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There are two types of Imperial Legion Soldiers - riders and guards. Riders will patrol back and forth between two locations. They are always found along the main roads in Cyrodiil. They ride bay horses, but never at more than a walk. Guards are posted at specific locations, usually inns outside the major cities. (The cities have their own guards.) They are all Imperial men. They never eat or sleep, though the guards can occasionally be seen drinking in their respective taverns. They will jump into action at any sign of trouble. (Riders have been known to dismount and chase creatures for miles, leaving their horse by the side of the road for days while they track it down.) They can be killed, but will respawn after 3 days.

An Imperial Legion Rider

Rider Routes[edit]

BaseID RefID Route
000700C0 000700DF Anvil - Gottshaw Inn
000700C1 000700E2 Gottshaw Inn - Belletor's Folly *
000700C2 000700E4 Belletor's Folly - Ra'sava Camp
000700CD 00070109 Skingrad - Derelict Mine
000700CC 000700106 Derelict Mine - Fort Virtue
000700CB 000700104 Fort Virtue - Fort Nikel
0018BA86 0018BAA1 Weye - Chorrol
000700C5 000700F1 NE of Chorrol - SE of Shadow's Rest Cavern
000700C4 000700ED SE of Shadow's Rest Cavern - Underpall Cave
000700C3 000700E8 Underpall Cave - North of Bleaker's Way
000700CA 00070100 Aleswell - Roxey Inn
000700C8 000700FB Roxey Inn - Wellspring Cave
000700C9 000700FD Wellspring Cave - Crossroads N of Shinbone Cave
000700C6 000700F3 Fort Urasek - Crossroads N of Shinbone Cave
000700C7 000700F7 Crossroads N of Shinbone Cave - Sardavar Leed
0018BA88 0018BA9B Cheydinhal - Fort Urasek
0018BA89 0018BA97 Leyawiin - Water's Edge

* This guard never appears in the game

An Imperial Legion Guard

Guard Postings[edit]

ID Post
0018B118 Hawkhaven
0018D7D8 The Drunken Dragon Inn
00058A8C Gottshaw Inn
0018BA85 Imperial Bridge Inn
0018BA87 Roxey Inn
00058AF5 Wawnet Inn
0018D4CF On the road east of Brina Cross Inn, once the nearby Oblivion Gate (#39) appears


Two Imperial Legion Soldiers (and one archer) will follow you from the Chapel of Akatosh during The Battle for Castle Kvatch. Several of them will also follow you during Light the Dragonfires.

BaseID Name
00073296 MS49LegionSoldier
000732d3 MS49LegionSoldier2
000732d1 MS49LegionArcher


  • Imperial Legion Riders will sometimes get off their horses and "float".
  • If an Imperial Legion Rider is chasing you for a crime while on horseback and he dies while he is still on the horse, the camera will zoom in into a spot on the ground and the guard dialogue will begin. If you resist arrest, you will be attacked by an invisible "ghost" guard. You can fight back against the invisible figure or you can walk over to where the guard died and attack his body to kill him (the body is still twitching as if he is alive). Detect life cannot be used to locate the invisible "ghost" guard, the glow will merely appear on the fallen guard's body.
  • Sometimes the player can encounter Imperial Legion Riders stuck in a gallop stance. Both the horse and rider will merely fixate a few feet above ground. To resume the guards activity the player should either reload from the last save point or attack the rider who will then unfreeze and attempt to arrest you. ?