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County Kvatch, on the Gold Coast
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KvatchEntrance, KvatchPlaza, KvatchEast
Kvatch as seen from the Colovian Highlands

Kvatch is a city in the hinterland of the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil, located between Anvil and Skingrad. It is built atop a large bluff, raising the city above the surrounding forests. Its coat of arms is a black Wolf on a grey background. The city is home to an arena, the imposing Kvatch Castle, and the Great Chapel of Akatosh. County Kvatch extends far to the northwest, up to the Brena River at the border of Hammerfell.

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  • Kvatch is the only city to not have a written guide by Alessia Ottus.
  • The city has a destroyed arena, further evidence of the original plan to have arenas in every city.
  • The version of the Kvatch worldspace used at E3 still exists in the game files and can be accessed by typing coc e3kvatchstart. All cell names are shown in your world map as the default "Wilderness".
  • Kvatch also appears in ESO.

Quests Starting Here[edit]

View of the Main Plaza with the statue of Antus Pinder and the Castle of Kvatch during the Oblivion Crisis

The quests here are all part of the main quest line.

Related Quests[edit]

Kvatch People[edit]

Chapel of Akatosh
Berich Inian
Brother Martin ††
Guilbert Selone
Lenka Valus
Oleta Trainer (Master)Restoration (Master)
Kvatch Castle
Ormellius Goldwine
Kvatch Gate
Jesan Rilian
Savlian Matius
Kvatch Oblivion World
Ilend Vonius
Menien Goneld
Refugee Camp
Batul gra-Sharob Blacksmith Repairs
Ilav Dralgoner
Hirtel §
Sigrid Alchemist
Remains in Kvatch Castle after The Battle for Castle Kvatch is complete
††Relocates to Weynon Priory and subsequently Cloud Ruler Temple after Breaking the Siege of Kvatch is complete
Relocates to the refugee camp outside of Kvatch after Breaking the Siege of Kvatch is complete
§Relocates to The Flowing Bowl in Anvil after being spoken to


Top down view of Kvatch after the attack
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