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The Daedric Quests are fifteen quests, each of which is completed at the request of one of the Daedric Princes and offers a Daedric artifact as a result. All of the Daedric Princes have a shrine hidden somewhere in the wilderness of Cyrodiil, where people gather to worship them (although Mehrunes Dagon's shrine in the Lake Arrius Caverns does not provide a quest). Daedra worship is not illegal in Cyrodiil, although it is contrary to the state-sanctioned religion of worshipping the Aedra (the Nine Divines).

Once your character is at a sufficiently high level, you can visit a Daedric shrine and provide an appropriate offering (levels and offerings are provided in the following table). At that point, the shrine's Prince will give you a quest. The nature of the quest generally reflects the nature of the Prince who provided it. This means that some of the quests may involve requests to do illegal or immoral acts. As with all quests in the game, it is your choice whether or not you wish to complete it. Being caught doing something illegal for a Daedra may lead to a bounty or Infamy, yet the quests themselves will increase your Fame (one point for each quest, except for Namira's due to an oversight).

As part of the Main Quest, you will be required to complete one Daedric quest in order to provide Martin with a Daedric artifact. Martin will point you towards Azura's quest, but you can choose to complete any of them; in fact, you certainly should not give the artifact from this quest to Martin, Azura's Star, since it is one of the most useful items which can be obtained in the game.


Finding the shrines can be difficult. Many of them can only be found if you stumble across them in the wilderness; they all have the map marker seen to the right, so keep an eye out. However, a few people know the location of a Daedric shrine, and talking to them will put a marker on your map. For a few of these characters, Daedra cults simply shows up as a possible conversation topic when you talk to them. In most cases, however, the topic Daedric shrines only appears if you have previously read Modern Heretics: A Study of Daedra Worship in the Empire. You will find a copy of this book next to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple during Blood of the Daedra; it can also be found in the Mystic Archives and at First Edition.

For locations of all the shrines see the (map) or the Daedric Shrines Map.

Shrine Quest Reward Level Req Offering or Other Requirement Who/What Marks it on your Map[1] Location
Azura AzOB-icon-misc-Azura'sStar.png Azura's Star 02 Glow Dust Modern Heretics
Borba gra-Uzgash[2]
Trayvond the Redguard
Ulene Hlervu
North of Cheydinhal Castle, past Lake Arrius (map)
Boethia GoOB-icon-weapon-Goldbrand.png Goldbrand 20 Daedra Heart Borba gra-Uzgash[2] In the Valus Mountains, due east of the Reed River and due west of the M in the word "Mountains" on your map (map)
Clavicus Vile MasOB-icon-armor-MasqueOfClavicusVile.png
Masque of Clavicus Vile
20[3] 500 Gold Southwest of the Imperial City (map)
Hermaeus Mora OgOB-icon-book-OghmaInfinium.png Oghma Infinium 20 All other Daedric quests completed, must have at least started Blood of the Daedra Due west of Cloud Ruler Temple, past the T of the words "The Jerall Mountains" (map)
Hircine SaHOB-icon-armor-Saviour'sHide.png Saviour's Hide 17 Bear Pelt or Wolf Pelt Ontus Vanin Southwest of the bridge that crosses the Upper Niben and due west of the N in the words "The Nibenay Valley" on the map (map)
Malacath VoOB-icon-weapon-Volendrung.png Volendrung 10 Troll Fat Pinarus Inventius
North-northwest of Anvil (map)
Mephala EbOB-icon-weapon-EbonyBlade.png Ebony Blade 15 Nightshade Ontus Vanin
Luther Broad[4]
Northeast of the Imperial City (map)
Meridia RiKOB-icon-jewelry-RingOfKhajiiti.png Ring of Khajiiti 10 Bonemeal, Ectoplasm, or Mort Flesh West of Skingrad (map)
Molag Bal MacOB-icon-weapon-MaceOfMolagBal.png Mace of Molag Bal 17 Lion Pelt West of the Imperial City (map)
Namira RiNOB-icon-jewelry-RingOfNamira.png Ring of Namira 05 Personality less than or equal to 20 East-southeast of Bruma's East Gate, just to the left of the B in the words "County Bruma" (map)
Nocturnal SkeOB-icon-misc-SkeletonKey.png Skeleton Key 10 None Alves Uvenim Due west of the words "County Leyawiin" on the map (map)
Peryite SpOB-icon-armor-SpellBreaker.png Spell Breaker 10 None On the south side of the Silverfish River where the river turns west towards the Niben Bay (map)
Sanguine SaROB-icon-weapon-SanguineRose.png Sanguine Rose 08 Cyrodilic Brandy Fadus Calidius
Falanu Hlaalu
North-northwest of Skingrad (map)
Sheogorath WaOB-icon-weapon-Wabbajack.png Wabbajack 02 Lesser Soul Gem, Lettuce, and Yarn North-northwest of Leyawiin (map)
Vaermina SkuOB-icon-weapon-SkullOfCorruption.png Skull of Corruption 05 Black Soul Gem Ontus Vanin
Luther Broad[4]
Southwest of Cheydinhal (map)
  1. ^ With few exceptions (noted), you must either have read Modern Heretics or have spoken with Ulene Hlervu about Cheydinhal in addition to any other requirements before anyone will talk to you about the shrines.
  2. ^ a b You must have read Martin's copy of The Refugees (no other copy will do).
  3. ^ This quest can be completed at level 1 by getting the quest from Ma'Raska and then talking to Clavicus Vile with Umbra already in your inventory. This requires killing Umbra before you are directed to.
  4. ^ a b You must raise Luther's Disposition to 60 or higher before he will speak to you about the shrines, but you do not need to have read Modern Heretics or spoken with Ulene Hlervu.