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Learn from the masters to further boost your skills.
Location(s): Various
Reward: Training


Once you reach a level of 70 in any skill, whether through use, training, or reading skill books, basic and advanced trainers will no longer be able to teach you; only the master trainer in that skill can provide further training. However, to receive master training, there are several steps that must be followed:

  1. Speak to one of the advanced trainers about Training once you have a skill level of 70 (this includes temporary boosting).
  2. The advanced trainer will tell you the name of the master trainer, and a new quest will appear in your journal.
  3. Find the master trainer (some of them are in remote locations).
  4. Accomplish a mini-quest (or have already met some specified requirements) to qualify for training; these quests are detailed below.
  5. The training icon will now appear in the master trainer's dialogue options.

After going through this process, the training is then similar to lower level training: you can only train a total of five points in all skills at any level, and you will have to pay 10*(skill level) gold for each level of training.

You can start and complete each master trainer's quest even after you have reached level 100 in their skill.

Master Trainers[edit]

Quest Master Trainer Location Task/Requirement
(see master trainer page for details)
Acrobatics Torbern
(although you are sent to search for Aerin)
Aerin's Camp in northeast Cyrodiil None
Alchemy Sinderion West Weald Inn in Skingrad Sinderion wants you to give him two bottles of expensive wine: one Tamika Vintage 399 and one Surilie Brothers Vintage 399.
Alteration Tooth-in-the-Sea On the coast north of Bravil; a short distance from the Flooded Mine Tooth-in-the-Sea requires that you stay underwater with him for three in-game hours (Argonians are automatically offered training).
Armorer Gin-Wulm The Best Defense in the Imperial City's Market District You must answer Gin-Wulm's question, "What does the name Hazadir mean to you?" To be able to answer this you must have read The Armorer's Challenge.
Athletics Rusia Bradus Silgor Bradus' House (next to the Abandoned House in Anvil) Rusia Bradus requires that you have "discovered" at least 30 places.
Blade Alix Lencolia Faregyl Inn south of the Imperial City Alix Lencolia requires that either your Fame or Infamy be at least 20.
Block Andragil Above Dro'shanji in north-central Bravil You must survive for 40 seconds while Andragil attacks you with her warhammer.
Blunt Irene Metrick Her house in northwest Elven Gardens District in the Imperial City Irene Metrick requires that you kill at least 50 NPCs.
Conjuration Olyn Seran The shrine of Molag Bal Olyn Seran asks you to summon a Faded Wraith.
Destruction Bralsa Andaren Near the Wayshrine of Kynareth, southwest of Weatherleah Bralsa Andaren asks for 20 Bear Pelts.
Hand to Hand Helvius Cecia His house in southeast Bruma, which was used for meeting the Gray Fox during Turning a Blind Eye Helvius Cecia challenges you to 40 seconds of fisticuffs.
Heavy Armor Pranal The Roxey Inn north of the Imperial City Sewer Pranal asks that you purchase a gift of a silver pitcher and 4 silver glasses for Malene the innkeeper.
Illusion Martina Floria The Arcane University Martina Floria asks you for 10 Welkynd Stones.
Light Armor J'bari His house in south-central Leyawiin J'bari wants you to bring him an unenchanted Elven cuirass.
Marksman Alawen Troll Candle Camp Alawen requires you to have one Elven bow in your inventory.
Mercantile Palonirya Divine Elegance in the Imperial City's Market District Palonirya requires you to possess over 10,000 gold.
Mysticism Dagail The Leyawiin Mages Guild Dagail requires that you have closed at least 3 Oblivion Gates.
Restoration Oleta Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch or Refugee Camp outside Kvatch Oleta requires you to complete The Battle for Castle Kvatch.
Security J'baana The Legion Headquarters of the Imperial City J'baana asks you to retrieve a message from S'Krivva in Bravil.
Sneak Marana Rian Her house in the northwest of the Imperial City's Temple District Marana Rian wants you to pickpocket a coin from her.
Speechcraft Tandilwe The Temple of the One in the Imperial City's Temple District Tandilwe wants you to speak with each of the nineteen beggars in Cyrodiil.


  • Despite their title of "master" trainers, none of the twenty trainers have a skill level of 100 in their chosen skill. Their skill levels instead range from a high of 88 to a mere 5, with only six trainers having a level above 70.