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These are all of the villages, farms, faction settlements, player bases, and isolated buildings in Cyrodiil.

For the cities of Cyrodiil, see the Cities page.


OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Aleswell — A village with an inn north of the Imperial City (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Blankenmarch — A village northeast of Leyawiin. (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Bleaker's Way — A village with an inn south of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Border Watch — A village with an inn north of Leyawiin (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Brindle Home — A village north of Skingrad (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Cropsford — A village southeast of the Imperial City (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Hackdirt — A village with an inn south of Chorrol (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Harlun's Watch — A village south of Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Pell's Gate — A village with an inn south of the Imperial City (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Water's Edge — A village north of Leyawiin (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Weye — A village with an inn west of the Imperial City (quest-related). (map)


OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Applewatch — A farm west of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Drakelowe — A farm south of Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Gweden Farm — A farm southeast of Anvil (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Harm's Folly — A farm between Bruma and Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Lord Drad's Estate — A farm and estate north of Anvil (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Lord Rugdumph's Estate — A farm and estate north of Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Odiil Farm — A farm southeast of Chorrol (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Shardrock — A farm between Kvatch and Skingrad (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Shetcombe Farm — A farm northeast of Kvatch (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Weatherleah — A farm between Skingrad and Chorrol (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Whitmond Farm — A farm north of Anvil (quest-related). (map)

Faction Settlements[edit]

OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Cloud Ruler Temple — A fortified temple northwest of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Gottlesfont Priory — A settlement and chapel between Chorrol and Skingrad. (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Knights of the Thorn Headquarters — A building west of Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Priory of the NineKotN — A settlement and chapel southeast of Skingrad (download-specific). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Temple of the Ancestor Moths — A settlement and chapel north of Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Weynon Priory — A settlement and chapel southeast of Chorrol (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png White Stallion Lodge — A building north of Leyawiin (quest-related). (map)

Player Bases[edit]

OB-mapicon-Fort.png Battlehorn CastleFS — A large castle west of Chorrol that can be won by defeating the attacking marauders (download-specific). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Deepscorn HollowVL — An underground lair southeast of Leyawiin catered to infamous characters (download-specific). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Dunbarrow CoveTD — A medium-sized cave south of Anvil containing a home catering to thieves (download-specific). (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Frostcrag SpireWT — A tower east of Bruma that serves as a home for magic-oriented characters (download-specific). (map)

Isolated Buildings[edit]

OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Cadlew Chapel — A defiled chapel east of Bravil containing necromancers. (map)
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Greyland — A building west of Leyawiin (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Door.png Isolated House — An unmarked house between Bravil and Skingrad. (map) *
OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Roland Jenseric's Cabin — A building between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)

* Does not have a map marker on the in-game map.