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Temple of the One
Type Temple
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Heartlands
(City Isle)
Settlement Imperial City
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
The Temple of the One circa 3E 433

The Temple of the One is the largest religious structure in Cyrodiil, located in the Temple District of the Imperial City. This great structure, a staple of ceremony and official worship since the days of Reman I and the institution of the Dragonfires ritual, is dedicated to the ineffable deity of the Alessian Order. They called this spirit 'the One', identifying it as Akatosh, the 'Supreme Spirit'.[1] Although the Remans were not known to follow Alessian teachings, they regularly used the temple to worship, and Tiber Septim restored the building and its associated cult when he took the Dragon Throne.[2] The temple was subsequently used for worship of the Nine Divines and the Communion of Saints.[3]

The Soulburst occurred here in 2E 578, when Mannimarco purposefully corrupted the coronation ritual of Varen Aquilarios.[4] When the Imperial City was captured by the forces of Molag Bal during the Alliance War, the temple was converted to a torture chamber used by the Daedra to extract information from the city's residents before executing them. These Daedric forces were cleared out by Alliance War soldiers circa 2E 582.[5]

In 3E 41, Tiber Septim's heir, Pelagius I, was murdered by the Dark Brotherhood while praying in the Temple of the One.[6] On the 29th of Sun's Dusk in 3E 398, the Archbishop of the One, Calaxes Septim was assassinated in the temple and disappeared from the public eye. It was widely reported that the Imperial Guard were responsible for his death, but others believe it was Allena Benoch.[7]

The Temple was the scene of the fiery resolution of the Oblivion Crisis: Martin Septim's sacrifice of the Amulet of Kings, the banishment of Dagon from Mundus, and the creation of the statue of Akatosh.[8]



The building seen in Legends
  • Upon her death, it was said that Empress Alessia was buried on the site of the Temple of the One.[9]
  • During the Great War in 4E 175, the Imperial City was captured by the forces of the Aldmeri Dominion under the command of Lord Naarifin. It is said Naarifin was a worshipper of Boethiah and planned to bring about a prophecy known as "the Culling", which involved the mass summoning of Daedra. Naarifin took control of a building which appeared to be the Temple of the One for this purpose and opened a portal to Oblivion, but was confronted and defeated by a small group led by the Forgotten Hero.[10] However, it is unlikely that this building was the temple, as its roof was still intact despite having been destroyed during the Oblivion Crisis.[8]

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