Oblivion:Chapel of Akatosh

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Chapel of Akatosh
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# of Zones 3
Primate Ilav Dralgoner
Healer Oleta
Priest Martin
Console Location Code(s)
KvatchChapelofAkatosh, KvatchChapelHall, KvatchChapeUndercroft
The Chapel of Akatosh

The Chapel of Akatosh is near Kvatch's south gate, southeast of the castle. Brother Martin is first met here during Find the Heir.

Main body of the Chapel
The Chapel Hall
The Chapel Undercroft

The main level consists entirely of the main chapel room, the Chapel of Akatosh; the Chapel Hall and Chapel Undercroft are on the lower level.

The chapel room lies east-to-west, with the main altar on the east end. On a rug in front of the altar sits two loaves of bread and a cheese wedge. Twenty barrels are scattered throughout the area; seventeen with clutter, and three with food. The two chests stacked behind the main altar also hold clutter, as do the seven non-respawning sacks throughout the room. Between the columns and against the walls also lie eleven bedrolls.

The area under the stairs at the entrance features three doors; one to the chapel hall, and two to the undercroft. The undercroft houses two barrels and two bedrolls at the entrance between the doors, as well as a back door to the outside on the east end.

The chapel hall entrance holds five clutter barrels. To the north, the library holds three clutter desks and three bedrolls. The bedroom to the south holds four more bedrolls and two beds.


Brother Martin
Oleta Trainer (Master)Restoration (Master)
Guilbert Selone
Lenka Valus
Berich Inian
Imperial Legion Archer
Two Imperial Legion Soldiers

Relocated during the related quests

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