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Market District
Market District

The Market District is one of the six inner districts of the Imperial City, on the northeastern side of the city. As its name implies, it features a variety of shops and services.

Market District People[edit]

A Fighting Chance
Rohssan Blacksmith (A Fighting Chance) Repairs Trainer (Advanced)Armorer (Advanced)
Divine Elegance
Palonirya Clothing (Divine Elegance) Trainer (Master)Mercantile (Master)
Edgar's Discount Spells
Edgar Vautrine Magic Items (Edgar's Discount Spells) Spells
First Edition
Phintias Books (First Edition)
Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise
Jensine General (Jensine's 'Good as New' Merchandise)
Mystic Emporium
Aurelinwae WT Magic Items (Mystic Emporium) Spells
Calindil Magic Items (Mystic Emporium) Spells
Office of Imperial Commerce
Vinicia Melissaeia House
Red Diamond Jewelry
Hamlof Red-Tooth Clothing (Red Diamond Jewelry)
Rindir's Staffs
Rindir Magic Items (Rindir's Staffs)
Slash 'N Smash
Urbul gro-Orkulg Blacksmith (Slash 'N Smash) Repairs
Stonewall Shields
Viator Accius Blacksmith (Stonewall Shields) Repairs
The Best Defense
Gin-Wulm Trainer (Master)Armorer (Master)
Maro Rufus Blacksmith (The Best Defense) Repairs
Varnado Blacksmith (The Best Defense) Repairs Trainer (Advanced)Heavy Armor (Advanced)
The Copious Coinpurse
Thoronir General (The Copious Coinpurse)
The Feed Bag
Delos Fandas Food (The Feed Bag)
The Gilded Carafe
Claudette Perrick Alchemist (The Gilded Carafe)
The Main Ingredient
Ogier Georick Alchemist (The Main Ingredient)
The Merchants Inn
Velus Hosidius Food (The Merchants Inn)Innkeeper
Three Brothers Trade Goods
Cicero Verus
Sergius Verus General (Three Brothers Trade Goods) House Upgrades
Tertullian Verus General (Three Brothers Trade Goods)
Simplicia the Slow

Quests Starting Here[edit]

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Map of the Market District
  1. Gate to the Elven Gardens District
  2. Gate to City Isle and the walkway to the Imperial City Prison
  3. Gate to Green Emperor Way
  4. Gate to the Arena District
  5. North Watch Tower
  6. Northeast Watch Tower
  7. Divine Elegance
  8. Mystic Emporium
  9. Slash 'N Smash
  10. The Gilded Carafe
  11. The Best Defense
  12. Office of Imperial Commerce
  13. Stonewall Shields
  14. Edgar's Discount Spells
  15. Rindir's Staffs
  16. The Copious Coinpurse
  17. The Market Sewers
  18. First Edition
  19. The Merchants Inn
  20. A Fighting Chance
  21. The Main Ingredient
  22. Black Horse Courier
  23. Three Brothers Trade Goods
  24. Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise
  25. Warehouse
  26. The Feed Bag
  27. Red Diamond Jewelry