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Console Location Code(s)
ShardrockExterior, Shardrock
West Weald
Between Kvatch and Skingrad

Shardrock is a farm between Kvatch and Skingrad (quest-related).

The interior

The farm is inhabited by Thorley Aethelred, who will ask for your help in culling the local bear population in the quest starting here. It consists of the farmhouse, a garden (including 4 blackberry bushes, 74 corn stalks, and 5 tobacco plants), and a sheep pen (with three sheep). The following additional plants can be found near the farmhouse: 2 motherwort, 4 primrose, and 2 viper's bugloss. East of the farmouse next to a small pond are two giant Nirnroot plants.

The interior of the farmhouse is quite messy, as Thorley spends most of his waking hours outside tending his garden and sheep. A table with three chairs in the southeastern corner holds cheap tableware, and a lit fireplace with a stool in front is on the southern wall. A pair of tables in the southwestern corner hold a wide array of food, half of it spilled onto the floor below, including six carrots, two cheese wedges, five leeks, four heads of lettuce, and three tomatoes. Two single beds are available, both of them free to sleep in. The chest and set of drawers near the beds contain clutter, with a set of blacksmith's pants on a nearby table and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine on the floor between the beds. A bench is in front of another lit fireplace on the northern wall. In the northeastern corner next to the door is a cupboard containing food and drink, along with five sacks and two barrels containing clutter.

The sacks are all safe for storage, but all other containers respawn. The farmhouse is locked most of the time; Thorley only opens the door between 6am and 9am, and again between 6:30pm and midnight.

Shardrock People[edit]

Thorley Aethelred

Quests Starting Here[edit]