Oblivion:The Temple of the One

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The Temple of the One
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# of Zones 1
Primate Tandilwe
Healer Jeelius
Console Location Code(s)
ICTempleDistrictTempleOfTheOne (ICTempleDistrictTempleOfTheOneMQ16)
Imperial City, Temple District
The Temple of the One

The Temple of the One is the main temple in the Imperial City Temple District, and the location of the climax of the Main Quest.

Inside is a circular area where the Dragonfires should be lit by an Emperor of the Septim bloodline, though the fire is never seen in-game. At the end of the game, the final showdown between Mehrunes Dagon and the avatar of Akatosh takes place in the temple, which leaves the roof shattered, with debris and damage in the surrounding streets, and adds a statue of the avatar of Akatosh.

Tandilwe, the master Speechcraft trainer, can always be found wandering inside the temple. J'mhad the groundskeeper is also frequently present, and if you saved Jeelius from the Mythic Dawn during Dagon Shrine, he will spend the rest of the game here as well. Various other citizens will visit from time to time for worship and contemplation.

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  • After completing the Main Quest, you can receive the blessing Favor of Akatosh from the statue of the Avatar. This blessing fortifies Personality and Luck each for 86,400 seconds (one full real-time day).


  • After completing Light the Dragonfires, it is possible to obtain a second blessing from the statue by activating it from outside the Temple (a high Acrobatics skill is necessary).
  • Before you finish the main quest, if your Acrobatics skill is high enough, you may be able to jump onto the temple, fall through the roof and into the empty area inside the walls. There is a half-buried door right behind where the normal door is. If you go inside, you will see the temple as it is during the end of the main quest. If you walk outside, you will see the Temple District overrun by Daedra. Even your quest log will update. It is a glitchy way to finish the main quest quickly.
  • Sometimes, for unknown reasons, after using the statue of the avatar of Akatosh and receiving the blessing, the timer will not go down and the effects will be permanent.