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Roland Jenseric's Cabin
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Important Treasure
1 Flawless Diamond
Console Location Code(s)
RolandJensericsCabinExterior, RolandJensericsCabin
Between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal
Roland Jenseric's Cabin

Roland Jenseric's Cabin is a house between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal (quest-related).

It stands at the end of a short side lane that runs north from the Blue Road, east of its junction with the Red Ring Road.

It is the cabin where Imperial City resident Roland Jenseric and his girlfriend Relfina used to go to "get away from the chaos of the city". The Imperial City quest Order of the Virtuous Blood deals with the aftermath of Relfina's death. As part of that quest you will visit Roland Jenseric one or more times in this cabin.

Related Quests[edit]

Roland Jenseric's Cabin[edit]



The exterior of the cabin is a simple wooden lowerclass house, surrounded by trees and several flowering bushes. The cabin possesses a front door as well as a side entrance; both have a Hard lock, but can be opened if you possess the associated key. Two barrels can be found to the right of the main entrance. A Gate to Oblivion may open just up the hill to the northwest of the cabin over the course of the Main Quest.


The interior of the cabin resembles a romantic getaway, containing a double bed and a roaring fire within. You cannot sleep within the cabin as entry counts as trespassing. Entering via the front door, to the right of the bed you will find a barebones reading area containing a single copy of Darkest Darkness. To the left is a set of drawers with a copy of Fundaments of Alchemy resting on top, next to a chair facing the fireplace.

To the left of the main entrance is a dining area with a cupboard and two chairs. The table has a full meal laid out, with one cheese wedge, two samples of grapes, a loaf of bread, and two pears. Thieves will take note that there is also a flawless diamond on the table. Past the dining area, you will find two barrels next to the side entrance, with a third sample of grapes resting on top. The doors are only locked from the outside, so you will not need to pick both if exiting at the other end of the house.