place Bloodgrass.
  • You may want to create a spell called 'Pray', or something similar, and cast it as you kneel (sneak) at an altar.
    • If you do eat, cast your 'Pray' spell before eating.
  • Ride upon a cheap horse or travel on foot.
  • Convert others to your religion and spread the good news. You can roleplay this by distributing literature and materials appropriate to your religion in common meeting places (inns and such) throughout Cyrodiil, or, if someone likes you enough, their home. For example, an enthusiast of the Nine Divines might distribute copies of their books, such as the Ten Commands: Nine Divines. A Mythic Dawn Cultist, conversely, might distribute The Book of Daedra and some Mythic Dawn Robes.


Daedra worshipper[edit]

Be a follower of the Daedra. Choose a Daedric deity and worship them. Bring daily offerings to an altar and convert others.

Common Daedric skills include conjuration and Destruction.

Decorate your house with Daedric books such as Book of Daedra, the 4 commentaries of Mankor Camoran, the Mysterium Xarxes and other Daedric items. You can quest for your Daedra prince and other Daedra to get Daedric artifacts to use or even decorate your house with. You could even branch out and put items outside your house to ward off the followers of the Nine.

No matter what Daedric deity you choose, there will most likely always be something you can do related to them. If you have already finished all quests related to Daedra, why not visit your deity or if not visitable, perhaps visit their statue or shrine and make up a quest related to that deity, such as maybe if you worship Mehrunes Dagon (An easy way to make this realistic is to not steal the Mysterium Xarxes and stay in the Mythic Dawn) you can say that he wants you to eliminate the blades and turn their base into a Daedric Palace.


Fanatics would gladly die for a religious cause. The tattered robes and the hood from M'aiq the Liar are good things to wear when not in combat. Worship your god, and only your god.

Choose a god to follow, for example: A Nine Divine such as Talos or Akatosh, or a Daedric Prince such as Azura or Sheogorath. To make it seem like you are truly devoted to your chosen god, enchant and name your armor/weapons after your god, like Blade of Talos or Helmet of Azura. However, don't name all your armor like that or else it would be boring. Who wants all of their armor to say of Akatosh at the end? So try to name some of your armor after something related to your god, for example a follower of Stendarr could name their gauntlets something like Hands of Mercy, so be creative.

Pray at a chapel/statue/shrine of your god at least once every day and make an offering to them. If you are the leader of any guilds(Ex. Arch-Mage of Mages Guild) try to spread books related to your chosen god around the buildings of the guild to try and convert the other members.

Read about your god and learn who their enemies are. Make a self-made questline that your god is using you as their personal Warrior and they want you to eliminate all NPCs that worship the gods who are against your god.

You could even defile chapels and turn them into a shrine of your god. Be the Most Religious Fanatic you can be and do whatever you can for your god. You could also do activities related to your god. For example, a worshiper of Hircine could hunt every now and then.

Make a spell called Summon "Your God's name here" and make it summon a spirit. Use it every summoning day of your chosen god. Act as if you are summoning your god so they can personally tell you your next mission.


Heretics are people who think certain religious beleifs are false. You can think this of any god or religion, but there is a certain group of Heretics already existing

Heretics are the opposites of Zealots, denouncing Sheogorath as a false god. They manipulate and destroy their foes.

Find Heretic camps, get the robes and hood, and kill anyone who doesn't think you're a true Heretic, including other Heretics that attack you. You can buy a home or live in a Heretic camp. You mainly stay in Mania but you might wander off to Dementia and kill off some Zealots. Place the book Heretical Thoughts in all your homes. Travel almost always in Sneak, observing the situation.

You favor blunt weapons over Blades and you usually use Daedric weapons. Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, and Restoration must flow from your hands. Learn how to summon a Hunger, and do so whenever you please. Most Hungers are your slaves; use them to kill your enemies. Some Hungers you may become attached to and you may treat them like a pet. Lure in a Dark Seducer or Golden Saint to "attack" you. A Heretic's goal is to kill all Dark Seducers, Golden Saints, Zealots, and ultimately Sheogorath.

  • Pc22.png Using the PC, use the console to add yourself to the Heretic faction and rather than attacking you, the Heretics will be allied with you.


Even the Gods, and Princes, have desires and needs sometimes. They can fall in love, like any other being. Sometimes, they fall in love with mortals, and have children. This results in a Demigod. Demigods are powerful half-mortals, half-gods. You inherit some of the power from your parent. For example, if your mother was Mara, you could have the ability to make people fall in love. If your father was Sheogorath, you could have the ability to make a person go insane, on command.

Demigods are more powerful than humans, but therefore have a greater responsibility. You need to be careful, if you are the child of a god, the Daerdic Princes hate you, and vice virsa.

Maybe you are Mehrunes Dagon's child, but are shamed. You then help Martin and try to destroy him.


Monks live peaceful lives, encouraging generosity and kindness. Always use Hand-to-Hand and spells if you must fight. Don't use weapons. Practice martial arts in your spare time, and maybe even become a Blade. Wear Monks robes (regular and white). You will need Calm, Restore Health and Invisibility spells to be a Monk.

Pray over a deceased body that you may have killed. Leave a gift on the corpse. Keep the world peaceful. If somebody is rude to you, charm them or bribe them to make their day. You could live in the Weynon Priory, with your fellow monks. Choose a chapel that you really like and work there as a priest once or twice a week.

Mythic Dawn[edit]

The Mythic Dawn Cult are the worshipers of Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric god of Destruction and Natural Disasters, who is plotting against the Nine Divines. You can join the Mythic Dawn by completing the Main Quest until the The Path of Dawn quest. Give Harrow all your possessions, as this is the "Purification". Do not, however, steal the Mysterium Xarxes, for this will make the faction turn against you. If you have a home, spread around clues that you may be in the Mythic Dawn inside it, such as a book of Daedra, the 4 commentaries, Daedric artifacts, and even your Mythic Dawn Robe and hood in a dresser, but make them at least a little bit tricky to find, giving anyone suspicious of you a puzzle to solve. Once joined, you will be very pleased to know that when you use a Power Attack your character will yell For Lord Dagon! or Die Unbeliever!, which is an ideal perk for roleplayers. Additionally, if your character takes health damage, he may yell I do not fear death! or Paradise Awaits Me, also great for roleplaying.

To keep your identity secret: you should never openly show your Mythic Dawn affiliation and never wear your robe unless you're alone with another member. Also, other Mythic Dawn members now have 100 Disposition towards you, which adds the a new greeting dialogue: Greetings Brother/Sister or Greet the new day, brother/sister


Pilgrims travel across the land to visit wayshrines and take on harsh endeavors to show their devotion to the gods. Travel across Cyrodiil and visit wayshrines, bringing offerings. Visit cities and tell tales of mighty gods and stories you pick up on your travels.

Although you may just be a holy pilgrim, you will still try to do whatever you can for the Nine Divines. Maybe join the Knights of the Nine, and even become the Holy Divine Crusader. Visit chapels every once in a while and sit in them for a while, as if you are praying to your god.

Priest of the Nine[edit]

A Priest of the Nine lives a peaceful life, and worships the Nine Divines. A good residence would be a chapel. Cast a healing spell on people who enter the chapel in the morning and at night to give them a 'blessing'.

Most priests would want to own the Knights of the Nine expansion to further religious activity. The Priory of the Nine makes a good residence. Complete the Knights of the Nine questline and serve the followers in your priory with food, clean clothes and heal them if necessary. If you don't want to complete the quest then just start the Pilgrimage so you are a part of the Nine Divines Faction allowing you to sleep and eat anything in the Churches.

The Nine do not approve of bounties. If you commit a crime, do a pilgrimage to reconcile your sins.

Visit all the cities and churches to introduce yourself to other priests. Pray at the many chapels to make available the Divines' blessing at their respective altars. You can consider the church a 'Guild'. Bless people you see on the street and be a charitable person. Do good deeds for people like helping them farm. This increases your reputation for being a good person and a follower of the gods. Give the poor gold and food.

To generate an income, you may want to collect ingredients you come across in your travels between cities. You could even raid known Necromancer hideouts and bandit dens. Vampires also offer a prime target for any holy warrior. You can also turn Vampire Dust in for gold after completing The Order of the Virtuous Blood quest.


A Zealot is a devout worshipper of a god. You can choose any god, but one has a group already.

If you have the Shivering Isles expansion, you could become a Zealot - a worshiper of Sheogorath. Zealots use mostly magic in combat. A camp in Dementia would be appropriate, or a camp in Mania to intrude on Heretic land. After you kill a Heretic, take their robes and present them to Sheogorath, then throw them on the ground and burn them in front of him by setting lit torches on it. Always wear your Zealot Robe and Hood.

Regularly go over to Mania and kill some Heretics for wanting to overthrow Sheogorath. Worshipers of other Daedric Princes would also be viable targets.


True men lead by example. When that fails your brutal violence will do just as well. Remember use your physical prowess to achieve your goals.


There is a very broad roleplaying opportunity with the Blades. When Jauffre gives you the opportunity to Join the Blades, accept.

Live at Cloud Ruler Temple. Set up a room there and make it your home base. Every morning get up early and go have breakfast. Suit up in your armor and head down to the armory for some Blade, Blunt, Hand-to-Hand or Bow practice. You could also Roleplay that you're the Official Battlemage, Archer or any other Official charge of the Blades and do your other training duties. Greet your brothers and sisters and go on duty: patrol the interior of the temple, the walls outside, or even around the border of the temple itself. You could have a night shift and watch the wilderness from the wall towers, shooting fireballs to light up the ground if you see something. Pretend you are training the two Blades that are practicing on the patch of grass.

There are eight people around Cyrodiil who are affiliated with the Mythic Dawn cult, being Sleeper-Agents. As a Blade, it is your duty to fight this organization. At night, or when they aren't at home, search through the homes of people you suspect. If you find copies of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries or Red robe uniforms, then you know you have a Mythic Dawn faction member. Track them down and assassinate them. Confront them in full Blades gear and drop their Mythic Dawn gear in front of them. When no one can see you, cut them down (although chances are they will attack you upon sight if you have completed Dagon Shrine thus giving you a right to defend yourself).

Get a full suit of Blades armor, complete with Blades Shields, either an Akaviri Katana or Akaviri Dai-Katana and the Draconian Madstone, in the East Wing armory. You should enchant all of your armor with Transcendent Sigil Stones, also if you don't like to use Akaviri Katana or Dai-Kai because it doesn't do much damage you could use the Ebony Blade or Goldbrand; Unfortunately you have to associate with a Daedra Cult, but you could just infiltrate the Cult and then kill the cult members. Wear this often. Get a set of cover clothes. A regular-looking set of shirts, shoes, and pants for when you need to hide your identity. It doesn't need to be high-class or low-class. Middle-class might be good. But if you want, just use whatever you want. Blades aren't supposed to advertise their identity to the world, as every Blade you can talk to will tell you.

Don't associate with anything evil. Visit Ayleid ruins, caves, and forts, and kill off evil sorcerer cults and necromancers.

Whenever you run into bandits, take a moment to kill them in order to protect the good citizens of Tamriel.

Do not associate yourself with worshiping anything other than Talos and The Nine Divines. Stay away from Daedra worship.


You are a conqueror! Your mission is to destroy the established empire and appoint yourself ruler of Tamriel! Try to have a powerful character and have all of the plug-ins so you can have more followers and bases to keep your army in. Get every follower you can that won't attack you for attacking other NPCs and guards. Try and get your army a uniform by reverse-pickpocketing permanent bound armor onto your followers.

After you've gathered your army, bring them to Battlehorn Castle. This is one of the most defensible places in Cyrodiil, and it has your own private army in it. Try to start your attack by destroying minor settlements. If you want to, leave a signature item at every site of your attack, like a Daedric arrow.

Cause as much destruction as possible by casting area of effect fire spells in peoples' houses. Assassinate killable leaders of cities, like the Count of Bravil, or the Countesses of Anvil and Leyawiin. Once you are ready to begin an invasion of a big city, start with Chorrol because you can easily retreat to Battlehorn if the attack is going badly. Work your way through the city streets and then invade the castle.

When you attack Anvil, use the secret passageway in Dunbarrow Cove to sneak into the castle, kill the count and countess while they sleep, and destroy the rest of the castle. Shoot fireballs at the docks from the castle bridge. Launch Spells and Arrows while perched on top of the Lighthouse, after killing the owner.

Once you've taken all of the minor cities, it's time to attack the Imperial City. Invade during the day when there are the most citizens out in the streets. It helps to have the Staff of Worms with you so you can reanimate all of the dead citizens to create your own undead army. Work your way around the city in a wheel motion, and once you've taken every district, move toward the heart of the Empire, burn White-Gold tower. Then your conquest of Cyrodiil is complete! Indulge yourself and live out your days as Emperor.


A Crusader would be a typical knight, although much more dedicated to good than a knight. They never attack any innocent people, they never steal, they never kill unless it's absolutely necessary, and they dedicate their life to helping all of the citizens of the Empire. Obviously, it's best to wear the Crusader's relics as your outfit, but any shiny knight armor will do. Though it especially good if you have the Crusader's relics equipped, as they have enchantments and spells for helping those less fortunate than yourself, but as before, you don't need them. You can just make custom spells/enchantments if necessary.

Crusaders typically do not use magic for combat, although they do use restoration to heal themselves and their allies. They should use either a sword or blunt weapon for combat, as they are willing to fight their enemies face to face, so that others don't have to. They should wear Heavy Armor, and have a high Block skill, unless you prefer to fight with a two-handed weapon. They don't need to be very sneaky, but it does help if they have good Acrobatics and Athletics stats. You should be also have a high Speechcraft skill, because a Crusader should be loved by all he saves from peril.

All this makes it the Knight class or Crusader class the best choice, although obviously a Custom Class would work better. Any race will do, but an Imperial would be the easiest for the people to relate to. It's best to pick one which is human and more combat focused. Dunmer can do well.

Once you've made your character and equipped him/her and leveled him/her and all, go about town giving money to the poor and healing them, as if they were low on health. Put food in the beggars food bags next to their beds, and go to the chapel and pray for hours at a time (you can wait in order to do this) If you want people to have a reason to praise you as a hero, command a creature to follow yourself into the city then kill it, or use the console if you're on the PC. You can also wave around your spoils of battle, such as a Daedric helmet (marauder's head) or a minotaur horn. Make sure you have a high personality, or else they will all hate you, and then it won't be realistic. Make pilgrimages to one of each of the Nine Divines regularly, and bring the equipment and supplies of necromancers, marauders and bandits and sell them for a low price to various merchants.


Become a hunter - kill specific enemies all over Cyrodiil, and sell their own possessions for pay.

Vampire Hunter[edit]

Ensure you have the Blade skill (what use is a mace for stabbing them in the heart?). Alchemy is also a must. Get the Imperial City house with money from hunting and put a bowl full of garlic, a silver dagger, some cure or resist disease potions and the book Immortal Blood near the bed or somewhere close (just in case a vampire thinks of revenge). Enchant a weapon to inflict fire damage and light (to replicate a vampire's weakness to sunlight), and name it "Vampire Bane," "Silver Stake," "Blade of the Sun," or something similar. Vampires have a weakness to fire damage, and this will help you kill them faster. Use Silver or Enchanted weapons when fighting vampires, 'normal' weapons won't have any effect.

Search forts, ruins and caves for tracks of Vampires. Spend time training your Destruction skill so you can burn the foul creatures to death. Carry garlic, it may be a myth - but you rather want to be on the safe side. Carry lots of disease curing food and potions to cure yourself from vampire bites.

Join the Order of the Virtuous Blood, and bring your spoils (Vampire Dust) in for payment. At 250 gold a pop, Vampire hunting can actually be a semi-profitable roleplaying style.

Some Vampire Hunters are Vampires themselves! Maybe you resent the Hostile vampires for giving your kind a bad reputation. Or maybe you were captured by vampires who turned you into one. Maybe you are so desperate to rid the world of Vampires that you became one yourself, just so you can get closer to your targets. Take your allies to Deepscorn Hollow and cast out the vampiric assistant. Then you have access to the pool and you can cure your friends if they get afflicted.

Undead Hunter[edit]

Character Type

Any race works well, and any specialization as well. Your goal is to kill undead, so make sure to have major skills that reflect that. A useful class would be to specialize in stealth, and get Blade, Block, Light Armor, Marksman, Restoration, Athletics, and perhaps Mercantile to sell your loot. This is just a suggestion, but it works well.


Spending long amounts of time in dark holes in the ground fighting creepy things that should be dead has its drawbacks and to avoid these drawbacks you must prepare.

    • Kill any undead. Travel to places like Ayleid Ruins where you'll find undead in abundance. Prepare correctly and kill them all.
  • Make sure you do any quest that involves you killing undead, such as the Skingrad Recommendation quest where you must rescue Erthor.
    • You main source of income will be from the loot you find in Ayleid Ruins. Use this to eat, get a place to sleep, and to buy your repair hammers, lockpicks, repairs, soul gems, spells, recharges, weapons and armor, and basically anything you'll need.
  • Don't outdo yourself. Going through three Ayleid ruins a day isn't realistic at all.
    • You hate necromancers because of their association with the undead. Make sure to kill any you see, and perhaps even go out of your way to end them, such as joining the mages guild and doing a few anti-necromancer quests in it. If you completely want to obliterate the Necromancers, a good weapon to kill them with would be the Umbra, as it would forever trap their evil soul inside the blade, making it impossible for them to continue tampering with other spirits. Or if you just want to kill them then you could draw them out to a public area, and execute them with a battle axe or warhammer.
    • If you have a house, then buy the storage area. Now, when you go undead hunting, take the Bonemeal, Mort Flesh, and Ectoplasm from the carcasses of your enemies and put them in your chest to keep track of how many you've killed.
  • Spread the word! Tell people about your hate for undead and help them to realize how evil they are. You may rub them the wrong way but they will come to thank you one day.
    • Go into chapel undercrofts. Once the place has been cleansed leave an offering to the spirits you've just released, (a flower, red wine etc.)
  • For a holy hunter: Ghosts and spirits are meant to move onto the spiritual plane once dead, the ones who linger suffer greatly and wish only to be at peace. Releasing ghosts are run of the mill, but when you come across a wraith make the battle more epic and meaningful... because wraiths have long been trapped in torment between worlds. Zombies and Skeletons are very evil, however you look at it. They've either been possessed by evil ghosts or badly resurrected by new necromancers. Only liches are also evil, and deserve to be sent to Oblivion, where they belong. Conjurers summon and enslave the undead as well as necromancers. Make sure to kill them mercifully. The undead will you in the afterlife, where they have the ability to gain their human shapes again and see their loved ones.
  • For someone who simply despises undead: Kill them all and everything associated with them. Ghosts and wraiths disturb and kill the populace, not to mention you. Zombies are disturbing, annoying, and must be destroyed at all costs. Skeletons are unnatural and pure evil. Liches are the worst of all, humans that made themselves undead. Make sure to kill these ones fast and hard. Conjurers summon undead, and therefore must be destroyed as well. Necromancers encourage using the undead even more. No matter what, be sure to kill them all mercilessly.


A Knight is like a warrior, but much more noble. A Knight does not only serve himself, he serves others. A Knight, when called, will help anyone. Any race can be applicable, to show that every race can have its heroes. Steel Armor is usually best, with a silver weapon.

There are various routes you can take on the path to Knighthood:

Knight of the Nine[edit]

Pc22.png Requires Knights of the Nine

You serve the gods; fighting for the little people.

Always wear the Crusader Armor in battle. For normal clothing wear monks robes, or lower class clothes.

Make a holy Pilgrimage to all of the wayshrines and receive blessings from all of the gods. Pray at chapels every morning and night to be sure you are truly on good terms with your gods.

Gather your Holy followers and perform Heroic Deeds with them! Close the unholy vile gates of Oblivion! Become the champion of Cyrodiil and stop Mehrunes Dagon's conquest to destroy all of the Holy Land! If your extra zealous, hunt down the Daedra worshipers for polluting the young minds of Cyrodiil with their lies of power.

Knight of the Thorn[edit]

Knights of the Thorn are "sworn to protect Cheydinhal from any threat". They were founded in 3E431 by Farwil Indarys, the son of the Count of Cheydinhal. Farwil claims that many wish to join their ranks, but they only allow a select few to join. At their peak, there were seven knights. However, prior to the Oblivion crisis they had never accomplished anything, except annoying the town guards and boasting.

During the Main Quest you have the chance to join the ranks of the Knights of the Thorn.

The best races are the human races, since they look the best for knights; But the founder of the Knights of the Thorn is a Dunmer; So any race could be acceptable. Create a class named either "Knight of the Thorn" or go with the normal "Knight". Imagine that you are the Knights of the Thorn official Battlemage, Archer, Boxer etc. Make your character better for those titles.

For your equipment you should use the Thornblade or the Staff of Indarys, and the Knights of the Thorn Medallion. If you have Shivering Isles, then do the quest To Help A Hero and obtain the Thorn Shield. Just like the other Knights you should use a full Steel Armor suit, but with no helmet.

Patrol Cheydinhal and live at the Knights of the Thorn Lodge. Don't just patrol the city also patrol the outside of it, the Forts, Ruins, Mines and Caves around the it. Imagine if a Goblin menace was coming! Get the news to the Knights and after they're all ready (after a bottle of wine of course) go into the place and kill all of them, do this occasionally. Do the same with Marauders, Necromancers etc...

The Guard thinks you're just a "Glorified Club". You can go along with this, and sit around drinking and only go out fighting with the help of others. Possibly, go out of town to the Imperial City, come back, and lie, claiming you killed a powerful lich.

Of course, you can prove them wrong. Get Bremman and Farwil and encourage them to go out on raids with you, and get the guards to finally respect you. Maybe they even offer the three of you positions in the Cheydinhall Guard.

Knight of the White Stallion[edit]

The Knights of the White Stallion is a chivalric order based in and around Leyawiin, and is chartered by the Count of Leyawiin.

First of all, complete the quest, Knights of the White Stallion, and become an official one. Stay in the White Stallion Lodge and train at least once a day to better yourself for the long campaign ahead of you. Your Target is the Black Bow Bandits; they are filth in your eyes, and they must all be destroyed.

You may also be noble, so when you are in town wear high class clothes. Never move from Leyawiin, unless the Count requires it.

Remember to take the Black Bows the bandits drop and hand them into the count; you get 100 gold for every bow you hand into him, which can be a good way to make a living. Once you get enough money, buy the house in Leyawiin and stay there when in town. Meet up with the count for dinner once a week and discuss political matters with him. Eat good food such as meat, fruit, and wines.

If you have the time, assist with the countess' travels around Cyrodiil. Help people in Leyawiin with minor quests, but nothing evil. Also be a part of the City Watch and meet with the Captain to discuss crime in Leyawiin. Deal with the Skooma dealers outside of town in Greyland.

Your Own Order[edit]

If you run on Mods, collect people with Companion mods and make your own Order of Knights! If not, get followers and pretend they joined your group. Are you endorsed by nobility? Have you earned the respect of fierce warriors and mages?

Go out of expeditions and spread your name. Spread your Order, make all of the buyable houses in towns your knight headquarters.

Renrijra Krin Member[edit]

Be a Khajiit, and fight for Elsweyr. Remember; you do not fight for the Mane, you fight for justice, but you are not above the law. You hate the Imperials, and want Elsweyr to gain power. You also hate Leyawiin, as it used to be the property of Elsweyr. You, as a member, follow these golden rules, copeid from Ahzirr Traajijazeri.

It Is Good To Be Brave
We are struggling against impossible odds, against the very Empire of Tamriel. Our cause is the noblest cause of all: defense of home. If we fail, we betray our past and our future. Our dead are "Ri'sallidad", which may be interpreted as "martyrs" in the truest, best sense of that word which is so often misused. We honor their sacrifice and, beneath our smiles, mourn them deeply.

Our bravery most obviously shows in the smile that is the "Krin" part of our name. This does not mean that we walk about grinning like the idiotic baboonish Imga of Valenwood. We simply are entertained by adversary. We find an equal, fair fight tiresome in the extreme. We confidently smile because we know our victory in the end is assured. And we know our smiles drive our enemies insane.

It Is Necessary To Run Away
We are struggling against impossible odds, against the very Empire of Tamriel. Honor is madness. Yes, we loved the Renrijra Krin who died in brave battle against the forces of the Empire, but I guarantee you that each of those Ri'sallidad had an escape route he or she failed to use, and died saying, "Damn."

When the great Senche-Raht comes to the Saimisil Steppes, he will find himself unable to hunt, unable to sleep, as the tiny Alfiq leap onto his back, biting him, and running off before he has a chance to turn his great body to face them. Eventually, though he may stubbornly hope to catch the Alfiq, the Senche-Raht always leaves. They are our cousins, the Alfiq, and we have adopted their strategy against the great tiger of Leyawiin.

Do not ally yourself with the Renrij if you yearn to be part of a mighty army, marching resolutely forth, for whom retreat is anathema. We will laugh at your suicidal idiocy as we slip into the reeds of the river, and watch the inevitable slaughter.

Enjoy Life
Life is short. If you have not made love recently, please, put down this book, and take care of that with all haste. Find a wanton lass or a frisky lad, or several, in whatever combination your wise loins direct, and do not under any circumstances play hard to get. Our struggle against the colossal forces of oppression can wait.

Good. Welcome back.

We Renrijra Krin live and fight together, and know that Leyawiin and the Empire will not give way very soon, likely not in our lifetimes. In the time we have, we do not want our closest comrades to be dour, dull, colorless, sober, and virginal. If we did, we would have joined the Emperor's Blades.

Do not begrudge us our lewd jokes, our bawdy, drunken nights, our moonsugar. They are the pleasures that Leyawiin denies us, and so we take our good humor very seriously.

Kill Without Qualm
Life is short. Very short, as many have learned when they have crossed the Renrijra Krin.

We fight dirty. If an enemy is facing us, we might consider our options, and even slip away if his sword looks too big. If his back is to us, however, I personally favor knocking him down, and then jumping on his neck where the bones snap with a gratifying crunch. Of course, it is up to you and your personal style.

We Give Freely To Our People

Let us not forget our purpose. We are fighting for our families, the Khajiiti driven from the rich, fertile shores of Lake Makapi and the River Malapi, where they and their ancestors lived since time immemorial. It is our battle, but their tragedy. We must show them, lest they are swayed by other rhetoric, that we are fighting for them.

The Mane, The Emperor, and The Count can give speeches, pass laws, and, living life in the open, explain their positions and philosophies to their people to stave off the inevitable revolution. Extralegal entities, such as the Renrijra Krin, must make our actions count for our words. This means more than fighting the good fight, and having a laugh at our befuddled adversaries. It means engaging and seducing the people. Ours is not a military war, it is a political war. If the people rise up against our oppressors, they will retreat, and we will win.

Give to these people, whenever possible, gold, moonsugar, and our strong arms, and though they hide, their hearts will be with us.

We Justly Take By Force
Let us not forget our purpose. We are thieves and thugs, smugglers and saboteurs. If we cannot take a farm, we burn it to the ground. If the Imperials garrisoned in a glorious ancient stronghold, beloved by our ancestors, will not yield, we tear the structure apart. If the only way to rescue the land from the Leyawiin misappropriation is to make it uninhabitable by all, so be it.

We want our life and our home back as it was twenty years ago, but if that is not realistic, then we will accept a different simple, pragmatic goal. Revenge. With a smile.


You are a warrior who specializes in only one talent - but that talent can blow away your foes and leave them quaking.

Hand-To-Hand Specialist[edit]

  • Create a male Redguard, Nord, Orc, or Khajiit with Hand to Hand, Speechcraft, Athletics, Light Armor, Block, and whatever else as major skills, choose combat as their specialty, and Strength and Endurance as preferred attributes.
  • Steal the Bands of Kwang Lao from the two Arena combatants practicing outside the Arena. This will fortify your Hand to Hand skill by 20 points, which helps a lot.

Show that Hand-To-Hand is not a worthless skill- beat fearsome foes to death to show that the hand it mightier than the sword. (For you, that is.)

Never wear shoes. Or a shirt, most of the time. You can often wear some wristbands however. Make many Restore Fatigue potions. Drink them in the middle of a hard fight.

Focus on building up your Hand-to-Hand as your sole all-effective combat skill. Whenever you run into bandits or animals on the road, beat them to death. Frequently head out into the woods or inside Ayleid Ruins as training. With the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in, you can train with your sparring partner as he never dies and regenerates health.

Blade and Blunt Specialist[edit]

You go the old way - use a good old fashion Blade, or the medieval blunt object.

You can either wear Heavy or Light armor, buy you do need to wear armor. A shield is only optional, as for some, your weapon is all you need.

You are an old-fashioned killer, you cut up and beat down your enemies - you wouldn't want it any other way.

You should join the Fighters Guild, and advance in it's rank. There, you will find people who share in your common methods of killing.

Bow and Arrow Specialist[edit]

Archers are people with affinity to bows.

As an Archer, wear light armor, and acquire as many arrows as possible, and always have with you your favorite bow.

Your race should be Wood Elf, Dark Elf, or any other race that has an affinity for bows.

You use your bows to kill from afar - kill your enemies without them even scratching you. See how far you can shoot your enemies without missing. With the Marksman 50 skill perk, you can zoom in on your enemies. This can be very useful not only to shoot, but to spy.

As your life as an Archer begins, you should...

  • Join the Fighters Guild
    • Join Thieves' guild (optional)
  • If you have the Shivering Isles expansion, be sure to do the Lady of Paranoia quest, you get a unique bow called Ruin's Edge, which has a random magic effect on strike.

Mage or Spellcaster[edit]

With this eternal light...


Instead of a Necromancer or a Good Mage try being a Conjurer. Get the Staff of the Everscamp and make the scamps your friends. If you have the Frostcrag Spire mod use the atronach altar and get yourself another minion.

Your goal in life is to master all creatures through the art of Conjuration. Acquire several Command Creature spells and varied Conjuration spells. Do not fight your enemies; get your beasts to do it for you.

Buy Rosethorn Hall, give the bottom two floors (Basement is the first) to your servant and use the third as a museum of Daedric artifacts. Wear blue robes like other conjurers. Create powerful Conjuration spells and destroy your enemies without launching a second spell. This is only good if you are a master of Conjuration. When learning a new spell study everything about the creature; after all you need to learn how to control it. This can mean reading various books, or doing field research.

Learn under Mirili Uuven the Shivering Isles. Her goal is to study all creatures, she might need an apprentice. Once you're done with all the Isle's creatures, use the Concole to move her to Cyrodiil (Type Moveto Player when she's highlighted) and continue studying.

You may have been expelled from the Mages Guild; you are training to either show them you didn't deserve that or to take revenge on them.


Create an Altmer, Breton, or Dunmer with either The Mage, The Apprentice, or The Atronach as your birthsign. You can use either the original Mage class or create a custom one with six of the seven magic skills. Use either Blade, Blunt, or Marksman in the seventh skill's stead. If you choose to be a Warlock, however, you may wish to substitute a second magic skill for Light or Heavy Armor.

Wear dark clothing, such as Shrouded Armor, Black Hand Hood and Robe.

Use necromantic spells, such as summoning and turning the undead. Unleash your power on the world - conquer cities in Tamriel using your undead minions or simply terrorize the masses.

Use Alchemy often, and only use potions or poisons that you make yourself.

Have an apprentice, such as Melisande of Drakelowe or a Mages Guild apprentice that you have "converted." Have a familiar as well, such as a summoned creature. Command creature spells or the Atronach Familiar from Frostcrag Spire will work as well. Have your familiar follow you wherever you go and practice your skills with - or even on - it.

Perhaps you make your summonings a ritual - collect the dead Nord Svenja's body parts from the Uderfrykte Matron and put them together in your lair to look like a zombie corpse. Put three silver bowls around her. In one, place a potion called "Human Blood" - either the rare potion or one you create and name yourself. In the second, place a Human Heart. Finally, in the third, place three bones of one sort or another. Next, make a circle of bones around her and create a spell called "Svenja's Blessing" or "Summon Svenja" at a Spellmaking Altar. Have the spell summon a zombie for 30 seconds; place any other effects you wish in as well. Cast it over her and it will appear as though you are summoning her. Be creative, and vary your summoning rituals.

Maybe you have found another Warlock or Witch who is much wiser than you. Become their apprentice and learn from them; if you're evil, though, you may wish to kill your master when you are finished learning from them.

Whether you're a good Warlock shunned by society or an evil Witch plotting the Empire's downfall, be creative! You can take this roleplay in so many different directions, which makes for a very fulfilling gameplay experience.

Mages Guild Member[edit]

Want to be a well-known mage? Or just an "eager novice?"


You can roleplay this after becoming Arch-Mage of the Mages' Guild. Live in the Arch-Mage's quarters! Put any of your belongings you don't need into your magical space-compacting nightstand (don't put anything in the drawers in front of the bed, though, since this chest respawns). Go to bed at a regular time and wake up at a normal time in the morning. After waking up, proceed to have breakfast in the Living Quarters, or if you keep food in your nightstand, eat in your bedroom at the desk (if you do this, make sure to have the appropriate silverware available). Talk to your friends around the university, or have a private word with one of the Apprentices (ask for them to follow you, take them back to your quarters, and "speak" with them.) Go to the practice rooms in the University to check on the novices and give a short course on spellcasting. Listen to a lesson at the Arcane University. You might learn something that even you didn't know. Download the Orrery plug-in and do the accompanying quest to get the Arcane University fully up and running.

Every now and again, go into the city for some supplies or simple merchandise, and again talk to friends, watch fights at the arena, and finally return to the University for some leisure time. Go to each city's Guild Hall to check on their progress and stay the night there, talk to past friends, etc. You could also create your own set of regulations for the guild, then inspect the halls while visiting. You could also go to an Ayleid ruin to research the magical properties of lost artifacts. If you have obtained Frostcrag Spire, roleplay that Raminus is asking about it. Tell him that you can't reveal its secrets for the consequences of necromancer's meeting you at your door or apprentices wanting to see the great tower. Visit ruins, caves, forts, etc. to find necromancers and blast them away using your awesome magic. Take their robes, scrolls, potions, staffs, etc. and display the robes outside the arcane university over the rails. This makes it look like you are continuing Hannibal Traven's work of banning necromancy. If you have Frostcrag Spire, take an apprentice, and give him a tour of the tower. Then, teach him individually powerful arcane secrets. You could also lift the Necromancy ban.

Enchant the Arch-Mage Robe and hood as well as a couple rings and an amulet with Fortify Magicka. This gives great amounts of Magicka to do demonstrations for the young apprentices or simply makes you feel like an extremely powerful Arch-Mage. When you create spells, make them have multiple effects. This makes your character look like they have mastered certain areas of magical study. (Ex. create a spell that gives healing and spell absorption on self. This shows you have mastered the arts of Mysticism and Restoration.) Create large numbers of enchanted rings, amulets, swords, armor etc. to sell to the merchants in the Market District. This makes it look like you're selling enchanted items as a way to make an income. Sell these and allow others to obtain relatively weak enchanted items. Collect staffs and wear a different one every day. If you go traveling, carry your best staff.

If you don't live in the Arch-Mage's Tower, that's fine. Use any house (preferably Benirus Manor in Anvil or Rosethorn Hall in Skingrad, although Arborwatch is a nice place as well.) and place scrolls, staffs, books, amulets, alchemical equipment and ingredients, Welkynd stones, Varla stones, etc. around your house on shelves, cases, chests, desks, windowsills, etc. For more of an Arch-Mage look outside, put some Welkynd stones or Varla stones outside on top of the barrel to the west of your door, bring an apprentice to your door and make them wait...acting as your guard. If you use the Rosethorn Hall as your base of power, hire Eyja and perform "experiments" on her. You want to see what she will do when being attacked by dremora? Summon one, hit it a couple of times and see her reaction. Cast a few fire spells on her. Make sure you save before you do this if you want her to be there again the next time you walk into your house.

Have a huge collection of books. Try to get every book in-game. You are a intelligent person, after all, so you need to read a lot. Or you can check the Arcane University and add books it doesn't have. If you want, you can make the Arch-Mage's Tower a treasure trove of "Ayleid Artifacts." Make your own or put the crowns and staff around the tower. The apprentices will really appreciate it. Buy scrolls for the apprentices and spread them throughout the individual places in the University. Put some in the Lustratorium, Chironasium, Practice Rooms, Mage's Quarters, Praxographical Center and in the Arch-Mage's Tower. If you have the Spell Tomes plug-in, collect as many as you can and scatter them around the University (or hoard them in your room) so that they don't fall into the wrong hands.


Kill all rogue Mages as a noble battlemage in service of the Mages guild and destroy any evil Magic. Firstly you should join the Mages guild.

Wear full Heavy Armor (except no shield or helm) and wear a hood. If you are a humble battlemage wear common armor such as Iron/Steel, or even the Imperial Legion armor, types and a basic Mages hood, but as you get more well-known and powerful, start wearing posher, royal, elegant, expensive, wealthy armors such as Ebony, Blades, or Imperial Dragon armor and wear a nicer hood such as a Red Silk Hood or the Arch-Mages Hood. Get a few Transcendent Sigil Stones with good enchantments for a Battlemage, like Fortify Magicka, Spell Absorption, Resist Magic, Fire, Frost and Shock Shield.

As a Battlemage try to get a good magicka but also Health and Fatigue, it might take some time but try to master both all Combat and Magic skills ( if you can, Master all skills and Attributes, of course ) to be really powerful. Battlemages should also be resistant to magic, so try to achieve either 100% Immunity to magic, or Spell Absorption or Reflect Spell. Keep records of the countless rogue Mages you have killed by keeping chests full of necromancer robes/hoods, weapons, conjurer and hedge wizards robes, staves, alchemy ingredients/apparatus, scrolls, potions and soul gems.

Keep some decent elemental spells ready for the front line, then unleash a flurry of spells on your foes! Most Battlemages will be good with shortswords and war axes. So keep a nice enchanted fine steel war axe/Shortsword ready! Some battlemages will use a staff from a distance too such as the one you can pickpocket from chancellor Ocato at the imperial palace, which is appropriately named for your character.

Hunt any Necromancers, Conjurers or Hedge Wizards and burn them out of their hiding places then eliminate them! Try tackling the Mages guild quest so that you get an apprentice. Then head around Cyrodiil killing rogue Mages with him/her! Patrol the Arcane University talking to members and (when you are more powerful) overseeing the lower battlemages. You can provide security to the secrets of the Arcane University: for example, you can pretend that a group of Necromancers sneaked into the library and stole some very important books. It's your job to track them down and retrieve the books. Or, maybe, one of the most brilliant students has been kidnapped. Go, hunt the kidnappers, then kill them and save the victim. But a Battlemage has lesser duties, too. A novice has intoxicated himself trying to make a new potion. To heal him, they need some very rare ingredients, and it's up to you finding them. If you can't deliver the ingredients in two weeks, the novice will die.


Set yourself a routine of classes and make sure to attend said classes. Write up a schedule from Morndas to Sundas that shows the classes you'll have each day. Assign a different discipline to train by using repetitively in the Practice Rooms, after a couple of weeks you'll be a master at all the disciplines of magic. After your second lecture at 4pm to 6pm, take a afternoon tea break somewhere peaceful (somewhere in the Imperial City or just over by the Lustratorium garden). Befriend a fellow apprentice and talk to them regularly. Be sure to eat with them and sleep near them (Just wake up a nearby mage and use their bed). Spend time in the library reading books and scrolls, and chatting with Tar-Meena. Make sure, after you read a book, wait for at least an hour, unless the book is very short. Listen to the other apprentices and scholars and their conversations. Pretend to join in the discussion. If you have subtitles, read them at the same pace as the other person to pretend that you're talking to the apprentice. Then, you can find a book about the topic and "write down" your part of the notes. Then, meet up with the magister and "compare" notes. If he wants you to tell everyone, do so! Alternatively, you can just listen and try to figure out what they're talking about and do your own research.

You don't have to do all of the pre-made quests. Be creative! Maybe the Mages Guild needs an ambassador to Bruma to talk to the countess about something important. Maybe the countess won't do it unless you do something for her; find a Draconian Madstone. Maybe she heard that you were a good help to the guild and to some other cities and she wants you to do it. Use your imagination! Head into the city on an errand for a conjurer or another apprentice, purchase food, staves or new robes, scrolls, etc. Find a shopping list and collect the items on it. Set a crisis: you woke up late, your books and notes are missing and you've missed the lecture about magical techniques. Should you let your teachers know first, or try to find your books and hope they don't notice? You could also pull pranks by pickpocketing and stealing someone's magical utensils and books and hide them somewhere. Volanaro would be so proud!

Make sure you carry scrolls, potions, books, etc. After all, you're lower rank than most and therefore need all the study and help you can get.

You could also be a healer:

A Healer knows the art of Restoration, and uses Destruction as a defense. A good healer goes around and helps whoever he can. He may go from town to town, stopping at each chapel and welcomes citizens to his services.

Head of a Division

Get a higher rank than the current head mage of a chapter (e.g., Teekeus in Chorrol) and "take control." Just don't get to Arch-Mage. Most of the ranking Mages are at the Wizard rank. Get the rank of Master-Wizard. Sleep where the current head mage sleeps.

Make occasional trips to the Arcane University. Have conversations with Raminus and Traven. Go to the library to find the book you need for one of your friends back in your guild hall. Teach some students in your guild hall. Give a lesson in the specialized school of magic for that guild hall (e.g. Conjuration in Chorrol, Alteration in Cheydinhal, etc.). Gather a book and while they are eating lunch, teach to them about Ayleid ruins or kings, Mannimarco, Advances in magic, etc.

Make crisis for yourself! One of your students were attacked traveling to Leyawiin carrying a message for Dagail. Go out and investigate what happened. Set up and find clues. Follow the clues to a Ayleid ruin or cave, and fight the bandits/necromancers/undead inside! You get to decide whether the associate lives or not. Maybe the associate became or always was a necromancer inside. Expel him before he taints the other associates. Be creative!

Gather a lot of crumpled pieces of paper, normal parchment, and black horse courier copies (these will look like paper you wrote on). Put all of it on a desk in your quarters. Then get an ink well and an ink quill and put it next to it. This will make it look like paperwork needed. Some of it could be lesson plans, or maybe you have to send a death note to an associate's family (i.e., Vidkun). Also, get a few letters, too. Make them recommendations or friendly letters to Raminus. Take them to him, and, if you can, reverse-pickpocket him.


Get all of the bones lying around and put them into coffins in the Anvil manor basement. Summon undead creatures and wear necromancer robes. Use necromancer potions and staffs and make your own black soul gems, then fill them. Go grave robbing in dungeons and start making necromancer themed potions (mort flesh, nightshade). Execute members of the Mages Guild in secret.

Assault the Arcane University. It must be destroyed! Go berserk with your undead summon and try to kill people in the cities. Use the sewers in the Imperial City to break into people's houses, slay the inhabitants, then vanish into shadows.

It is highly reccomended that you finish the Mages Guild questline, because at the end you get the Staff of Worms which ressurects. You can roleplay throughout the Mages Guild quests too. Perhaps you are an eager young mage and find that each day you grow stronger. Before long, your powers rival Arch-Mage Traven's. You are power hungry and selfish, and like the sound of Necromancy from what you've heard. You aren't too upset by Traven's Death, it is simply more power to you. After killing Mannimarco and seeing his power, you know you must have it and you loot his staff and robes. After you become the "King Of Worms", come back to Echo Cave after the Necromancers have respawned and shoot charm spells at them until you can raise their dispostion 'till a point where they are non-hostile. You can go around befriending every necromancer in Tamriel!

Make potions or poisons called evil things, like "Elixir of the Undead" or "Essence of Skeletal Beings". Put them where you would normally put wine in. Take Imperial Legion helmets, swords, and shields and make the skeletons look like Imperial Legion soldiers.

Keep the Tome of Unlife. It is your unholy book. If possible, use the Mysterium Xarxes Inside your evil lair as well. This requires you to not complete the main quest and not give the book to Brother Martin. Try and find all books with Undead and Necromancer titles. Conjuration and Alchemy skill books are good collections for your Necromancer character.

After your lord Mannimarco is defeated, retrieve his unholy Staff of Worms and put it to good use. Kill guards in secret and bring them back to life. With enough guards undead and obedient to you, you could have an entire undead army. You can also go to the nearest Necromancer Lair, such as Hollow Cave near Skingrad, and have the necromancers chase you, run them into Skingrad or any other city and watch an Undead - Guards match unfold!

Or on the PC use the console command player.addspell 0004A98B to give yourself the reanimate spell. (If you really wanted to look the part, you could resurrect guards and bring them to your basement in Anvil. This won't work unless you kill the guards in Anvil.)

Make sure you dupe many blood potions and drink one every day or maybe more than one. This shows you are loyal to the King of Worms even after his demise. Make Black soul gems and put them to your un-holy use. Make potions out of human skin and hearts, or keep it lying around, along with human blood found in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary or in the secret room of the Skingrad Castle wine cellar. Perhaps as a backstory you were arrested for necromancy in your original country and sent to the Imperial City. There you found out about Hannibal Traven banning necromancy. They will not let anyone join them and must enter the Mages Guild to get at Mannnimarco and kill him, becoming the King Of Worms yourself.

Get the adoring fan to follow you and take him to a dining table in one of your houses. Kill him and position his body on the table. Place mort flesh, human hearts and bones around his body.Then use the Staff of Worms on him. Congratulations, you have just completed a Necromatic ritual.

If you have the Shivering Isles complete the unmarked quest Ghosts of Suicide Hill to get the Risen Flesh greater power and reanimate without the Staff of Worms. You can use Ushnar's Skinned Hound as your pet and pretend that it was your dog who you brought back to life. When you take it with you, it is recommended that you keep a close eye on it, to protect it from harm (by e.g. magic). You may want to use the console command SetActorFullName to change the dog's name to something you like.

  • Pc22.pngOn the PC, add yourself to the undead faction and live in Nerastarel's house. Also, use the console to give yourself ownership of the house. Also on the console, add yourself to the necromancer faction.
  • Pc22.pngAfter your lord Mannimarco is vanquished there is still a chance for you to prove your loyalty to him. Mannimarco Resurrection gives you the opportunity to join him in his latest efforts to defeat the Mage Guild, restore The Order of the Black Worm, congregate with fellow Necromancers, and learn about the core philosophies of necromancy.


  • Focus on creating potions and poisons.
    • Create new "wines".
    • Wait after a major potion creation session to represent the time required to make all of the potions.
  • Live at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad and do research with Sinderion.
  • Collect books about alchemy to create a research library.
  • Only use potions that you create yourself. If you find normal potions sell them, or throw them away (so people don't think you have created inferior products).
  • Become a frequent customer in alchemical shops, such as The Main Ingredient in the Imperial City. Raise the proprietor's disposition as high as you can.
  • You could specialize your brews; Make potions to aid warriors, or mages, thieves, or just an ordinary person. You could even brew Beers! (Pretend that Wheat grain is barley, and add whatever you need to achieve supernatural strength and dumbness)
  • Keep a notebook of the various combinations you come across in your days of brewing, this notebook can be in game or in real life, like a notepad program on your computer.
  • Pc22.png Kyoma's Journal Mod allows you to write books and scrolls in game.

Evil Scientist[edit]

An evil scientist seeks knowledge at any cost and will do anything necessary to further his or her research.

  • Experiment on fellow citizens.
    • Kidnap people using a Command Humanoid spell and bring back to your laboratory.
    • Test the effects of poisons.
  • If you have installed Shivering Isles, visit Relmyna Verenim in Xaselm and learn about her experiments.
    • You can test various spells on various races once in your lab, let see if that Dunmer fire resistance can hold against a powerful flare spell.
  • As soon as you hear about the Kvatch disaster get there at all costs. Camp with the survivors and gather information, then venture into the city and take samples of the Daedra to study.
  • Maybe you're just plain evil and want to research necromancy. You can acquire a good necromancy spell from the Shivering Isles expansion pack, called Risen Flesh. Pretend you have killed a humanoid (namely one whose body won't disappear, like Glarthir from the Paranoia quest) and use Restoration magic to stop the person's body from disappearing. Then conduct your experiments. These may include experimenting with resistances, attack resistance, undead fighting skill and flesh experiments. Pay weekly trips to Relmyna in Xaselm, Shivering Isles to exchange experiment notes.


Become a master of all knowledge.

  • Attain master level in all magicka skills.
  • Learn from every book in the game.
  • Visit every city and learn the different local customs.
  • Have an apprentice (a follower) who you are training.
  • Keep a log of your adventures so that when you pass, the world may have a chance to understand your greatness, or evil.


Ayleid King[edit]

Recommended for High Elves. After you complete Secrets of the Ayleids, loot the crown and staff. Storm Cyrodiil, sending men into slavery. Lead a few slaves and companions (Followers) to an Ayleid ruin and restore it.

If you have SI use the Amber armor as it looks like the Ayleid guardians from the Ultimate heist or if you don't, use Elven Armor instead. Collect all the Ayleid Statues and use them to restore the ancient Ayleid cities. Collect Varla Stones, Welkynd Stones and other Ayleid items.

  • Pc22.pngIf you don't mind playing in third person raise your character's scale a little to give you the stature Ayleids seem to have.

Ideal places to live would be in Miscarcand, Sancre Tor, Sheogorath's Palace, or if you don't mind using the CS or getting mods, mod Oblivion so you can have an Ayleid ruin as your home.


Count/Countess of Bravil or leader of a newly found enclave

Race: Being that you are a revolutionary, any however Imperial is recommended for the Count[ess] version.

Specialization: Any.

Attributes: Personality, and another of your choice.

Skills: Speechcraft, Blade/Blunt, Destruction, Restoration, Athletics, Merchant., Sneak, and any other.

Personality: If Revolutionary, Impatient, Honest, Compassionate, Brave, Robin Hood-like personality. If Count, Violent, Arrogant, Greedy, Lustful.

Hometown: Bravil.

Financial Status: Rich/Middle Class.

Primary Source of Income: Varying.

Inventory: Upper/Middle Class clothing, Blade/Blunt weapon, and Lock picks.

Guild/Faction Membership: Varies.

Fame to Infamy ratio: Varies.

Assassinate Count Regulus Terentius and take his place as Bravil's Count (or leader of a newly found republic?). Before replacing him, buy the Bravil house off him and complete Allies for Bruma. While you can't actually live in the castle itself, you can sleep in your Bravil house and then hang around for the rest of the day in the castle - it is also possible to sleep in the barracks with no penalty but you will still need the house to store items as all the containers in the Castle Bravil respawn. Eat dinner in the dining room every night, and sit on the throne for a few hours every day, pay the guards so they like you. Wear upper class clothes (or if you are doing the republic role play wear middle class clothes).

Maybe you want to make Bravil a better place? Share your wealth with the people of Bravil by bribing them. You could also eradicate all criminals from your city, either kill them or take them to jail (Command Humanoid and lead them to jail then over-encumber them).

Maybe you are not a count because you staged a 'coup d'etat'? Gather a bunch of followers and storm the castle either imprisoning or killing the Count and proclaim your city as the first Republic of the Empire! Maybe the Legions and the Elder Council don't like this so you are surrounded by enemies on all sides (the other cities) so are very isolated and have to rely on a friendly city to trade with, you could bring the revolution to Leyawiin and put one of your followers in charge (take Count Marius Caro and his wife down to the jail with Command Humanoid and over-encumber as you cannot actually kill them, keeping him alive is also useful as you can give him black bows for 250 gold each and this can be your income as leader). Maybe Bravil and Leyawiin can break off from the Empire and form their own country? Give it a name like 'Nibenay' or 'South Cyrodiil' with the capital being Leyawiin as it is the most defensible.

Another option is civil war after you have brought revolution to the south. Conquer all of Cyrodiil and bring the revolution to all the cities of the Empire! Your final stop should be Imperial City where you proclaim yourself leader of the Cyrodiilic Republic. For advice on how to start check out the Revolutionary Roleplaying option.

Will you be merciful or evil? The choice is yours.

The possibilities are endless for this role play, enjoy!

Count of Anvil

In order to use this roleplay you must have completed The Ultimate Heist for the Gray Fox. Kill Corvus Umbranox or Countess Millona Umbranox (possibly have Countess Millona Umbranox as your new wife?). Alternativley, do it before The Ultimate Heist, and be the Count in Corvus' place.

Wear expensive clothing (eg. Red Velvet Outfit,Red Finery, etc) or even wear armor to show off your war background. Sit on the count's/countess' throne all day. Join your new wife/husband in the dining hall for dinner every evening. On weekends, suit up in armor and gather your troops (either by casting a command spell on Anvil Guards or just use your current followers (eg. Knights of the Nine) from guilds and so forth) and invade caves and forts to increase the wealth of Anvil.

Another option is civil war. Conquer all of Cyrodiil and make Anvil the superior city of all Tamriel. For advice on how to start check out the Revolutionary Roleplaying option.

Countess of Cheydinhal

All you have to do is create a Dunmer and make her Countess Cheydinhal, the wife of Count Andel Indarys and possilbly the mother of Farwil Indarys, you can sit on the empty throne, help the townspeople and eat dinner with the Count at 8:00. Wear expensive clothes (Black & Burgundy Outfit, Red Velvet Outfit, Blue Velvet Outfit) and expensive jewelry (Jeweled Amulet/Necklace, Gold Emerald Ring). Investigate a painter's absence in town or the Corrupt Guard Captain.

Lord of Battlehorn Castle
Battlehorn Castle

After installing the Fighter's Stronghold official plug-in you get to own an entire castle. Fully upgrade the castle. Now you have a perfect house for a noble!

Have a schedule. Every morning go to get breakfast. Next go and spar with Shagrol gro-Uzug. After that you could tend to your errands. Make trips to the other counts/countesses. Live in the best hotel the city has and stay there for about a week. Whenever you leave, bring one of the Battlehorn Castle Men-At-Arms with you (unless you're doing private things i.e. Dark Brotherhood). Don't let your castle fall into disrepair, go into towns and stock up on supplies for you castle including food and repair hammers. Set up a laboratory in the inner sanctum of the castle, study the crystal formations in the basement.

Buy the best of everything. Get silver cutlery and the most expensive wine. Perhaps you could have a hobby, just like the countess of Bruma collects Akaviri artifacts. Perhaps you like Ayleid artifacts and like to collect Ayleid Statues, the Ayleid Crowns and collect Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones as well, decorate your castle with all of these items. You could also collect Daedric Artifacts, for this, pray to each Daedric Prince in Cyrodill, fulfill their missions and get their rewards, then decorate your castle with all of those items.

After completing Find the Heir, there is a chance that two Oblivion Gates will open near you. Try and get as many of the Daedra around the gate to follow you back to the castle and pretend you're under siege again. Use some mods and put every Goblin Totem staff in your castle and fight until you run out of everything. Use your followers and put them in correct places (I.e Dark Brotherhood Archer in a tower). Or with another mod, you can re-create the siege of Battlehorn castle with marauders except the fight never stops!

If you're an evil count of Battlehorn Castle then you should raise a private army and turn the basement into an armory. Use the permanent bound amour glitch with daedric weapons to make them look evil and then use Madness Armor and weapons (if you have SI and a good heavy armor skill) to stand out as their leader. Also use the construction set to make more than four man-at-arms and, if you're good at modding, make a new type of armor to personalize the troops. Or if you want to be a necromancer kill all the man-at-arms and command them with the staff of worms. Also purchase very few of the upgrades to keep it dark and dusty or use the construction set. You could also plot against the counts of other cities starting with Chorrol, the closest, then finally taking Imperial city using the Console to make the residents unessential.

Go to the Imperial Council and pretend to ask High Chancellor Ocato for a tract of land to go with your newfound lordship. Pretend he gives you the land where Cropsford will be, but it is swarmed with Goblins. Do the Cropsford quest and pretend that people settle there. You can collect money from the reward chest as taxes. Buy the Oblivion:Thieves Den plug-in and expand your rule from the military style of Battlehorn Castle to include your own thieves as well as soldiers.

Count of Kvatch
Whats left of Kvatch

Become the Count of Kvatch! After getting into the castle and killing of the Daedra, get a group of followers and move into the castle.

Alternately you can become the King of Kvatch or "Wolf King" due to its wolf banners, you can pretend if your on the console that you have just conquered it and obliterated it. Bring your followers and put them around the city. if your a pc user you can use the mods below

You can sit on the throne, wear the Count's clothes, take the stuff from his quarters and put stuff in the chests and drawers. The only problem is you can't sleep in the Count's bed, but you can sleep in one of the beds in the sleeping quarters.

  • Pc22.pngYou can actually become the Count of Kvatch with the Kvatch Aftermath or Kvatch Rebuilt mods. It replaces the ruined Kvatch with a proper city. They have 'rebuilt' Kvatch to what it used to look like.
Count of Farragut

Northeast of Cheydinhal there is a small fort called Farragut. With a bed and table inside and 6 Dark Guardians to guard your personal lodgings you can restore the fort to it's former glory! Console users can populate the fort with followers and spice up the place with cutlery, weapons and armor! You can position your followers in postitions in order to defend your fort, for example you can put the dark brotherhood archer upstairs as a scout/archer, a Knight of the Nine or Battlehorn man at arms to guard the gate and courtyard, Mazoga the orc as your bodyguard, Castellan Athon as the captain of the guard, a mage apprentice to guard the secret entrance, and the adoring fan in your room as a servant. PC users can use the CS to rebuild the tower on the exterior and add furniture and torches or even a stable for Shadowmere if you choose to own her. Go to Cheydinhal regularly to buy supplies for you or your servants and every month or so clear out a dungeon nearby that is threatening your fort! Or you can make Farragut a bastion of evil and terrorize Cheydinhal within your dark tower. You can also pretend that a lich sends the dark guardians to attack you for something you did like you are rivals and every 3 days he sends Dark Guardians to attack you. The possibilities are endless! Remember, be creative!

Daedric Prince[edit]

Sheogorath in all his glory!

After beating Shivering Isles, you essentially become the new Sheogorath. Excellent opportunity for role-players to take advantage of. Pretend to have appointed one of the people living in the houses to be the new Duke of that realm, since you have now become Sheogorath. Wear your regalia and stroll around town, but don't forget your escorts! Acquire the Flame of Agnon along with a chameleon enchantment to give your character an other-worldly, Lovecraftian appearance. Also as a Daedric Prince human body functions are unnecessary so instead of sleeping just sit and wait on your throne. Eating and drinking is also unnecessary but you can if you like to be like your mortal subjects.

You can change things in your realm if you want, say one day you're feeling sad, change the weather (hopefully it will start raining) to make the realm better fit your melancholy mood.

  • Pc22.pngThere is a mod out that gives you a weather-changing staff and another mod that gives you a spell to change the weather.

If you really want to pretend you have become a god, turn the difficulty all the way down. This helps to increase your invincibility as a god.

  • Pc22.pngIf you're on the PC, turn on the God mode ( tgm on the cheats menu ).

Fight off creatures when they attack the towns and defend your realm. When there are intruders at the Gates of Madness, go there and watch the fight, as if it were a show!

Make yourself a rare sight to see. Never go to any of the settlements or Bliss or Crucible unless an important event is being held, and you are making a special guest appearance. Don't forget your bodyguards. In the palace, the duke's quarters or a Cyrodiil house, collect items that make reference to yourself. Books such as the Myths of Sheogorath and items like the Sheogorath-Shaped Amber are some examples.

Host meetings like the Elder Council. Haskill is the court representative, your court healer can be a representative of the people, the Saint and Seducer bodyguards can be representatives for their races. Maybe some people are rebelling, find them and quell the heretics who have corrupted there mind and show your fury. If you are in the want to get back to your palace and have a damage health spell, cast Sheogorath's Protection on yourself before using it and it will be like you've teleported. You could also represent your realm as a member of the Elder Council (see the Elder Council Member section for more details)

If you have read the Sixteen Accords of Madness, you will learn that Sheogorath has fooled all of the other Daedric Princes, using their own knowledge and abilities against them. Use the Construction Set to create a mod that allows you to write books or notes. You can then write the other thirteen accords of madness! If you don't feel like writing that much, then choose your favourite Daedric Prince and write a book on how you fooled them. Remember Malacath isn't popular at parties.

Occasionally when you visit Cyrodiil, go to your shrine in the wilderness. Turn invisible and then suddenly appear in front of your worshipers. There is a mod that allows you to add different auras around your character. (Poison, ghost, mysticism magic effect, etc.)

To make your character have more or less the toughness and power of a Daedric Prince, try to acquire 100% Reflect Damage and Reflect Spell. On the Useful spells page there is a spell called "Odd Little Trick" which can set you on fire and would be perfect as a godly, mad trick to excite your public. If people anger you create a mass paralyze and shock spell and show them your true fury.

  • Pc22.png If you don't have Shivering Isles, try downloading the Dremora Companion mod to become the ruler of a plane of Oblivion. A special hood allows the player to execute prisoners via varying methods.

Fort Master[edit]

Have you ever noticed that people love living in abandoned forts that are dark and creepy? You can do that to! What you can do to achieve this, is to find a fort (e.g. Fort Nikel or Fort Farragut) and clear the inhabitants. Then bring some of your followers to liven up the place. As long as you return every so often, the monsters won't return. There is still a possibility that they could respawn, however. Unfortunately, there might not be any places to store items, because most of the time, the containers respawn. If the fort is too dark for your taste, then you can use the torch glitch to make the torches continue to be on fire while on the ground. Also, the fort in which you make your home doesn't have to be some dusty dungeon underground. You can populate the forts that are above the ground! Sancre Tor is a quest-related fort, but the scenery is stunning. It means Golden Hill in the Ayleid language, and it has the biggest exterior out of all forts or ruins. It looks like a big abandoned castle, but it only has 9 skeletons outside. You can put yourself and your lady if you chose to have one, in the main tower that has the gate entrance. Erthor, who could be your mage, could stay in one other tower as your resident mage, and your guards could be in the other tower which would be the barracks. Post guards around the wall and show Cyrodiil whose castle is the greatest. And for those PC users who could use Construction Set, you can put furniture, make new cells, finish those broken walls, fix the towers, add beds, weapon racks, chapels, even your own village outside the fort. There are many other things you can do, but they are for more advanced CS users. Well you could theoretically do this with any Ayleid ruin like Garlas Malator or Glademist Cave. But Lord Lovidicus at Crowhaven made Crowhaven fort to be his fortress and castle as you can read in his journal. Roderick at Fort Sutch, had taken over Fort Sutch and laid waste to the ancient city of Sutch. Fort Sutch is ideal after the Dark Brotherhood quest, Bad Medicine. Here are a few recommended places to use this roleplay with: Sancre Tor, Fort Homestead, Fort Ash(first time i tried this),all those forts around Ic, Fort Farragut, Fort Flecia, and lastly Fort Grief(after the associated quest, of course). However, you can do this with any of the forts in the game.

Dark Lord[edit]

The King of Worms, another Dark Lord of Necromancers. Kill him to eliminate rivalries.

The forces of evil often are personified in a Dark Lord, often depicted as a diabolical force, possibly more a force than a personality. The effects of his rule often assert malign effects on the land as well as his subjects. Besides his usual magical abilities, he often controls great armies.

This is best played as either an High Elf, Breton, or Dark Elf. The face should be pale, with narrow, dark eyes and a frown in the eyebrows. Preferably no hair, but if you must have hair, make it black. Another good idea would be to use Imperial, Nord, or even an Orc. For the look (other than Orcs), have white hair, and use dark shadings for below the eyes. Have your eyes be light blue, so that it looks nearly white. If you choose to be a Orc, color the Orc black. Try to elongate the head also, giving your Orc a more human, and so, more frightening appearance. An Orc Dark Lord and a Nord Dark Lord won't need to use magic powers, but should be mighty foes.

Wear a black robe or a Black Hand robes and hood. Remember, black is the color of death and the color of the Dark Lord's soul. Another good idea, for those who want to take a different approach to the dark lord look, is to get full Daedric armor, of course your melee skills would than take some precedence over your magical skills, but the two would be better if they were balanced. You could also use the Madness Armor from the Shivering Isles expansion. It's black, and evil-looking, so it fits the bill.

  • Pc22.png Armored Robes is a very good mod. This look of regality could be further supplemented with a cape.

Reach Master level in all magical skills. This shows you are highly dangerous and a Master of everything magical.

Creating an Army

For your evil mage/necromancer army, gather some followers. When your followers "suddenly die" put them on the altar in Benirus Manor or on a shrine to Sithis and lay a dagger next to them. Reverse-pickpocket permanent bound armor onto your followers to make them look like an army. You can also reverse-pickpocket bound weapons into their inventories.

All Dark Lords need a paramour. So, out of your followers, choose one, and have him or her wait in your bedchambers. A romantic interest will not be heavily armored, so try robes, or any dark clothing. A good idea for a decent looking lover is around the Arcane University, any of the apprentice mages. You can pretend to be taking orders from your lover, or that he or she simply lives to serve you.

Your champion should be inhuman, preferably through Conjuration. Simply pick something you truly like, but try to keep it to your motif. If you are a magical dark lord, you are left with many choices. Some good ideas for a mage would be any of the larger atronachs. For armored dark lords, your choices depend on your armor. A daedric armed dark lord wouldn't truly match with a Frost Atronach. And even the magical qualities of a Storm Atronach wouldn't match as well either. A good one would be a daedroth. For a female dark lord, Daedric Lords or other male humanoids work well. Simply create a spell summoning this creature, and extend it to as far as you can, and call it "Call of (Made up name)" or something of that sort.

An Evil Lair

Live in Benirus Manor and use the secret room in the basement as a base for your loyal servants. Just tell all of them to wait in there, ready to be called upon at your command. Pretend they are practicing their evil spells (that you taught them of course) and concocting some lethal potions and poisons. On the other hand, if you download the Vile Lair, you can live in that horrible place as well or instead of Benirus Manor. Also place your followers in coffins and other dark things like the bathtubs in Fort Farragut which would be another good place to have your Lair. You can use some of the Mage Apprentices as guards. Arm them in bound armor, or in some other evil motif, and have them wait outside your doors and inside your house. If you're decent at modding and a computer player, you can make yourself your own dark castle in the Construction Set, complete with followers armed with whatever armor you choose.

Unholy Magic

A few particular spells such as Heart Attack and Helpless suffering, which immobilize your opponents while draining their health, are very nasty spells that you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of. One spell that can also be useful is called Kneel, which is basically Damage Fatigue 100pts 5 seconds (or for the longest duration that you can) and Drain Fatigue 100 pts for 1 second. The resulting effect will look like the target is being forced to bow down to you. For a list of useful spells including Heart Attack and Hallucination, check out the page here.

Acquire Transcendent Sigil Stones (lvl.17+) of Fortify Magicka and Resist Magic. Keep performing the "Permanent Effects from Quest Items" glitch on different pieces of clothing until you have as much magicka as you want and 100% Resist Magic. You will have a massive pool of Magicka, be able to cast powerful spells, and will be immune to magical attempts to kill you.


Your weapons of choice should include a powerful Destruction staff, and the Staff of Worms and the Skull of Corruption. Arguably the best staff in the game is the Staff of Indarys at level 25 and over. This staff deals out a powerful shock enchantment. Alternatively you could enchant your own staff from the quest Whom Gods Annoy. Shadowrend or The Dragonsword of Lainlyn are good weapons as well. A shield and sword are not recommended, because the presence of a shield means you plan on a duel, a Dark Lord is challenged by none, and the boldness of a two handed weapon shows this.

  • Pc22.png For those who choose the Armored Dark lord type (the Sauron type) a good weapon would be to have a two handed daedric weapon, or claymore.
Assuming the Dark Throne

If you have downloaded the Shivering Isles expansion, try to reach the point where you can choose which half of the realm you want to rule. Choose Dementia and become the Duke (or Duchess) of that land. The House of Dementia Throne Room is a dark, shady place and suits the sinister personality of a Dark Lord. Alternatively, complete the Shivering Isles questline and instead of sitting on Sheogorath's throne, sit on the throne where Syl used to sit.

In your home city, slaughter every single character in that particular city, including the Count/Countess and their stewards. If you have built up all of your magical skills and used the "Permanent Effects" glitch with Fortify Magicka, this should be no problem. You can then spread your followers out across the city, like watchmen or spies. Pretend that these actions will completely annihilate the reputation of the city and will become the dreaded city of darkness; a place where the Dark Lord rules supreme. A good idea is to use Kvatch as it is already destroyed and barren.

Work your way around Tamriel and take over each city, village, etc. Pretend that taking out certain cities will help cause the downfall of the other cities; perhaps if you take Anvil and Skingrad, the empire will slowly lose supplies, making it easier to have the other cities collapse. Eventually, work your way up to the Imperial City and take out Chancellor Ocato, then proclaim yourself Emperor and dark master.

Run up a massive bounty in your home city and lower everyone's disposition to zero, even those you can't kill, so every time you return your underlings will attempt to rebel against you. A rivalry with the Knights of the Nine would be interesting.

Set up skirmishes between your forces and the resistance against you, sack cities and defend your own. Complete the Mages Guild questline, (losing Erthor as a follower) defeating the King of Worms and becoming the new Dark Lord and Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild. Then lead the Mages Guild into darkness, giving lessons on Mysticism, Destruction, soul trapping and the Dark Arts to the members. On the other hand, you could do anything in your terrible, unholy power to kill the members of the Guild.

Again, assuming you're a computer player decent at modding, you can do almost anything you choose - you can make your followers essential and much more powerful, edit anyone inside a city to be weak and helpless in your presence, change the climate to be like an Oblivion gate - the possibilities are even more endless.

Use detect life to hunt down everyone and everything, nothing spreads fear like charging at your underlings when they think it's safe to leave their homes.

  • Use the Benirus Manor or Vile Lair or another mod. Take body parts that you can get throughout Cyrodiil, like your horrible experiments went wrong.


Alright so your evil, so your in to the whole destroy the world thing yeah, but wouldn't you rather rule it?

Use your people for your own twisted desires!

First you need to assume the role of Overlord. Any race and Birthsign will do, As for class;

Specialization: Combat Attributes: Strength and Willpower Skills: Athletics, Blade, Blunt, Heavy Armor, Conjuration, Destruction and Mysticism

First you need a kingdom with a majestic home to lord over the people. If you have the Battlehorn Castle or Frostcrag Spire Plugins, They will make suitly homes so your overwhelming and imposing evil presence can lord over the empire in style. You could optionally kill the Count and/or Countess and steal their castle.

--- You're mean, You're cruel, Start acting like it! Remember a good leader inspires by example, but if that fails, brutal violence will do just as well! Exploit your people for all they're worth! Walk into their homes and take their belongings. They wouldn't dare cross you! Be sure to destroy everyone and everything that isn't in your name, Expand your terrible will across the world! Release all the poor misjudged people from jail, It wasn't their fault... Make sure the wretches obey your every command if not remind them who's the Overlord with some nice mindless slaughter. For an look like in the Overlord games try getting the Staff of Everscamp and pretend they are brown minions, use deadra armor or the Sauron Mod Armor. If someone trys to kill you, Use your destruction magic to blow them over the city walls. Or summon a Daedra to do it for you, Don't want to get your hands dirty do we?

Annihilate all who oppose you to become the most powerful being that has ever existed! Remember, You control all, Animals, Men, Deadra.


Be the ruler of Tamriel and make everyone love you. Be an Imperial with your last name being Septim. Helpful birthsigns are The Lady, The Atronach, The Mage, The Ritual and The Warrior. Make a Paladin or Knight class, with Combat specialization, Strength and Personality/Intelligence; Use Acrobatics, Blade/Blunt,Block/Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Illusion, Restoration and Speechcraft; as major skills. (SPOILER AHEAD) Let it be noted that, in the book the Infernal City, which covers several events after the Oblivion Crisis, it is said that the new emperor to succeed the Septim Dynasty is known as Titus Mede. His takeover of the Imperial City and crowning as Emperor begins the Fourth Era.

Merciful Emperor?

You stand with your subjects, Go to war with other kingdoms for their supplies and possibly an extension of your domain. Kill any and all criminals in your land, Go into the jails and execute all the lawless souls there. (If any evil men are essential then give them a fate worse than death, Use the permanent bound items glitch and enchant armor with Drain Fatigue properties and call them Eternal Imprisonment) Remember, You don't want the peoples fear, You want their respect and loyalty. So give them gifts of gold and jewlery. Don't buy them, Pillage them from neighboring kingdoms of course!

When not in the Imperial City use Imperial Dragon armor, with the Escutcheon of Chorrol. (If you're on the PS3 or Xbox 360 there is a glitch that can make you have the Emperor's Robes and Shoes.) Arnora's True Amulet can also be easily role-played as the Amulet of Kings. Once you have done all the Emperor robe stuff gain Martin on your side and pretend you are his father or his son. If you are his Father make a character to look just like Uriel Septim. If you are his son make a young looking imperial. At the end of the story mode you could pretend you called the Statue of Akatosh using the Amulet of Kings and Martin accidentally got pulled back into Oblivion with Mehrunes Dagon forever...

You'll need the Staff of Worms and the Skull of Corruption. As a weapon, get an enchanted weapon (probably with a Transcendent Sigil Stone) and name it "Septim's Ceremonial Blade" or similar. Or you can use the Sword or Mace of the Crusader, or even the Umbra blade. The Dragonsword of Lainlyn also works fantastic as the symbol of Akatosh is a Dragon and it carries a devastating spell.

Become the Fighters Guild Master; Arch-Mage; Knights of the Thorn; Knights of the White Stallion; Lord Crusader; Blade (role-play that you're the Grandmaster of the Blades); Grand Champion of the Arena; Brother in the Order of the Virtuous Blood, etc.

Get as many Followers as you can and have them follow you, to protect you. Give all of your followers the same equipment. Conjure a Full Bound armor, make it permanent bound armor and duplicate it for all of your followers.

NOTE: You have to do this before giving Jauffre the Amulet of Kings, or the sewers will be locked. Once you have the Skull of Corruption and the Staff of Worms, go to the sewers and into the chamber where the Emperor was murdered. Resurrect him with the Staff of Worms, then hit him with the Skull of Corruption, and quickly, kill the clone. Immediately save and reload before the Corrupted Clone's corpse disappears and it can now be looted, giving you the Emperor's Robes and Shoes, although you might get 2 of each, for some reason. (This also works with other items such has the Gray Aegis).

If you can't do the suggestion above (already given the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre)just use some high class clothes. For the Amulet of Kings get "Arnora's True Amulet", then enchant and name it "Amulet of Kings ". Arnora's True Amulet is similar to the Amulet of Kings so it works well. You may also want to get the Spelldrinker Amulet while at levels 16-19, as a glitch makes it look exactly like the Amulet of Kings while worn at those levels.

Meet regularly with your adviser, High Chancellor Ocato, and talk with him about the common problems.

Make sure you have lots of money. Use the Dorian glitch of Infinite Money, or the Duplication Glitch; Sell and sell so you always have money. Never have less than 1 000 000 gold coins.

Have one house in each city, have all DLCs and SI. You can live:

  • At White Gold Tower, with the CS, make your own home in the top of the Palace. Or, download Top of the World which lets you live on top of White Gold Tower.
  • Either at Frostcrag Spire or Battlehorn Castle.
  • In Sheogorath's Palace.
  • At Rosethorn Hall or Arborwatch.
  • At Battlehorn Castle but have all the nice houses as well like Rosethorn Hall, Arborwatch, and the houses in Cheydinhal and Anvil.
  • You could also live in the Arch-Mage's Tower in The Arcane University.

Download the Bank of Cyrodiil mod and make someone your Chancellor of the Exchequer and let him deal with the Empire's money problems. Walk around the Country and make sure that your Empire is in good shape.

You could make it that the empire is in tatters and the smaller cities have rebelled against your rule and you now need to fight for control in Cyrodiil. Maybe you hate magic and all things related so you go on a campaign to destroy the Mage's Guild? Or maybe, you could even get a plug-in or mod that gives you a castle, and you could make it the new capital of the Empire.

The Emperor roleplay is the most lenient of all roleplaying. Everything is yours, and all people are your subjects. If someone disobeys you, pretend that you execute them or escort them to the local prison.

Champion of Cyrodiil[edit]

Note: This roleplay is impossible without completing the main quest ergo, becoming champion.

Race: Imperial is best.

Primary Source of Income: "Good", as in not evil quests. Dungeon Exploration "raids".

Attributes: Strength/Endurance, Personality

Skills: Blade, Hand to Hand, Marksmen, Mercantile/Armorer, Athletics, Heavy Armor, Block.

Equipment: Imperial Dragon armor with Legion Watch shield and horsemen helm. High level, non Deadric longsword. Repair Hammers. High Class Apparel.

Appearance: Older is better with a firm, strong, physique.

If you want a roleplay that allows you to become a well known war-commander and still have political authority, then don your Imperial Dragon Armor and hail the Champion of Cyrodiil! The main quest gives you a little bit of fame as it will be odd saying you're a powerful general if all you've done is killed a mud crab! You should live in only the finest homes and they should be at a defensive spot, so Battlehorn, Cloud Ruler Temple, or Sheogorath's Palace are best, but any of the upper class homes will do (Rosethorn Hall, Arborwatch, Benirus Manor). Take followers to your home to guard the door and serve you. As champion you are an Imperial Legion High Commander so you have power over the Count(and/or Countess), and with power, comes responsibility, so you should visit them, see how they're doing, how's their family, is there any notable crime in the city, and maybe "Plan a Raid" on a nearby fort or ruin; remember all criminals are scum in your eyes. Visit the Imperial City regularly as Ocato needs your military expertise. Maybe visit the Legion Commander as he is your old army buddy, right? He could be a rival so remember to rub-it-in how you made it big, and he gets to push papers. Go see a fight in the Arena or go to a guard tower and tell your troops to keep it up or, maybe they need some discipline. You should be the Fighters Guild Master, Arch-Mage, Arena Grand Champion, Divine Crusader(plug-in related), and all other noble titles but avoid evil factions unless you want to be crooked. If you do commit crimes and you want to atone and have Knights of the Nine, do the pilgrimage, after all, how will your troops respect you if you are a known thief, Dark Brotherhood assassin, and bandit?! Should you choose to be the Gray Fox, you can get the transfer orders for old Hieronymus Lex and pretend you wrote them; get the Legion seal for your desktop and fill your home with Legion memorabilia. As all ways, in history high ranking people are sometimes corrupt, so if you want enslave the people and give all who appose you the end of your sharp blade. Your attire should consist of your prized Imperial Dragon Armor, (maybe with the horsemen helmet because it just looks more noble), the Imperial Watch/Palace guard shield (the normal legion is OK too but the watch looks has more decoration), a silver or ebony longsword and some upper class attire. Maybe Ocato retired, and you are made the de-facto Emperor but now the empire is in shambles, maybe all that is left is Colovia and the Imperial City and you must fight to get the rest back. Do all the quests that involve guard work and maybe bring a page or squire to show him/her the ropes. You could get a disease and be bed struck and have to have a servant represent you, or for an interesting twist, get Poryphoric Hemophilia and become a vampire; or you could have always been one, so that's why you're in all the paintings next to Tiber Septim! Do you have a family? Maybe your wife died and your boys are Captains or lieutenants in the forts, in Morrowind, or maybe the next Legion commander after Phillida is your eldest son. Could some of the Guard Commanders in the Imperial City be your nephews? Are you on good terms with them maybe you fear their increasing power so cut them down and use your crime scene skills to make it look like suicide or just silt their necks in broad daylight, no one would dare cros you. For a little twist maybe you have major rivals within other powerful factions and you have bodyguards to protect you from the many assassins. Remember be creative as this is one of the most powerful and demanding roleplay's next to Emperor.

Orc Warlord/King[edit]

(Fighter-type Roleplaying)

Lord Rugdumph, Your childhood friend and battle brother, a perfect example of an Orc Noble


Skills: Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Heavy Armor, Athletics, Destruction/Marksmen, Armorer.

Back story: You are a powerful Orcish general, and you're tired of being pushed around by the other stupid puny men and mer. You are strong and you are going to prove it. While leading an invasion army out of Orsinium, you get captured by Imperials led by that scum and are taken to the prison in the Imperial City. Cue Dreth's taunting.

The Orc Smith from Slash 'N Smash is your supplier-Every army needs an smuggler and what better place than right under the nose of the legion. The Orc Skooma Gang of Cheydinhal are your contacts to help you spy on the empire, Burz gro-Khash, head of the fighters guild in Cheydinhal is your old buddy that you grew up with and Lord Rugdumph is a your chief and most trusted subordinate and battle brother. You should have a big, well guarded home filled with expensive armor and weapons. Battlehorn Castle is perfect and the knights, being from Lainlyn would share a regional home with the Orcs of the Dragontail Mountains is ideal, and you are set to start your conquest. Every morning spar with the Battlehorn Orcish trainer, or go to a guild hall and train there. Next, go see your contacts, or maybe go kill some bandits nearby a city. Remember you want the people to respect you and love the Orcs. Gortwog would be so proud. If you are more of the bloodthirsty Commander, cut the guards open as they sleep, or plot with some orc friends to kill the count, or maybe Lord Drad because he angered Malacath-Orc Lord. Your inventory should contain, Orcish Armor---None other will do. A fancy, but brutish battle ax, (no silver or elven but ebony, daedric, and Fine Steel are good). a Longsword, preferably daedric, however this is of lesser importance than the battle ax. A bow and arrows (optional), repair hammers, and for your clothes, you want nice, but not to fluffy, because you have to keep up your brutish image. The (rare) Shirt with Suspenders with the black wide pants is good and Sheogorath's Regalia is good for formal work. You should have a strict schedule consisting of a lot of meetings with powerful Orcs, hunting deer for a big feast, walks in the woods, "writing letters" to Gortwog, praying at church because you AREN'T EVIL, you just want justice. Any of the fighting centered factions are a good source of income. Avoid joining "Imperial Centered Factions", but you could join them and beat the game to be Champion of Cyrodiil and pretend you are "infiltrating them". You could use your new found power to gain the trust of Cyrodiil and maybe claim the empire for the Orcs! You should have strict discipline and taste; only befriend fellow "barbarian" races like Nords and be highly unfriendly to polite, civilized, cosmopolitan, intelligent, and snobby races like Breton's, and worst of all the filthy Imperials. In a perfect world the Orcs are on top, followed by your fellow beast-people, the Argonian and Khajiit then the warrior Nords and Altmer and Dunmer. The slaves will be tortured constantly and beaten by your people. They are the Breton, Imperials, Bosmer, and scum Redguards. and all that have mistreated the Orcs. Remember when in doubt kill it, then jump up and down on the corpse, down a barrel of ale, spend your bank account on weapons, and most of all, death to the Imperials! You should fill your house with trophy skins, hunting prizes, rare and expensive armor, and fine silverware and other fancy clutter, remeber you are rich, famous, brave, and strong, but your also humble, and religious.


Be a part of Cyrodiil's politics. Stay in a big house (Not the Imperial city house etc) somewhere like Skingrad or Chorrol. Eat well - you are rich remember?

Meet with the Count or Countess some days to discuss the city's politics. Meet them for dinner etc. and talk to them. For example, in Chorrol talk to the Countess about the problems with the Odiil boys and their farm. Go to the Imperial City to have a meeting with the Elder Council and High Chancellor Ocato.

Talk about problems like the Dark Brotherhood or the increasing numbers of thefts by the Thieves Guild etc. Every night go to sleep late. You have to do paperwork - Use a mod to write your own notes and books. Release a Budget for things like Horses and Food etc every year.

Be the Governor for your region of Cyrodiil and maybe even run for chancellor after Ocato retires. Sort out problems with the cities and don't let a civil war break out. You could be corrupt, Pretend you're running against a Count(ess) in an election and you can't win. The Count of Bravil is unessential and thus good for this, or, if you're on the PC use the console to make the Count(ess) of a town non-essential and have them assassinated, then sit on their throne.

Elder Council Member[edit]

Be a part of the Elder Council! Live in Rosethorn Hall, never be seen in anything but your Red Silk Robes, and make the decisions for the Empire. Make a custom class with skills like speechcraft (you need a silver-tongue to be a politician), mercantile (get stuff with your Imperial ruler discount), blade (for fighting), acrobatics (you may need to be light on your feet in case of a 'heated-discussion'), athletics (what if you're late for a meeting with the council), alchemy (just a hobby you picked up during you travels for the Empire), and destruction (you need some way to defend yourself without carrying a big weapon around). Use attributes such as speed and intelligence. Birthsign really doesn't matter just choose whatever fits your character's personality. Cyrodiil needs a leader after the death of Uriel Septim VII and Martin, how about assigning each of your followers as a representative for each city, like: Mazoga the Orc - Leyawiin, Reynald Jemane - Chorrol. Guilbert Jemane - Cheydinhal, you can represent Skingrad since you live there, perhaps Adoring Fan - Anvil, Mage Apprentice -Bruma, and Dark Brotherhood Murderer - Bravil (its a bad enough city as is, having a murderer as a representative won't change much). Put each city's guard shield behind a chair in the Elder Council Chambers and set the corresponding representative beside it. You're one of the most powerful people in Cyrodiil making you a very big target for assassins, so keep a Knight of the Nine as a bodyguard. Solve problems for the Empire perhaps create problems for a little drama, the choice is yours to make.

If you have the Fighters stronghold offical mod, you can use that as your home. Pretend you are Duke of Colovia and you over see what happens in Chorrol, Skingrad, Anvil, and Kvatch. You may even be forced to wage a civil war with Nibenany


Shogun (Commander of the Forces) is a military rank and historical title for Hereditary Commanders in Chief of the Armed Forces of Japan. The modern rank is equivalent to a Generalissimo. As a title, it is the short form of seii taishōgun, the governing individual at various times in the history of Japan. A shogun's office or administration is known in English as a "shogunate". In Japanese it was known as bakufu which literally means "tent office", and originally meant "house of the general", and later also suggested a private government. Bakufu could also mean "tent government" and was the way the government was run under a shogun.

The Shogun is best played as a male Imperial, Redguard, Nord, Orc, or High Elf. Name your Shogun with a Japanese name.

Create a Shogun class with the following major skills: Blade, Marksman, Hand to Hand, Heavy Armor, Alchemy, Athletics, and Acrobatics

A Shogun lives in an upper class home, like Rosethorn Hall, Cloud Ruler Temple, Frostcrag Spire, or Battlehorn Castle. A Shogun also wears upper class clothing, armor, and use exotic weapons like a Katana or Dai-Katana.

Duke/Duchess of Mania/Dementia[edit]

Play through the Shivering Isles quests until you get to choose which duke/duchess you wish to replace. Choose one, then complete the ritual. Once you complete it, you can continue to do quests. If you continue the main questline of Shivering Isles don't go so far to where you become prince of madness.

Make a certain time to eat, sleep, and do work. Also, make time to sit upon your throne! Sometimes you may go on walks through the city. Or maybe you wish to not be seen in public. Pretend a crisis happened in your side of madness. Travel to the source and try to end the crisis.

This roleplay has no limit as to what you can do. The only catch is, you don't want to stumble in the other side of madness. Get the armor of your guards (Golden Saint if Mania, Dark Seducer if Dementia). You want to do quests for your part of madness.


Live by your own "laws"! Do as you wish, with no regard for laws, rules or society's expectations.


Become an outlaw and start robbing people. To be an outlaw you should have a bounty on you at all times.

Find a bandit camp, kill the bandits and use it as your own camp. Atrene Camp is a good choice as it is deserted. A bandit needs to wear armor at all times - even while sleeping - to prepare for being discovered by an armed traveler. Wear Glass, Leather or Fur armor. You do not have to wear a full set of armor, for example you can wear a Glass Cuirass and have the rest all leather or fur.

  • Hunt animals for food. Although they are found in very few locations in the game, sheep are the ideal animal for a bandit to hunt, as it is illegal. Perhaps try to poach some off farmers. You would probably aim to eat two meals a day.
  • Befriend a Highwayman; You can pay him the gold he asks for and then kill Imperial Legionaries that pass by.
  • Become friends with the Cammona Tong thugs at Walker Camp.
    • Attack any travelers that you meet on the way, such as Alval Uvani.
  • Steal horses.
  • Attack people in remote locations such as inns, villages, Daedric shrines, and farms, which will usually raise your infamy.
    • For example, complete the Zero Visibility quest, located in Aleswell, and once everyone is visible again, kill them all. Once the quest is complete, they are no longer essential. This suggestion is assuming that you have no problem with attaining a bounty, and you shouldn't, as this village is located right along a road where Imperial Legion horsemen patrol.
    • If killing off an entire village does not seem to fit your role as a bandit, there is an Orc harvesting vegetables in the middle of the village whom you can kill. There is also another NPC wandering around, an Argonian named Sakeepa. He has a dog and uses a club, seemingly the village protector. If you would like, you can kill him as well.
  • Another idea is to lay siege to towns by raiding them with some bandit friends.
  • Try killing farmers. They will not be missed, and you can take whatever you like from their houses.

Black Market Dealer[edit]

Being a Black Market Dealer involves selling illegal items and substances to clients. This act must be done in a secret spot so that no guards or citizens overhear or see the business being conducted. Wear black clothing and a Black Hood to remain stealthy and unidentifiable. Your life will revolve around acquiring various illicit goods.

  • Variation: General Dealer. Your character will become a Shady Sam of sorts, concerned with the collection of a wide range of illegal items. Lockpicks are a must. Getting into your character shouldn't be too much of a challenge. It would be ideal to remember that you are an illicit businessmen, not an adventurer. Your character would be far more likely to pickpocket some lockpicks and poison off a bandit gang, rather than take them head on and loot the corpses.

As a black market dealer, you are essentially a traveling supplier. However, unlike a hunter or farmer, you won't be supplying the local inns. You'll need to be savvy, and limit your services to the more corrupt citizens. Surely the man in the dark clothing leaning against the Imperial City walls would appreciate some of your wares? Maybe you could market your Nightshade leaves as a potent additive to Nordinor's Skooma. Make sure not to sell to any civilians who might report you to the Guards. If you run into trouble this way, it's nothing a bribe can't fix. Wear dark clothing, don't hang around anywhere for too long. It would slow down business, and attract attention. If money is tight, that's a good thing. Realistically, your character wouldn't be in the 50,000 range. Aim for a certain amount weekly. If you're having trouble scoping out buyers, perhaps you could "corrupt" a likely-looking store owner by investing in them or bribing them till they agree purchase some of your wares. For a different lifestyle, you could become the Thieves Guild's lockpick supplier, fencing your stolen picks to your various Guild contacts.

  • Variation: Drug Dealer. In the base game, you can set your eyes on Skooma. Perhaps you could rough up some inhabitants of the Skooma Den until they give up their supply. Or, hijack the shipment that arrives on the Waterfront every Tirdas. With Shivering Isles installed, you have access to Greenmote & Felldew. However, the real fun of this roleplay comes when you start to brew your own drugs. You'll need a base of operations. The house in Bravil, or Greyland, or possibly the Abandoned Shack. Place appropriate ingredients around your house as decoration. Bonemeal will do as moon sugar, and for custom drugs, place the primary ingredients around, as well as alchemy apparatus.

As part of your lifestyle, you will have to be learn to be somewhat of a loner, and very protective. Is there a Legion Soldier patrolling near your Safehouse? Don't let him get near your stash. Bribe him till he's happy, or if possible Intimidate him using Demoralize. Perhaps, you become increasingly paranoid and end up storing your drugs in Hollowed-out rocks and clamshells. In either case, just make sure to sneak into Bravil once in a while to supply Nordinor with your designer drugs.


A very easy type of role-play; choose combat out of the three focuses (Stealth, Combat, Magic). Create a custom class "Pirate" with Blade, Block, Hand-to-hand, Mercantile, Light Armor, Security, Heavy Armor as starting Apprentice level skills. Dress in pirate-style clothing, with no shoes, simple clothes, helmets perhaps, lots of stolen jewelry. Use a cutlass as a weapon (a perfect choice for a cutlass would be Redwave because it is not properly leveled), possibly alongside a silver shortsword or an akaviri katana. For a pirate lord dress in black and burgundy velvet outfit with buckled shoes and wield a cutlass or silver longsword, don rings and necklaces, maybe enchanted. For the poorer cutthroat wear basic pirate clothes with a iron short and an array of knives. Keep mead and precious jewels that you just can't leave on an island on you along with your essential underwater scroll. Have a goal, maybe you dive the coasts of Anvil on your shore leave to find the fin gleam helm, if you finally do retrieve it from those murky depths gift it to your captain and earn his favor. Also to keep your crew under the local guard captain's radar, when you make shore do a quest and help out the locals. Then if your crew does get found out, you won't be a suspect because of your good deeds, then you can make for the treasures of your jailed crew and barter your own ship!

Join the Thieves Guild first - use Armand Christophe, just a short run away from the ship, to pay off your bounties. You will need the Waterfront District's support as well, and they are very powerful there. The Jemane brothers can be useful followers as they are essential and have decent leveled weapons; consider outfitting them zero weight pirate-esque clothing. Erethor can also be a hostage from the Mages Guild.

Take over the pirate ship in the Waterfront and live in there, as it was your own. (Get on the ship, the other pirates will attack, let the guards come after them, yield to the Redguard and he will be neutral. Then, attack the imperial watch along with your new comrade and dispose of the other scoundrels and dump their bodies in the water along with their rusted swords as a warning to those who may oppose you!) Set up your stashes of loot inside the ship, where you will live essentially, or put it in the treasure chest from The Forlorn Watchman quest - you get a realistic map you can use to re find your treasure.

Become the pirate lord of Dunbarrow. Keep your base stocked with food, weapons, repair hammers and loot! Maintain the coffers by regularly purchasing your crews wares. Maybe the cove becomes under siege and you need to defend it for months, keep the halls stocked. Gather followers to bolster the crew and gather on the deck and have a knee's up with ale, mead and beer. Maybe use a DB murderer as a prisoner you've captured, keep him/her in the cove's cell. Also Erthor works as a mage you are holding ransom, if the guild don't pay up trash the Anvil guild at night with your allies (Jermaine brothers look excellent when kitted out with zero weight poor clothes, also they're essential) To keep your crews status and still avoid the attention of the guards fashion a calling card and make sure the criminal underworld know of it, then raid bandit camps, outposts, pick off sailors, be the most blood thirsty gang in all of Tamriel!

Befriend all the people in the Waterfront shacks, use them as allies against the Empire. Live inside the Waterfront District. See the Imperial Trading Company Warehouse right across from your ship? Fire charm spells at the pirates until you are able to persuade them when you talk to them. Persuade them all as high as you can get them. Then, attack it! If all goes well, the other pirates will join in your raid.

Alternatively, you could buy the Thieves Den. This gives you free money, access to a fence without having to join the Thieves Guild, and a decent place to hide your loot.

Find a few crates in the middle of nowhere deep inland that will become your new hidden stash - hide your loot somewhere you think no one will ever find it. Buy tons of rum and get drunk on it.

When playing as a Pirate, you should steal in a rather particular fashion. Unlike most thieves, you don't sneak around at night and take things from people. No, pirates do it differently. Burst off of your ship (leap off for effect) and go charging into the Temple District like you just landed there. Pick the nearest house (do this in bright day) and rush into it with your sword outstretched. Do not sneak. If you see anyone in there, cut them down immediately. Loot stuff. Be specific about what you loot - Pirates do not steal enchanted staffs, bows, books, and potions. They do steal high-end clothes, swords, jewelry always, food and drink, and most importantly gold. Loot all those things and then charge back towards your ship in the Waterfront District. Guards should be after you by now. Kill them sometimes. Loot their bodies afterward. When you finally reach your ship, you may drop off your loot inside the ships holds. Keep your pirate buddies alive - when guards come and enter the ship after you, they will attack the guard, which is a nice touch. Then, fast travel ("sail") your ship into the east side of Leyawiin (the side next to the ocean) or the port side (west?) of Anvil and carry out the same there. Oh, make sure to pay off your bounty to Armand first! Keep doing this, and eventually your fighting skills will be high enough that the guards will be little distraction.

Have an affinity with the water, spend hours diving and mapping the shores and escape routes out of town. Maybe go the visit a prisoner to secretly check the security and guard patrols for use if you ever get caught. Wear a disguise, steal high end clothes and don them to avoid detection whilst planning escapes in every city you may visit.

Pretend the sunken ship at the mouth of Brina river (north of Anvil) is your last ship, and you need a new one, Or maybe the forlorn watchman is an old sailor of yours...


You don't have to fence the bare minimum to get quests for the Thieves Guild. If you have time, are waiting between quests, or are simply done with everything, break into a few houses. Sneak around the levels and loot everything that might be of value!

Doing this, you can find the diary of the person who hired the Dark Brotherhood to kill Rufio and the remains of the ceremony to summon a speaker of the Dark Brotherhood. Many houses also have Mythic Dawn Commentary books or other proof of worshiping Dagon indicating the owner is one of the Mythic Dawn. If you're a collector of say, rare books or gems for example, take those too. Although most houses don't have much gold or any rare Daedric/Akaviri artifacts, it's a fairly interesting pastime. Eventually, you may find that wherever you are, there's always a part of you thinking "hmm, anything of value here?"

You can make your own thief jobs by "getting a job" from someone who wants, for example, the "rare" silverware some rich guy has. You could pretend that you can't pick a certain difficulty of lock until your Security skill was high enough, or get a certain job until you prove you can sneak behind a patrolling guard for an hour.

Use the shack in the Imperial City or the basement of another buyable house to store the loot you're later (or not) going to sell. Also, you can do the Siren's Deception quest, and keep all the items that are supposedly owned by other people (ex: Henrich's Shirt) and place them around your house, so it seems like you've stolen them from the people.

Try discovering fun new ways to thieve: A fun one is the market sewers in the Imperial City. Go in the grate, enter the building through the sewer take some stuff then run back down the sewers!

Don't start out as a Master Thief. Maybe one day you steal some food because you are starving. Then you find out you love or are good at stealing, and you start pilfering more expensive items, from silverware to jewels to finely-crafted armor. Just be sure not to get caught in your seedy house with silver cutlery or jewels stashing in boxes, otherwise the guards may become suspicious.

You can be a Shadow Thief. To be a “shadow” thief, only steal things you need to survive – clothes, food, small items to sell for money to buy food, etc. – and pester others by moving around their things while they’re not looking. Have normal clothes for the daytime and dark robes for the night, the only time your shadow character reveals itself. Go into people’s homes and move their things into the streets undetected.

To be a “phantom” thief, complete the Thieves Guild quests and obtain the cowl worn by the Gray Fox. Level up your illusion to 50 to be able to cast the lowest level chameleon spells. Obtain several soul gems. Enchant a cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and 2 rings with 20% chameleon. The result is 100% chameleon, rendering you pretty much invisible to everything and everyone, even when you stand right in their face. If you have the Boots of Springheel Jack, it is a nice addition if you plan on using the invisibility to your thieving pleasure.

You can also be a horse thief...

Orcs eat horses don't they? Well, at least Snak gra-Bura at the Chestnut Stables does. She might need a new supply...

Go to each horse stable and steal each horse and ride it to an enclosed fence with a closing gate. Keep doing this until you have just about every horse in the game in that fence. Don't forget about Imperial guards on patrol on the outskirts of the Imperial city. They will try to arrest you!


This is a slight variation on the standard thief in the way that you focus solely on pickpocketing, mainly rich looking people. Your breaking and entering skills are very poor so you go straight for people's pockets.

Join the Thieves Guild to acquire the fences, even though you will mainly be stealing gold directly, you may still need to sell goods. Begin with the Imperial City and spend a long time there before you venture out into other towns. As a pickpocket you'll only spend time in towns; you are not a fighter nor an adventurer.

Wander each district in the Imperial City. Day after day stalk people and wait for the right moment to pinch gold from them; when they walk down an alley, or if they sit down. Look at making at least 100 gold a day, enough to get you by. When you're not on the job, gamble at the arena or spend time at Inns or the waterfront. At the Waterfront, you can make friends with Jair, a self proclaimed "dip", and learn tips from him.

If the roleplay is too difficult, you can allow yourself a friend in the legion, perhaps someone you have grown up with and therefore is inclined a high disposition towards you. If you get hit with a minor infraction and are able to locate him, he can dismiss your bounty. However unless this fits well into your roleplay, it is a bit of a needless advantage.

After you've scoured the Imperial City for several weeks and the guards are getting suspicious that you are the notorious pickpocket everyone is talking about, it is the time to pack your supplies and leave town. Read the guides to each town and decide which one to head to.

Travel to another town (no fast travel). You are not familiar with the wilderness so stick to the paths. If you stray from paths imagine you'll get lost. Try to find your way to another town without looking at your map.

When you arrive at a new town, just casually walk around and get your bearings, check out inns, observe the rich looking folk, learn the layout of the city, alleys, gardens, walls etc. Know where your hideout will be. Spend a while in the new town picking pockets.

Don't always reload if you get caught pickpocketing - sometimes you will be caught. If you do get arrested, leaving town would be a good idea once you get out of prison.

The Gray Fox

After the end of the Thieves Guild quests, you become the Gray Fox which is a great roleplaying opportunity. Wear full leather armor and if you can, enchant it with good enchantments for a thief. Live in the Guildmaster's Quarters and show off the best stuff you've stolen there.

Never take the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal off around anybody that isn't in the Thieves Guild. Since the curse has been lifted, you can live another life besides the Gray Fox which means that you can try to keep up two identities. If caught by guards wearing the Cowl try to escape or maybe even fight them to the death.

Steal from only the most challenging places (Castles, Nobles' Houses).

Complete Nocturnal's quest to receive the Skeleton Key so you possess both her artifacts.


Out of darkness these blades will guard your way

Dark Brotherhood and Morag Tong[edit]

Here are all the roleplaying options related to the Dark Brotherhood or Morag Tong.

Crimson Scar[edit]

Become the most feared being in all of Tamriel. Worship Sithis and quench his thirst for blood.

Become a vampire and maintain level 4 vampirism (unless your contract calls for undercover work). Get contracts by clicking the Random Page link until you get a person in Oblivion who is not essential. Live in the Vile Lair official plug-in and fully furnish it. Use the coffin bed as your only bed- no other will suffice! If you must sleep in a bed other than your own be sure to kill the current owner.

Become a master of alchemy and use poisons for every assassination. It's what the garden's for... If you have the Unearthing Mehrunes Razor plug-in make a potion out of the beating heart and duplicate it. Every week go to the shrine and drink the potion to help maintain your power.

You see the Dark Brotherhood as a threat so destroy them, they destroyed Greywyn. Or as an alternative, join and infiltrate them to earn the Night Mother's trust.

Bring skeletons and Svenja's remains to the cell as your past victims. You could also bring other people to the cell such as a Dark Brotherhood assassin and the adoring fan. Erthor, Battlehorn castle guard, Maglir, a Knight of the Nine, Mazoga and the Jemane Brothers can all be prisoners; fill that cell to the bars!

Wear the Raiment Of The Crimson Scars and use the Crimson Eviscerator as your only blade. If possible get the Hatred's Soul bow.

Be sure to send your minion out often. Do not kill other vampire assassins, they are the few remaining Crimson Scars left. You know the vampire in the Dark Brotherhood, yes? Well befriend him and pretend he's a fellow scar. To advance in the Dark Brotherhood pretend he sacrificed himself to Sithis so you can continue. At some point in the game pretend your character finds out the truth of the Scars, and either kills or cures themselves. Or, seeing as we're roleplaying, just act as if being a vampire does not matter to Sithis.

Does anybody know of your existence? Do you have a trusted friend who keeps your dark gift secret, maybe they betray you and try to ransom your secret for gold. Agree to come to the "meeting", but instead of paying them, cut their throat as a lesson to all that you are not to be trifled with. Does some of the nobility know of your existence? Do they pay for your "services"? Remember "the Count of Skingrad is not the only one who enjoys his evenings".


Shadowscales are stealthy Argonian assassins from the Black Marsh, who have been born under the sign of the Shadow. They are trained in stealth and combat from childhood. See The Renegade Shadowscale quest for background. You must be an Argonian with the Shadow birthsign.

Investigate Countess Alessia Caro to find out whether she is torturing Argonians, then take your revenge.

You could be a renegade being pursued by agents from the Black Marsh. Move from camp to camp, never staying in one place for more than a few days; hide in a cave or in the mountains.

Maybe your loyalty to your own race comes before your dark duties? Whenever an Argonian has a problem or quest they need solved or completed, take time off your busy schedule to assist them. Help Kud-Ei out with her "missing" friend or investigate the disappearance of Dar-Ma.


Complete the Dark Brotherhood quest line to become Listener, then continue to roleplay. Make sure to collect new assassinations every week and bring them to Arquen to receive your reward. Make the task be more complicated than simply clicking the statue and running back to Cheydinhal. Order one of the Murderers to follow you to Bravil and help you. Have a Murderer stand guard by the Night Mother statue. On the PC, use the Console to rename the Murderer (for example, "Guardian of the Tomb").

Make regular offerings to the Night Mother; use jewels, flowers, food, or items taken from your victims. Create potions/poisons and give the vials names such as "Adamus Phillida's Blood". Place all of the vials of blood at the base of the statue.

Conduct periodic sacrifices to Sithis. Create an assassination ritual. For example, the target must be awake; you must use the Blade of Woe to kill the target; leave items with special significance on the corpse.

Create a spell that cures disease and heals a lot of damage. Name it "Night Mother's Blessing".

Run the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. Set up an office, for example, take over Vicente Valtieri's room. Introduce the new members (e.g., the Murderers or any other followers) to the Sanctuary by giving them a tour, then assigning them a specific bed and drawers. Make sure the sanctuary is well supplied with weapons, poisons, stealth enchanted equipment, and other items needed by assassins. Take care of Schemer: Put a plate with food on the ground daily.

  • Pc22.png Use the console to respawn the previous members of the Brotherhood and repopulate the sanctuary.

Set up additional Sanctuaries elsewhere; The Oak and Crosier basement with its rumors about shady dealings, the Imperial City sewers, the Anvil Abandoned House, Deepscorn Hollow (if you have installed the Vile Lair official mod), Dunbarrow Cove (if you have installed the Thieves Den official mod) and pretend the pirates are assassins.

Mythic Dawn Agent[edit]

Become a member of the Mythic Dawn. Start the Dagon Shrine quest, go to Lake Arrius Caverns, drop your items, and talk to Harrow. Agree to become an initiate (and give Harrow all of your possessions). Do not go any further into the shrine, because you cannot get back out without giving up your Mythic Dawn membership. You are now officially an Acolyte of the Mythic Dawn. Retrieve all of the items that you dropped on the ground.

Imagine that at the start of the game you were already a Mythic Dawn agent who was arrested on purpose so that you could murder the Emperor. Talk to other Mythic Dawn agents (e.g., the sleeper agents in towns) to find out everything you can about the group.

Use Mythic Dawn equipment; wear the Mythic Dawn Robe and Hood, possibly enchanting a set of robes, use Daedric weapons, never use the Blades' Akaviri Katanas.

  • Pc22.png Use the Console commands player.addspell 00022B37 (if you want to use a Bound Mace) or player.addspell 00097C1F (if you want to use a Bound Sword). These are the spells used by Mythic Dawn sleeper agents to conjure a complete set of armor and a weapon. The effect lasts for 1000 seconds. There are no hands shown in first person view (the weapon you are holding appears to be floating in front of you) since this spell was only intended for use by NPCs. It works fine in third person view.
  • Pc22.png Get the Servant of the Dawn mod to actually join and eventually lead the mythic dawn after the completion of the main quest.

Freelance or "For Hire"[edit]

Here are all the articles that involve selling your dark trade.

Royal Assassin[edit]

Royal Assassins work for a specific Count or Countess or perhaps even Chancellor Ocato. If you want someone who is unessential so you can one day betray your Count (kill them), choose Count Regulus Terentius. As the assassin for the Count or Countess, you assassinate their political rivals, or anyone who disagrees with their laws.

Kill those responsible for publishing dangerous radical ideas. Pretend that the Black Horse Courier has been publishing articles about democratic ideals and the Count/Countess wants you to kill the owners and destroy the articles. Ambush couriers on horseback before they can deliver their dangerous articles. This is good in part because the courier NPCs respawn.

You could work as the assassin for Countess Alessia Caro of Leyawiin, hunting down those Argonians, Khajiit, and Dark Elves that she considers a threat.

Or perhaps there is a new philosopher preaching dangerous ideas. Dispose of those heretics!

Work as the Count's Advisor, disguising yourself when you carry out his assassinations. Perhaps you are corrupting him, advising him who needs to be assassinated and carrying it out yourself. You are working to establish your own power so you can one day become Count.

Perhaps the Count just wants to rid the land of evil and sends you to assassinate bandit leaders or necromancer leaders, or other evil NPCs.

Political Assassin

Political Assassins are, for the most part, assassins focusing fully on their Sneak and Marksman skills, and Alchemy, too. As a Political Assassin, you don't kill just anyone. You only kill political parties, depending on your "hirer", like if the Countess of Leyawiin hires you, then she most likely wants a high-profile Argonian killed.

Undercover Agent

Undercover Agents focus on secrecy, making sure that nobody knows their profession.

Live as a normal person, until you have a job. Own a house, have normal clothes, carry items consistent with your cover story. Keep no evidence of your past assassinations. Never be caught wearing your assassination equipment. Wear different clothes when doing undercover work. Disguise yourself to infiltrate areas. For example, in a conjurer's lair wear conjurer's robes.

Infiltrate guilds, acting as a spy within the guild. For example, join the Thieves Guild and work to get close to the Gray Fox and discover his true identity. Don't reveal your actual skills when undercover. Don't do any more for your target guild than possible (e.g., don't steal any more than you are required to).

Suicide Expert

You are hired for your unique expertise in making murders and assassinations look like accidents.

You may be hired to kill a certain person or to make a murder that has already been committed look like an accident. Maybe you work for the Dark Brotherhood and be the only assassin to be able to do this. Or, you could be a lawful hard-working citizen by day and a evil and twisted assassin by night.

You take your job as an assassin very seriously. If you fail to commit the murder or fail to make the murder look like an accident before you are caught, pretend that the person who hired you to carry out the contract doesn't pay you. You can react in kind (by apologizing and asking of them to not reveal to anybody that you are an assassin) or you can react aggressively (by setting up an "accident" for them)