Oblivion:Shetcombe Farm

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Shetcombe Farm
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Console Location Code(s)
ShetCombeFarmExterior01, ShetcombeFarm
West Weald
Northeast of Kvatch
Shetcombe Farm

Shetcombe Farm is a farm northeast of Kvatch (quest-related).

The farm was once inhabited by Slythe Seringi, who you will track down in the quest starting here. It consists of the farmhouse, a garden (including 66 carrot plants, 102 corn stalks, 36 leek plants, 36 potato plants, and 14 pumpkin vines), and an empty livestock pen. The following additional plants can be found near the farmhouse: 4 blackberry, 3 morning glory, 1 peony, 1 primrose, and 2 viper's bugloss. Northeast of the farmouse next to a small pond is a giant Nirnroot plant.

The interior of the farmhouse is deserted, featuring a double bed, a set of drawers, a few tables and chairs, several barrels, a crate, and two unlit fireplaces. Two bowls on the tables in the southern corner hold four samples of columbine root pulp and a leek. Entering the house is not considered trespassing, and the bed is free to sleep in, though plans to use it as a home should be tempered by the nearby monsters and bandit camps, as well as the fact that all of the containers respawn.

Quests Starting Here[edit]