Oblivion:Water's Edge

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Water's Edge
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Console Location Code(s)
WatersEdgeExterior, WatersEdgeExterior02
North of Leyawiin, on the Green Road
Water's Edge

Water's Edge is a village north of Leyawiin (quest-related).

The village's residents live a simple life, remaining indoors at all times (see bugs). However, during the quest Infiltration the entire population of the village is massacred by the Blackwood Company, with the exception of Marcel Amelion, who was absent at the time. The family crypt of Biene Amelion, across the river to the southeast, features in another related quest.

The settlement consists of three houses (Biene Amelion's House, Eduard Retiene's House, and Marie Alouette's House), two gardens (including 3 blackberry bushes, 14 carrot plants, 16 corn stalks, 2 grape vines, 2 lettuce plants, 4 potato plants, 1 pumpkin vine, 4 radish plants, 3 strawberry bushes, 5 tomato plants, 1 watermelon vine, and 2 wheat stalks), and a sheep pen (with seven sheep). A Nirnroot plant is next to a tree near the water across the road from Biene's house, while another can be found behind the large rock just south of Marie's house.

The interiors of the houses feature no items of note.

Water's Edge People[edit]

Water's Edge
Biene Amelion [a]
Eduard Retiene [a]
Jolie Retiene [a]
Marcel Amelion [b]
Marie Alouette [a]
^aDie during the quest Infiltration.
^bOnly present in the village after the quest Infiltration.

Related Quests[edit]


  • All residents remain inside their houses at all times, never venturing outside.


Map of Water's Edge
Biene Amelion's House
Eduard Retiene's House
Marie Alouette's House
Map of Water's Edge
  1. Biene Amelion's House
  2. Eduard Retiene's House
  3. Marie Alouette's House
  • Each white dot corresponds directly to a door. All doors are numbered and relate to a Key on the side of the map.