Oblivion:Main Quest

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The main quest is about helping the Blades restore a new Emperor and end the threat of the Oblivion Gates. Advancing in this questline will cause Oblivion Gates to open across Cyrodiil. Once the main quest is completed, they will all close.

The order of a couple of quests may be different depending upon whose (Martin's or Jauffre's) quests you are doing first. At some point you will need to have completed at least one of the Daedric quests in order to advance. The main quest never requires you to go anywhere near Bravil or Leyawiin, except for one optional quest.

Most of the quests grant Fame. Six achievements (360 points) can be unlocked during the quest line.

  1. Tutorial: You must follow the secret escape route to escape the prison. (OB-qico-DeliverTheAmulet.png 50 pts)
  2. Deliver the Amulet: You must deliver the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre in Weynon Priory.
  3. Find the Heir: Head to Kvatch to find the last heir.
  4. Breaking the Siege of Kvatch: You must help defeat the Daedra invaders and end the siege of Kvatch. (OB-qico-OblivionGate.png 50 pts)
  5. Weynon Priory: Return to the Priory with Martin.
  6. The Path of Dawn: You must return to Baurus in the Imperial City to try to track down the stolen Amulet of Kings. (OB-qico-PathOfDawn.png 50 pts)
  7. Dagon Shrine: Find and infiltrate the Mythic Dawn's shrine.
  8. Spies: Track down those that have been spying on Cloud Ruler Temple.
  9. Blood of the Daedra: Locate a Daedric artifact for Martin. (OB-qico-DagonShrine.png 50 pts)
  10. Bruma Gate: Help the Bruma guard close an Oblivion Gate just outside the city.
  11. Blood of the Divines: Recover the blood of a god for Martin.
  12. Miscarcand: Recover a Great Welkynd Stone for Martin.
  13. Defense of Bruma: Let a Great Oblivion Gate open outside of Bruma.
  14. Great Gate: Find the Great Sigil Stone and close the Great Gate before a Daedric siege engine invades Tamriel! (OB-qico-OblivionGate.png 50 pts)
  15. Paradise: Enter Mankar's Paradise, and retrieve the Amulet of Kings.
  16. Light the Dragonfires: Escort Martin to the Temple of the One… but will you be able to crown him Emperor? (OrderOfTheDragon.gif 110 pts)
  17. Imperial Dragon Armor: Receive your reward for saving the world.